‭+1 559-487-5402
 Oct 17th, 2019
I got a call from 559-487-5402 and my caller ID said US DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION. It was a woman automated message about my social security number being locked if I don't respond to what they were calling about. It said to press 1 to talk to someone. I pressed 1 and I spoke with "David Miller" who was obviously from the middle East. He said his badge number is 3269J549 and he asked that I read it back to him to verify. He verified my address and then said that I have 7 allegations against my ssn. I have 25 bank accounts open and 3.8 million dollars that are stolen due to sex trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, etc. He asked how many bank accounts I own and then asked for the amount in each account. When he asked that, I got more suspicious and did some research. I asked him for a call back number and he gave me 1-800-772-1213. He asked if we could proceed with the call since now I have the number and I said that I need to verify that he this is a legit call first so I will do some research and then call him back. He started to get more aggressive and stated that this needed to happen quickly. I reasserted myself and even let him know that David Miller is not the name of someone with a middle eastern accent. I did give him the last four of my social so hopefully that isn't enough to do anything. Hoping it isn't anyway..
 May 02nd, 2019