Like others who've reported, this outfit calls repeatedly BUT finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel - look this over:
 Jul 23rd, 2010
Kari Lynn Michel of Red Bank, NJ - This woman is the annoying , collection agent for OVER 50-75 companies. Keeps calling and calling and calling....Now that we have her PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER why don't we return the wonderful annoying callls she has been so kind to give us eh? Remember to *67 before you call. *671-917-3120381
Phoc Mi
 Jul 22nd, 2010
They said I had a problem with my credit card numbers being used. I gave them my card numbers and the three number code on the back and they said they will investigate and let me know. I'm worried if someone is using my cards because I am in bad shape right now financially. Hope all is okay!!
Ethel Burton
 Jul 22nd, 2010
Received call from this number on 7/19/10 on my TracFone. Msg said there is no problem with my account. So why call? Been getting these calls every other week or so for the past 1.5 to 2 years, but this is the first time I've been able to determine the originating phone number. Each call sucks up several 30-cent minutes on my TracFone.
 Jul 21st, 2010
I don't know anyone in AZ so I ignored the call. About 90 mins later another call came across as "unavailable" but I suspect it was from the same company. I find this very strange considering I just spoke with a financial counselor in a supposed "confidential" session today.......
 Jul 20th, 2010
Received a call from the number. I pressed 1 to speak with an operator.

He told me that he was from Experian the Credit Reporting Agency and that because of my good credit standing they can lower my interest on my credit accounts.

I asked what was the catch. Blah, blah, blah... They asked me for the amount of credit card debt that I had and I told them that I would answer their questions when they told me all about what they are offering, cost, commitments, etc...

He hung up.

I have a doubt that they are from the "real" Experian company.
 Jul 20th, 2010
Just received a call on my cell, message said "Hello This is Rachel at card holder services calling in referance to your current credit card accounts there are no problems currently with your account it is urgent that you contact us concerning lowering your interest rates to as little as 6.9% Your eligability expires soon, press 1 blah blah blah. Didn't answer, presume its a scam.
 Jul 20th, 2010
I just got a call from this number on my cellular phone. I didn't answer but this must be some sort of scam since there are lots of reports of people receiving calls from this number. Very annoying that they're using my minutes :o(
 Jul 20th, 2010
2 Calls in 1 day......Some one needs to stop theses people
 Jul 20th, 2010
I got a call from this number on 7/19/10 around 8pm on a TracPhone I recently bought. I didn't answer because I don't keep the phone with me at night. In fact, I only purchased the phone back in May for a temporary part-time job and the number has not been given out to anyone but the people I am working with. Once I am done at the job I will no longer be using the phone. So, these people (scam artists I suspect) must be running a program to produce random numbers to call and see which are true lines and which are not. Don't answer the call if you get it. I am sure it is a scam and they are trying to get your personal and financial info.
 Jul 20th, 2010
You know what? i think my dad just got a call from that number, then so did my boyfriend I think the same day.. weird.
 Jul 20th, 2010
got called by this number today, didnt know the number so i didnt pick up.
 Jul 20th, 2010
Random call at 6pm from an area code in Arizona. I'm in Char. NC and I don't know anyone in Ariz. so I didn't answer it. They didn't leave a message.
Interesting how at least 3 of us all got a call from this number on the same day.
 Jul 20th, 2010
got the call, pressed one to find out what credit card they were talking about, since i dont have any, when i asked which card they were calling about, they hung up
 Jul 19th, 2010
Mine was a call from "Cardholder Services" saying I could lower my credit card rates if I pressed 1 NOW! I hung up before they could get any farther.
Rob R
 Jul 19th, 2010
Just got a call from this number. Really annoying when there is no one there.
Tom F
 Jul 16th, 2010