There is a home for rent a few doors down from us listed for rent, it is listed by Rebecca Schulte of Keller Williams Southern Arizona at 520-444-5334. I went on to Zillow to look at the interior Pics of the property, I submitted my name and email addr: to let them know of my interest. On Weds. 02/19/14 I received this email :

We are pleased that you have an interest in our house, our lovely home is still available for lease and we want responsible adults/family that are neat and also believe that you have what it takes to take care of our house as if it were Yours. The main reason our house is up for lease is because I got transferred from my church to (Arkansas) on a Missionary Work by my church here. I and my family will be away for at least a couple of years. We will be very pleased if we can find then right potential tenant to rent our home, a person who is a clean & responsible and does not tolerate anything that has to do with dirt. we also would like to know more about you and your family, your renting experience and how long and when you plan moving into our home.

The rent includes all utilities and close to all amenities. The place is available for immediate move in. INCLUDED IN THE RENT: Cable , Kitchen completely equipped, Kettle - Toaster - Dishwasher - Freezer - Microwave - Oven - Dryer - Heat - Water - Washing Machine and Electric.


Full name:


Present Address of the applicants:

Reasons for Leaving:

How long do you intend staying:

Do you smoke or drink? (We just want to know don't get it twisted) no hard feelings:

Intended length of lease:

Cell & Home:


Single Or Married? (children):

Pet: If any ( ):

Earliest possible date of deposit payment:

How much do you have at hand now to secure the property:

Date of Tenancy:

This is an easy way for me to screen applicants based on previous rental history and employment information. If you have a felony or bad tenant history, I'm flexible and I'll work with you.

The rental fee is inclusive with utilities.

Please feel free to ask any questions you do not understand and i will be looking forward to receive your email as soon as possible. As i am not around to show the inside, you can go check out the house and the neighborhood from the outside and get back to me if you really like it for more information. Please respond ASAP. I hope to read from you with more information. Thanks for the time and energy writing me, My regards to your family.


Mr. & Mrs. Manning Family.

Unfortunately my son was overly excited and Western Union $750.00 in order to receive the keys and documents by Saturday morning, well they never got here. He called my son on Saturday very persistent that he needed another $700.00 for first month rent, oh and he needed it within an hr. When my son mentioned the sign and real estate Agent he said he's the owner of the home and that, he no longer works with the agency, and he will rent his home solely on trust and good faith. (He doesn't know us from Adam) Bottom line is SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!! He says his name is Davis P. Manning phone (501) 232-1070 uses email address of Manning ; !!! Unfortunately my son is out $750.00 but it could have been worse!!!!
 Feb 23rd, 2014