I just phoned this company and told this Mr. Esthwar or what ever his name is that If my wife gets one more harrassing call at work I will personally find out where he lives and pay him a visit, They have no right to phone you at work if you tell them not to call You. If anybody out there knows where their address is let me know I will personally pay them a visit call me stan hall 519-878-3968 they have no right to sit behind a phone all day and phone and harrass and threaten, intimadate people.
So people lets work together and find out this assholes name and address and home address work address and leave everything to me I will guarantee they wont call again as when I find out where thy live and where they work I will knock on their door at all h ours, and knock on their neighbours doors at all h orus to tell his neighbours what this jerk does to women
Stan Hall
 Oct 17th, 2009