This is a scam. Call him out on it and he will get off the phone very quickly.
 Feb 18th, 2014
They call every night around 8pm, and when I answer, no one is on the line. I called the number back because I had enough of them waking up my small children, and it was very noisy. A man answered the phone like it was his home phone, not a business. I told the guy on the phone to stop calling me. It didn't work.. they called again tonight. Same time.
 Feb 18th, 2014
Scam! Lots of background noise. Said they represent the New York State PBA. I just laughed out load. He said "Are you laughing at me?" I said yes, told him he was a liar, not to call me ever again, and hung up the phone. The sad part is these crooks prey on the innocent. I had an elderly Aunt who would send a check to anyone who called or wrote for a donation. She thought they were bills she had to pay. Hope these scammers rot in hell.
 Feb 19th, 2013
This is a scam...they say they represent the New York State PBA's ~ Police Benevolent Association. Told them I do not conduct business over the phone and to please send me their information in the mail. Said they can't do that. I said then send a representative to the house with proper identification and he told me to "F" off...granted the "F" was the actual word. These are total tools and are just trying to scam!
 Dec 05th, 2012