BRIAN BORRA, RUSS SCHERRER, and Co- conspirators WAYNE WINK, THOMAS TIERNAN, Mr and Mrs. ADAM SAPERSTEIN, H.FINE, Mr. And Mrs. NICHOLAS ZIKOS, ARIGO, Tow truck driver #1, Tow Truck Driver # 2, Tow Truck Driver #3, et al - Involved in Grand theft Auto/Possession of Stolen Property, Violations of Title 18 U.S.C. sec 241, 242, Stolen vintage German flaregun handgun/Tools etc, Stolen License Plates, Stolen Insurance Card, They are Known to Intentionally Falsify Business Records, Auto Stripping, Vandalism of Personal Property, Tampering with Evidence, Criminal Misappropriation of Funds - Key Bank, Conspiracy, Aiding and Abetting, High Crimes against the State and Federal Governments pursuant to FRCP 12(b)
Public Notice, Beware of these fugitives/ felons are on the run avoiding Prosecution. BRIAN BORRA and RUSS SCHERRER’s illegal operation- Civil Docket number Y264381, Y264382,
Noord-Holland Netherlands
 Jul 12th, 2018