According to their website: Centricomm, Inc., 1900 Hempstead Tpke., Suite 300, East Meadow, NY 11554 / Phone: 1-800-775-7574 / Fax: 516-542-2329 / Steve Howard - President & Customer Service - 516-542-8600 / Email:

I love this statement on their site: Centricomm, Inc. maintains 3 USA call centers, and an in-depth IT department specializing in Circulation Requalification/Reverification/Renewal and New Name Subscriber Acquisitions.. all to the most exacting audit bureau 100% rule compliance.

100% Compliance? Really? o_O So when people ask you to stop calling them and you still do, that's considered 100% compliance?
 Oct 27th, 2008