I have never expressed any interest in colleges -- so why would they call me? Lucky I didn't pick it up. Seems like I get a sh*tload of junk calls on my Cricket phone, when I hardly ever give out the number. So is Cricket selling lists to scammers and junkers? How many of you folks have Cricket phones? Is there a pattern here?
 Jan 12th, 2011
They asked for some person. I responded by asking them to take my name off their call list. They said that they would take the name, phone number, and address off the call list and that it might take up to four weeks to clear the lists.
 Dec 20th, 2010
Gettig 3-4 calls a day, usually dead silence on the line/ imidiately hang up. Finally some one answerd, and asked if it was Chester? Told them it was a wrong number and they hung up.
 Nov 18th, 2010
after applying for a job at Kmart, we received many calls from this number - they never leave a message.
Kmart must SELL their job applicants info to Everest College--what a sham!
 Nov 02nd, 2010
This number keeps calling but no one ever answered. Today someone was on the other line. I said hello and all I hear were people talking like in a cafeteria finally some says "Cheryl" I asked Hello? again because I thought I missed their introduction didn't think they would be rude and just asked for someone with out saying "hello" well the person said "Is Cheryl there" and I said they must have the wrong number since I just activated this line a couple of months ago. So they said bye and hung up.
 Oct 15th, 2010
received the same calls on my cell 3 or 4 times everyday
turns out to be everest college wanting to help me upgrade my education.....for a price of course!!!
 Sep 08th, 2010
I received this call again today (8-20-10) at 11:29AM, this the 3rd call received from OUT OF AREA!
I didn't answer it! My phone number is UNLISTED as I do not want to receive any of these type of calls!
My phone number is also on the DO NOT CALL LIST!
What has happened to people's privacy, that we pay to have our phone numbers UNLISTED, but still some can get it and keep on calling us???
 Aug 20th, 2010
I received this call again today (8-19-10) at 12:17PM, this is the 2nd call received from OUT OF AREA!
I didn't answer it! My phone number is UNLISTED as I do not want to receive any of these type of calls!
What has happened to people's privacy, that we pay to have our phone numbers UNLISTED, but still some can get it and keep on calling us??????
My phone number is also on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!
 Aug 19th, 2010
I received this call today (8-18-10) at 10:11AM, CALLER ID SHOWED UP AS OUT OF AREA!
I didn't answer it. My phone number is UNLISTED as I do not want to receive any of these type of calls.
My phone number is also on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!
 Aug 18th, 2010
They call all day long. I finally returned the call and selected to be put on a do not call list.
 Jun 11th, 2010
This number keeps calling my cell phone and I didn't know who it was but they call 4-6 times a day. Marketing calls such as these should not be allowed. If you want me to call you back then leave a message.
 May 11th, 2010

For Release: 08/27/2009

New Rule Prohibiting Unwanted "Robocalls" to Take Effect on September 1, 2009

Telemarketers Must Obtain Prior Written Approval from Consumers Who Want to Receive Such Calls
Beginning September 1, 2009, prerecorded commercial telemarketing calls to consumers – commonly known as robocalls – will be prohibited, unless the telemarketer has obtained permission in writing from consumers who want to receive such calls, the Federal Trade Commission announced today.

“American consumers have made it crystal clear that few things annoy them more than the billions of commercial telemarketing robocalls they receive every year,” said Jon Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC. “Starting September 1, this bombardment of prerecorded pitches, senseless solicitations, and malicious marketing will be illegal. If consumers think they’re being harassed by robocallers, they need to let us know, and we will go after them.”

The new requirement is part of amendments to the agency’s Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) that were announced a year ago. After September 1, sellers and telemarketers who transmit prerecorded messages to consumers who have not agreed in writing to accept such messages will face penalties of up to $16,000 per call.

The rule amendments going into effect on September 1 do not prohibit calls that deliver purely “informational” recorded messages – those that notify recipients, for example, that their flight has been cancelled, an appliance they ordered will be delivered at a certain time, or that their child’s school opening is delayed. Such calls are not covered by the TSR, as long as they do not attempt to interest consumers in the sale of any goods or services. For the same reason, the rule amendments also do not apply to calls concerning collection of debts where the calls do not seek to promote the sale of any goods or services.

In addition, calls not covered by the TSR – including those from politicians, banks, telephone carriers, and most charitable organizations – are not covered by the new prohibition. The new prohibition on prerecorded messages does not apply to certain healthcare messages. The new rule prohibits telemarketing robocalls to consumers whether or not they previously have done business with the seller.

Under a previous rule that took effect on December 1, 2008, telemarketing robocall messages by businesses covered by the TSR must tell consumers how to opt-out of further calls at the start of the message, and provide an automated opt-out mechanism that is voice or keypress-activated. Prerecorded messages left on answering machines must also provide a toll-free number that connects to the automated opt-out mechanism.

After September 1, consumers who receive prerecorded telemarketing calls but have not agreed to get them should file a complaint with the Commission, either on the Web site or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

The Commission’s 2008 press release announcing the changes to the TSR’s prerecorded telemarketing provisions and a link to the related Federal Register notice can be found on the FTC’s Web site at:

The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). The FTC enters complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 1,500 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The FTC’s Web site provides free information on a variety of consumer topics.

Mitchell J. Katz
Office of Public Affairs

(FTC File No. R411001)
 Apr 14th, 2010
I have been recieving calls from this number but no voicemails
 Mar 30th, 2010
Idiot go to hell. Don't call me anymore
u r an asshole
 Feb 23rd, 2010
fuking guy call me 3 times a day for nothing
 Feb 22nd, 2010
It is Everest College. I called them at 480-830-5151 and asked to be removed from their calling list. Hopefully it will put an end to the calls.
 Feb 05th, 2010
they call 5-6 times a day. Ask for someone who doesn't even live here.
 Jan 27th, 2010
I do not know who this is. Have to google the company. called often this week, around 1 pm. daily. lunch hour.
 Dec 31st, 2009