Calls every day near noon. No voice on recorder.
 Oct 20th, 2016
I have asked these people NUMEROUS times to quit calling us, to take us off their list. Sometimes they say okay; sometimes they hang up when the get the answering machine. I don't know if they are legitimate with lazy telemarketers, or a scam looking for empty houses to rob.
Fed up
 Sep 04th, 2013
Sorry, Crissy, there are too many thug-like fake ''hero charities'' for me to trust that ''all you have to do'' is ask nicely for calls to end. This is likely to be a commercial fundraiser, thus subject to the Telemarketing Sales Rule. Such a call center must keep and add to an internal no-call list or else risk a consumer lawsuit.

- further reading -
Supporting the Troops: When Charities Solicit Donations on Behalf of Vets and Military Families

Don’t Be Taken In by Bogus Charities
 Jun 11th, 2012
This is a legit cause and charity that they are calling for. All you have to do is answer the phone and say please take me off the call list, they will do it. I spoke with them and complained about all the calls. I am set up to only be contacted every 3 months now. I do like to donate, and they do leave a tax deductible receipt. I just didn't have items to give every time they called. So I am only contacted every 3 months. Its been over 2 months and I have not received any calls just as I requested.
 Apr 21st, 2012
These are hateful thugs who harass people for years and refuse to end their calls no matter what. They should be fined millions and inprisoned!
 Nov 23rd, 2011
Indeed... all need donations. However, most of the monies goes toward the directors and some employees salaries instead of assisting the needed.
 Jun 20th, 2011
When I answer the phone, they hang up. Its never a human on the other line.
 May 12th, 2011
These are the people who pick up your good items. I often give to Goodwill but you have to deliver your items to their store. This group of Texas Veterans, have a thrift store, and they will come to your house and pick up your charity items. They are the best!!!
 Mar 15th, 2011
These people are ruthless, calling at all hours, sometimes several times a day, refusing to remove our number, and ensuring that we will never donate to them. This all started when we gave a donation to Texas Paralyzed Veterans, which we will NEVER do again.
 Feb 03rd, 2011
3 times in 6 minutes although we blocked them
 Jan 28th, 2011
This number called my home 7 times in one night (3-NOV-10) between the hours of 5:30 PM and 8:45 PM. On the 4th call I told them we had nothing for them and to stop calling. On the 5th call I just hung up. On the 6th Call I very explicitly told them to stop calling and on the 7th call I asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold and then hung up on.
 Nov 06th, 2010
No body there when answered
 Nov 04th, 2010
This is from A.T. out of Austin. They are looking for clothing donations.
 Nov 04th, 2010
this number calls every other day or so. when i pick up the phone, it already hung up... very odd
 Jun 19th, 2010
(512) 443-3336 is a company that calls on behalf of many small charities. I used *67 to block my caller id and called the next day.
 May 04th, 2010
Addendum - This PDF file from this year -

Shows that number to be tied to the Austin chapter of the Texas Paralyzed Veterans Association; however the organization's website does not show that number as a contact number.

Chapter Office
2807 Spanish Trail, Ste. A
Houston, TX 77054-2207
713/ 520-8782; (FAX) 713/ 520-8217

(512) 443-3336
MR in Waco
 Mar 27th, 2010
Two months ago, I blocked a 512 area code (Austin) number from "Clothing Donate" (as it appears on the caller ID), then within a week, an area code 214 (Dallas area) Clothing Donate number started calling me and I blocked that. Now I get calls from 512-443-3336 listed as "out of area" on the ID - looks like it's these same jokers. We live 100 miles from both cities - what's their deal with used clothes from other cities?!! I never answer and they never leave a message.
M.R. in Waco
 Mar 27th, 2010
these people are relentless, they've called despite repeated attempts to remove my name over the last 8 years. I thik that they think they are exempt from telemarketing law because they are a charity. In the past 6 months they've even started calling from an additional 210 area code number that says "clothing donate" on the caller ID
 Mar 25th, 2010
Rings once often.
4BH Empire
 Mar 20th, 2010
This company calls at least three to four times per day at various time; early morning, mid morning, afternoons as well as evenings. I've answer before and told them to remove our name and number from their calling list. The people state I have to call a different number. When I call all I can do is leave a msg. They stop calling for about one or two months then it starts up again.
Rudy C Resendez
 Mar 13th, 2010