Another telemarketer wanting money for Homeless Veteran's. When told that we do not give over the phone and we only give to local organizations, they lied and said they were local. Then I asked them then why are they not calling from a local number, they hung up. DICKS!!!
 Jun 22nd, 2012
They seem to be calling at 9:48 every morning. Must be in the computer for that time period. Same crap, different day.
 May 15th, 2012
Daily calls from this number; had to make room and add them to the Call Block list on my phone. Dipshits just will not leave me alone!!!
 May 10th, 2012
caller called, a man, said hello 2 times & hung up. I could hear tons of solicitors talking in the background. Caller ID says "Service Call", I have nothing in service nor have I ever.
 May 07th, 2012