Starting in November, 2012, I have been reporting these spoofed calls to both Loyola University (the real one in New Orleans, area code 504), and the FCC. On the few occasions when I have picked up such a call, the line has immediately gone dead.

Loyola has told me that the calls must be coming from their automatic phone system that is used to contact alumni to solicit donations, and that something must be wrong with the machinery. None of the numbers, which start with 504-861-58xx, match up with any numbers at the university's site. The phone may sometimes ring 30 to 50 times!

I have every reason to believe that the person behind the calls is someone who is stalking me -- just to be a pest, simply to let me know that he knows where I am, when I turn off my lights to "hit the sack", and when I am most likely to be home. The calls come almost invariably between 6 and 6:30 PM.

The FCC has heard abundantly from me about these pesky calls, using this person's main business name to identify him. I think I may have made some solid hits, because the attacks with the spoofed phone calls have intensified. There is now a whole list of 504 and even 519-966-35xx and 646-558-35xx numbers with the ending numbers of 19, 37, 39, 43, 44, 45, 52, 77, and 79.

The wackiest part of all this is that when I go out to work on my yard (I live in suburbia with lots of lawn to mow), he makes sure I know he is in his windows that overlook my yard, taking pictures and videos of me.

Could I depend upon the police to call him to account? No. He is very wealthy; his family owns property on Long Island, New York. Technically, I am poor, living on Social Security and not much else. He has even had an attorney from another law office write a "snippy" letter to me, full of threats. I called this attorney, and she proceeded to make more threats against me!

Police take his word about anything -- including lies about me. The courts kowtow to him; he has nothing better to do than to drag his neighbors into court to try to get them thrown into jail or a mental hospital. He and his roommate have abundant connections to the entertainment business here in this city; no one is going to say anything against them. (They are on the board of directors of VooDoo Fest; Google that name for the whole story from 2012.)

I pray constantly that no one else -- who has had the misfortune to have this person and his roommate residing next door to them -- has suffered the indignities that I have endured now for well over a decade.
Cherryl Walker
 Jan 23rd, 2013
Today I received a call from the company providing the phone dialing service to Loyola University, and I spoke with a very pleasant representative, Lisa P---. I do feel a bit bad about the fact that when she picked up the phone, she spilled a glass of water on her computer!

Anyhow, the story is this: Loyola university recently changed its phone system from AT&T to Tw Telecom. According to Lisa, the person in charge of annual fund-raising thinks there has been some kind of a glitch in the dialing mechanism. I have set Lisa a copy of the e-mail sent to me by the director of donor dialing on November 15, 2012 (this year).

Let's wait and see what comes of all of this. Having a phone ring 50 times late in the evening means either someone has a lousy sense of humor, or there is a glitch in the phone system. I hope in this case it turns out to be the latter.
 Dec 11th, 2012
I have checked with Loyola University here in New Orleans, and this is not one of their numbers. Whoever this is is using several numbers that change around daily: 504-861-5879, 504-861-5839, 504-861-5844, 504-861-5845. Just by the variety of numbers used looks to me like one of those number-juggling routines bogus callers use.

I have reported this to the FCC and the FTC. I have also written to the general manager for Twtelecom, Michael Nictakis, to let him know that these kinds of calls -- that are coming through his highly-rated company -- are not appreciated.
Cherryl Walker
 Nov 29th, 2012
This creep hit again tonight at 6:59 PM, with a new number 504-861-5844 -- which when checked on the Loyola University website, got "not results". This time, the call came from a landline in New Orleans from South Central Bell. I'm still working to find out whether I'm this guy's only victim, or if other people are getting hit as well. In response to an e-mail report to the alumni office at Loyola, I was told that this was going to be looked into, but nothing about whether anyone else had been reporting these kinds of strange phone calls.
B. Collins
 Nov 16th, 2012
202-861-5879: ID said Wireless Caller. Checked the number; from Maryland. Now for the ultimate in weird. 504-861-5879. Same phone number, different area code.Calls hit my landline phone at exactly 7:46 PM last night. The 202 call did not ring. The 504 number rang 50X before stopping. These calls are becoming very strange.
Cherryl Walker
 Nov 14th, 2012
Update: Got a reply back from the real Loyola University: "Thank you very much for sending along this information. This call definitely did not come from Loyola University Maryland and you are not on any of our Loyola call lists. I have passed this infomation along to our Office of Technology Services so that they can look into the matter to ensure that our number hasn't been compromised."

I hope that Loyola will find out who is behind this call, and take strong action against them.
B. Collins
 Nov 14th, 2012
Strange that your bogus call hit at 7:58 PM. I was hit with a bogus call at 7:46 PM 13 November 2012. This looks like several sources are doing scattershot calling at about the same time. In fact, according to my Caller ID, I had two calls hit at that exact same time, one from 202-505-5383, the other from 504-861-5879! This is getting weirder and weirder! Now, to go report both calls and others to the FCC and the FTC!
B. Collins
 Nov 14th, 2012
7:46 PM. Actually November 13, 2012. White Pages reverse look-up produced Bell South, New Orleans, La. and an Unlisted landline out of Kenner, a city in a neighboring county. The phone rang 50X before stopping. This is the second time this week I have gotten a call like this. Is this really from Loyola University in New Orleans? NO! I ran the number against all the listed numbers for the university, and it produced no results. I am reporting this to the alumni office. NOTE: What is even weirder is that according to my Caller ID, at exactly the same time, a call came in from 202-505-5383!
B. Collins
 Nov 14th, 2012