No one answers if you call that number to complain, but you will get voice mail by calling 504-223-7166. I left a message asking they stop calling, time will tell if it works.
 Oct 12th, 2015
Repeated calls from this number/MDC Research. Wouldn't tell me how they got my number or what the survey was about. When I called back, no answer. I'm on "Do Not Call" list. Besides being illegal to call people on Do Not Call, it's harassment.
 Dec 22nd, 2014
no message left. I wasn't near the phone to pick it up. I do have family in Oregon, but this was not one of them.
 May 24th, 2014
keeps on calling on AK standard time. Very disruptive.
 Apr 28th, 2014
 Apr 01st, 2014
Took one call with saying nothing and they now are blocked. The alternative is to use star57, and I believe after the third time they are sent a letter by the phone company telling them their calls are unwanted. If they continue to call it is reported to the police. All of the telemarketers I use it on have stopped calling after the first time, since they seem to be aware their call has been traced.
 Mar 14th, 2014
Calling daily and immediately starts asking personal questions; verify address, spell last name, etc. I try to get them to stop stalking and listen to me - so I can ask what they want or who they're looking for - they just hang up. I'm in Alaska... Just ignoring them now.
S. Rosenberger
 Feb 21st, 2014
why would I provide my opinion for free! People stop cooperating with these surveys. They won't get paid if no one cooperates, and if they don't get paid, they will stop calling!!!!
 Jan 20th, 2014
Do not call me!!!!!!!!
 Jan 16th, 2014
I have received calls from them 5 nights in a row now with times ranging from 4:30pm MST to 9:00pm MST
 Nov 13th, 2013
This caller keeps calling even though I'm on the DNC list. I don't answer, but they keep calling in the evening at 8PM!
 Nov 13th, 2013
I don't DO marketing!!
Annoyed In Mass
 Oct 14th, 2013
keep getting calls from 503-977-6714..called back finally, got nothing...not even vmsg..thank god i can block people on my phone..
 Oct 05th, 2013
Well I declined their call. Was on google+ with my husband and they've been calling me the last 3 weeks well left a voice mail when I checked it all I heard was giggling and they hung up. Wtf! Seriously if I do not answer the first 15 times leave me alone!
 Jun 25th, 2013
I think some people need to lighten up. I got a call from RDD Field Services and the woman very clearly identified herself as doing market research. I asked what company she was from and she didn't hesitate to tell me the company's name. I told her I didn't have time and she thanked me for my time and we both hung up. No big deal,
 Jun 01st, 2013
Hello,yesterday one of my good friend doing youtube video marketing he told me about a very insterested video marketing site that sell youtube promotion for example views like and comments i was wondering are this site safe for my videos? The site is called "Abuyernet".
 May 04th, 2013
I get up at 320am to go to work. They called my cell phone at 8 PM at night. I have to leave my cell phone on for emergencies as I work in law enforcement. U did not answer since it was an unknown caller. But it really irritates me they call when ever they want..
 Apr 30th, 2013
just received call from them, man said they were a marketing firm "doing surveys for people like you". i said, "i am not interested, thank you." and hung up.
fwiw, i use an app called Who Are You? that identified them as a marketing/spam number before i answered, but i did because it has been wrong a few times in identifying spam, and i know people in portland... i did, however, use the handy Ditch feature on Who Are You? afterwards so that they will not be able to call me again (i think they receive an "out of order" message).
s larue
 Apr 23rd, 2013
Called on a Sunday afternoon asking for my husband by his first name. When I told her he wasn't home she asked when he might be available. I told her I didn't know because he was out of state visiting family as we have a close family member in the hospital with only days left to live. She told me to "Have a wonderful day" and hung up. My husband doesn't get very many calls and certainly doesn't sign up for anything that would result in a phone call from what seems to be some kind of market research company. I have registered all our cell phone numbers with the national do not call registry and yet I still get calls from this and other numbers that have no business calling me. Very frustrating.
 Apr 21st, 2013
5 calls on three days, no message. They are now blocked.
 Apr 15th, 2013
Called at 8:24pm from "MAILBOX", I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.
 Apr 04th, 2013
Regular calls from "Mailbox" 503-977-6714. Calls come around 8:30 pm CST. No message left.
A. Smith
 Feb 28th, 2013
Please stop allowing Keiyoro to play the victim, thanks
 Feb 12th, 2013
No msg left
 Feb 06th, 2013
Called me, asked me my name and hung up. When you call them, they have a fake message saying "all circuits are busy"
 Feb 05th, 2013
Caller ID said "Mailbox 503-977-6714. " Picked up phone and answered. Caller claimed to be from "RDD Services."
Hung up immediately!
 Jan 18th, 2013
Just called me and after 35 seconds finally said hello, may I speak with the man of the house. I asked what this was in regards too and they hung up. Hope that whoever is using this company for phone spam is not expecting results.
 Jan 12th, 2013
I can't wait for this company to call me again. So far I've been telling them that I'm a hobo, I like to dress like a freak and that I'd love to date their mom. Ask me a stupid question and you get stupid information back. Fuck the fortune 500 companies that use them.
 Jan 12th, 2013
this person called me and sounded foriegn.had an accecent thought it could be a bill collector or advertisement. he said is this Michelle and he hung up..I called back and it just kept ringing. how can we block from a cell phone?
I dont like it and it creeps me out. Michelle G.
Michelle G
 Jan 05th, 2013
called at 930 last night, hung up
 Dec 20th, 2012
These people are republicans don't vote for them
 Dec 13th, 2012
They have been calling my cell (work & home). I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to VM but there was no message left. Having researched the number it appears to be a market research number. I have blocked the number off my phone. I believe this is my fault for answering an advertised contest online and entering my phone number. Big mistake!
 Dec 13th, 2012
I don't appreciate this number calling, and not saying who they are! They hung up on me, and will not answer back...if you had the wrong number, at least answer and apologize! Lose my number please, and thank you!!!
Pissed Off
 Nov 11th, 2012
If they want my opinion on something, how about discussing telemarketers that have absolutely no respect for my privacy, my rights, my feelings as a human being, then we can talk. In the mean time, leave me and my family the hell alone. Call came in at 7:40 pm on 10/17/12.
 Oct 18th, 2012
RDD's optout:
 Sep 25th, 2012
My wife has been getting calls from this number 503-977-6714. Got one on Sat, 9/22/2012, and one on 9/23/2012, Sun 1:pm. We are on the no-call registry. She has gotten some very aggressive advertizement calls from Wells Fargo, and thinks it's them, but we do have a loan with them. When they call, and we tell them not to call here any more, they tell us that we don't have to be rude... Who's being rude? They won't shut up, almost like it's a recording, but it's not, just a script they read..
Anyway, I'm not saying it's Wells Fargo, but they have been calling a lot the last couple of weeks, and no we're not past-due or anything.. Besides that, what business calls on Sat&Sun?
 Sep 23rd, 2012
Called Sunday afternoon and left no message.
 Sep 23rd, 2012
said name and company name so fast did not register it. then said the questions are varied and people did not mind answering them.then went into a scripted questionaire. did not even ask if I wanted to take it or not. finally stoped when I said this is a business and could only talk to them if they wanted to make an appointment to get their offices cleaned. told them to take the number they had called off their call list. many people in the background. MAILBOX 503-977-6714
 Sep 23rd, 2012
no message left
returned call but no answer
Irvine CA
 Aug 27th, 2012
Did not answer. When they hung up, after they did not leave a message, I blocked their number.
 Jul 31st, 2012
Call 503-223-7166 tell them to STOP calling you. They will add you to THEIR DO NOT CALL LIST !
 Jul 17th, 2012
says mailbox on caller id- I think it's a political survey call
 Jul 15th, 2012
Caller id shows they called, I did not answer, they left no message....must of been super important.
 May 15th, 2012
They called my house the other day. I did not answer the call.
 Dec 24th, 2011
I don't pin heads calling me on my cell.
 Sep 14th, 2011
Fraud: Asking about colleges and then I asked how they got my cellphone when it is blocked and the girl
refused to tell me because of her client. My number is registered on the Do Not Call List!!!!! This company should be taken down and arrested!!!
 Sep 03rd, 2011
Market Decision 503-977-6714

Answered the phone with the company name and slogan like we all are suppose to. Female voice said, Oh is this a business?. I replied Yes it is. Sorry to bother you she replied and hung up. was wondering who this was since they did not indentify themselves.
The Owner
 Jun 27th, 2011
How do I stop this calls
 Apr 17th, 2011
I keep getting hang up calls from this number - I want it stopped
Angela Harris
 Apr 17th, 2011
Phone 1 or more times every day; already answered once and told them "No thank you" apparently don't care
 Apr 14th, 2011
Called and asked for my missing daughter.... on a number that she never had. Bastards!
 Dec 11th, 2010
They dont neeed to be calling me.
 Dec 04th, 2010
Scam and call over and over again. Beware they also use more than one number. Another number they use is 509-560-9422
 Nov 18th, 2010
Got a call from this number and a man asked for my husband and I told him he was not here and he asked when he can call again. I said take this number off of his list and he proceeded to keep talking saying:

So you're saying you want me to take your phone number off of my list? Me: Yes
So you're saying you don't want someone like me calling you? Me: Yes
So you're saying you you don't want this company calling? Me: Thank you, bye
And I can hear him saying: Why are you thanking me (as I am hanging up) Jerk.

They have nothing better to do than waste our time! god!
 Oct 27th, 2010
they use deceptive practices to get peoples information to call them to recruit to the groups. Just don't answer these peoples calls.
 Oct 22nd, 2010
This is not a sales business nor a scam. They are market researchers that setup paid focus groups to get people's opinions on certain things. They always pay you cash for attending the groups. by law they do not classify as telemarketing so they do not fall on the do not call list. However they have their own dnc list. I got a job with them last week they are a horrible place to work. After training they let all of us go and said there was no work. they use people to get their projects done. So if I were you stay clear of their groups.
 Oct 22nd, 2010
He asked me questions about hospitals ??
 Oct 14th, 2010
this number showed up in my Google Voice missed calls list. Called it back the next day but it does not answer
 Oct 13th, 2010
Mailbox # 503-977-6714 calls my home phone almost every day. What is "mailbox"?
 Sep 18th, 2010
I answered and a female caller asked for my father by first name. I asked who was calling, and she said RDD technical services. I asked if it was a sales call, she said no. I told her he was unavailable and asked for a number he could call them back, she said there was no callback number and asked when a better time to call was. I hung up. Definitely smelt like some sort of a scam.
 Sep 02nd, 2010
5 calls in 48 hours. No one on line. No messages when it goes to voicemail. Block these calls. We are on the DNC list, which hasn't stopped these people.
 Aug 21st, 2010
If they call you and you are on the list, file a complaint at www.donotcall.gov. It gets them in trouble with local agencies.
 Aug 13th, 2010
The identity of this caller is mailbox
- I answered and no one spoke back to me.
 Aug 12th, 2010
They do suck
 Jul 31st, 2010
This company is a fraud They are really ;
RDD Field Services
Corporate Headquarters

8959 SW Barbur Blvd.
Suite 103
Portland, OR 97219
Call your local Police and report them as Harrassing you by phone. Lastly call or write you local newspapers and TV station to try toget a minute or time to expose these thieves. They do not want to be made an example with at all. Here in Mass they have been linked to assiting a serial rapist to more than one victim by the perps using them to get info on who lives in a household, thier comings and goings, specifically young females. We have to try to do all we can to expose companies like this one!! "Blue Troopers"
Ma Sps
 Jul 16th, 2010
I received a call from 503-977-6714 around 6:45pm - I answered and no one spoke. Caller ID said "MAILBOX". I just repeated their tel# back when no one answered. It took about a minute before "they" disconnected. If this is RDD, they should be reported to the BBB.
Issaquah WA
 Jun 08th, 2010
They suck.
 Jun 04th, 2010
RDD Field Services. Responsible for years of nationwide mass-dialed nuisance calls, multiple and repeated hang-up calls, and other telephone abuses. Most originate from Qwest phone number (503) 977-6714 / 503-977-6714 / 5039776714 hidden as MAILBOX on Caller ID. Scam operation in Portland, OR hiding behind multiple names (RDD Field Services, Research Data Design Inc, www.rddfs.com, Market Decisions Corporation, www.mdcresearch.com, falsely misrepresent themselves as Quant Partners Inc. e.g. quantpartners.com). 'Employees' masquerade under multiple aliases and titles, notably Scott D. Vanderbout (Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, President, Owner etc.) or Douglas D. "Doug" Verigin (www.dougiedeansroadsidemusic.com, COO, Data Processing Executive at MDC Research, Quant Partners Inc. President, etc). "Doug" claims Quant Partners Inc. is d/b/a RDD Field Services and that he is President; cites http://www.jayfountain.com/ as his "Corporate Attorney". Phone numbers for these offending violators, both business and residential, are publicly available via Google, whitepages.com and other sources.
Kate McKern
 May 10th, 2010
This is a Marketing Research Company, doing Telphone Research or Surveys.
They did not leave a message, and I block their number.

Caller I.D. said Market Decision
Research, Insight, Strategy

Mailing Address :
Market Decisions
75 Washington Ave
Suite 206
Portland, Maine 04101

Shipping Address :
Market Decisions
75 Washington Ave
Suite 206
Portland, Maine 04101

General e-mail

Telephone 207-767-6440

Toll Free 800-293-1538

Fax 207-767-8158
 Apr 05th, 2010
Second call in two weeks. This time I ignored "MAILBOX" and it didn't leave a message.
 Mar 31st, 2010
Call from (503) 977-6714 at 8:14pm. I'm on the "do not call" list, and in the (503) area code so I answered. IT hung-up after I said hello; I redialed the number and IT just rang and rang. IT wouldn't give me IT's voicemail.
 Mar 18th, 2010
My guy asked for "Daniel" -- There is no one named Daniel here -- so I told him he had the wrong number.
 Mar 11th, 2010
We also just started receiving these calls - 3 in one afternoon yesterday. I tried the e-mail address offered by one of the other commenters, but it bounced. I checked the RDD website and found this one instead: info@rddfs.com. We'll see if the calls stop.
 Mar 07th, 2010
Added them to my Voipo blacklist. They won't get through again. :)
 Feb 10th, 2010
No voice mail left. No answer when I called back to see who it was. No voice mail options either.
 Feb 06th, 2010
i belive that the person calling from this number is dan s hinkle he just likes to screw with people
 Jan 29th, 2010
I listened intently as the phone rang. The suspense was thick as the fog that inherited the night. Leaping up in fear; I pranced across the room. Should I answer the phone? Should I answer it! No. Play it cool. Play it cool pal. I slowly picked up the phone and looked at the number with an almost -can't bear to look- prominance about me. The number was the 503 number! Run! Run! I grabbed my car keys, hopped in and went to McDonald's.
Viral Barf
 Dec 16th, 2009
Cesar called from this surveying company. This time they seemed to be looking for answers regarding the local school district (Adams 12).
 Nov 08th, 2009
We get these calls daily some times and no one is there. Tonight my husband answered, after saying hello several times in a row...nothing. Finally someone said something, he told them we are on the DNC list and they just continued to talk, he told them several more times to put us on their do not call list...and finally had to hang up on them. We are sick of these people and next time we will report them and let them get fined! It seems to do nothing at all to be on the Nation Do Not Call List!
 Oct 16th, 2009
I answered and they asked for the person listed under our number (a 503). I said he's not home and they hung up.
 Jul 18th, 2009
Calling us everyday. We don't answer calls we don't recognize. We are on DNC list, but lately are getting a lot of unknown calls.
J in WA
 Jul 07th, 2009
Comment on calls from 503-977-6714
only info is an opregon area code, no one on the line. About once a month this happens.
Mailbox 503-977-6714
 Apr 09th, 2009
rang twice. nobody there when i answered. I am on the do not call list.
 Apr 09th, 2009
Nice to be on the DO NOT CALL LIST and a wife that is sick who answers the phone to dead air.........rude!
PS. Six times in the last 48 hours
 Mar 24th, 2009
RDD Marketing Research in Portland, Oregon

RDD Field Services
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon since 1994, we conduct tens of thousands of consumer and business surveys utilizing CATI (computer-aided telephone interviewing) or web-based solutions each year. From questionnaire programming to data collection to response coding, tabs or banners, RDD Field Services has a market research professional ready to answer your business needs. Submit a bid request http://www.rdd.info/contact.php or call us at 503.223.7166 to discuss how we can tailor a research project plan especially for you.

Also calls from 503-977-6714
 Feb 24th, 2009
RDD Field Services
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon since 1994, we conduct tens of thousands of consumer and business surveys utilizing CATI (computer-aided telephone interviewing) or web-based solutions each year. From questionnaire programming to data collection to response coding, tabs or banners, RDD Field Services has a market research professional ready to answer your business needs. Submit a bid request http://www.rdd.info/contact.php or call us at 503.223.7166 to discuss how we can tailor a research project plan especially for you.
 Feb 24th, 2009
Hang up call on 02/17-2009 at 8:02 PM Eastern Time.
 Feb 18th, 2009
Caller calls and hangs up when answered
 Dec 07th, 2008
I answered and sit the phone right up against front of the TV speakers and let them listen to NCIS...LOL
Stupid freaks.
 Dec 03rd, 2008
What can I say these numbers can still call even though we're on the "Do Not Call List".
 Oct 26th, 2008
They Call all the time even 9:30-- 10:00 at night. If you answer, no one is there.
I can't wait to tell them to F--- off.
 Oct 11th, 2008
I called 503-233-7166 and asked them to remove my phone number from their list. They asked for my phone number and said they will remove it from their list. Very friendly.
 Sep 24th, 2008
I answered the call and during the delay I put my neighbors kid on the line.... He babbled and the caller kept trying to get the kid to "put mommy or daddy on the phone"..... We hung up after 20 seconds of babbling and "Bye-Bye". He, he, he...
Jerry Newsome
 Aug 30th, 2008
Unknown caller. I did not answer. Other sites have shown this is http://www.rdd.info/home.html a research firm.
 Aug 30th, 2008
I finally blocked their number after they called 3 times in one day and twice the night before. I told them I wasn't interested to do a survey but they kept calling.
 Aug 18th, 2008
After much research, here is what I know: company is RDD, www.rdd.info, appears they are a telemarketing Company.
Go to: http://www.rdd.info/privacy.php
If you call this number, they will remove you from the call list 503-223-7166, the lady I spoke to was very nice. Or you can send an e-mail at info@rdd.info.
 Aug 15th, 2008
RDD Marketing Research in Portland, Or. Her: "The Federal Do Not Call List does not apply to us" Me: "I don't care, don't ever call me again" Her: "I will remove your number"
 Jun 30th, 2008
When I rang back a voice said "RDD" then the system said "mailbox is full..."etc etc
 Jun 26th, 2008