I know these SCAM companies are spoofing numbers that populate as a real person or company that is local and seems legit. This was a "Reduce your credit card interest rate" call. I told the person to place me on the do not call list as I don't have any credit cards. He then proceeded to tell me he had a capital one card with 2k balance and knew the last 4 of my social.. I let him know that anyone can get the last 4 of someone's social out of a database and that's not a big deal, nor can you do much with it. He proceeded to tell me that he had my full social.. so I asked him what it was and he came back with spelling out F-*-C-K O-F-F nice and slow for me then hung up. These dirt bags are successfully scamming elderly people and lord knows who else. Be weary everyone!! I'd like to take them out honestly - I work in Information Security as my professional career and this BOILS my blood. Nothing we can do but spread the word.
 Aug 09th, 2018