Same Shxt, Different Day. Same credit card scammers, morphing their numbers again, in violation of the National and Texas DO NOT CALL LISTS. They also call from THESE morphed numbers, too: 727-674-9999 919-375-1252 701-661-1003 425-390-8157 682-738-3403 971-217-9513 321-305-9999 503-563-0081 971-220-1771 253-246-8570 503-457-1819 443-602-3717 203-584-5201 971-220-1429
 Mar 08th, 2012
What in the blue hell kind of identification is " Caller " ???? Just another way to try and scam me, the last time they called, it came up on caller i.d. as " Operator ". Why don't they use " Thief " as their true i.d. ??
 Feb 14th, 2012
This number is almost the same as 504-335-6475 that has been reported to WCU as well. Clearly, these are robo-calls that shift from one number to another.
 Feb 14th, 2012
Three rings, answering machine,no message, then dial tone.
 Feb 09th, 2012
Pressed "1", waited for the idiot to answer, then blasted his ears off with air horn. One less functional scammer in the world.
 Feb 08th, 2012
 Feb 03rd, 2012
called, hello and thank you for calling back ,marketing organization. Press 1 for removal during any time ". I did, statemnt says allow 24 hours for processing. Well, I hope so. My fears are.... they will just call from another number. I'm on the do not call list, however I am being bombarded by crappy calls to lower my credit card interest rate/debt (what??? I have always paid them off at the end of the month. No problem with debt/rates..) HOw do we get this harrassment to stop????
 Jan 20th, 2012
Hacked by Card Member Services, robo call. Seattle, 1/20/2012

I keep registering their numbers with the Do Not Call Registry,
 Jan 20th, 2012
do call federal trade commisson NOW to file complaints FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. also add your personal land and cell phone numbers to be listed on the DO NOT CALL LIST if you havent yet, if you have and its more than a month ago that will also help in gov agencys going after these folks who violated your rights(auto messaging). plus if you did talk to these people on phone and gave any personal info out call any of the 3 credit reporting places and ask for a 30-90 day protection on your credit report and all 3 will do so. call all your credit cards and beg for a hold on all activity on any card you gave them ASAP. do all that right NOW.
even though the calls may start out from several dozen or so phone numbers coming from Location: TILLAMOOK, OR or SEATTLE, WA it links to a company in florida many names bla bla - this group has been around atleast 3 years and very busy recently and use dozens of numbers (and names even) to do auto messaging (big no no not allowed) that if you speak with them will promise you the moon on lower card interest and you could have stepped outside most nights and seen the moon for free. get my drift? you need financial help. get your yellow pages out and start calling local CPA / accountants and have a cup of coffee face to face when you find one that will work with you.
p.s. in life a person has choices to be a nobody and do nothing but complain and wait for somebody to solve the problems or decide to be a somebody and do what can be done to make things right and save others not just yourself.(i give my full permission to copying, reposting or emailing this message fully intact - to warn people. anyone have a friend that works at a newspaper? maybe they can help)
i am now going to post this message to the several numbers that link to this auto call/ card interest reduction game that i have collected so far .(heres a few 206-496-0401, 503-457-1819, 503-457-1836, 877-748-2626, 206-496-0414, 772-408-1300 ,pacifictel, client services, card service, check services, a+ financial/finance, payment reduced, operator, unknown name number, out of area, accelerated financial, excelerated fin, )

red alert to :
A+ Financial Centers, LLC aka accelerated financial ( per discovery card fraud department spelling)
1679 SW South Macedo Boulevard
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34984
gee guys i am on the DO NOT CALL LIST(since 2007) the only calls i get on my 3 lines are friends or law skiders and scammers. so if you bug me i will waste your time! also collect info and keep turning you in with each new number and name you call from. if it saved 1 other person from being bothered that sounds like a good use of my time. i have the time to waste and they (victims of illegal auto calls and finacial debt concerns) might not have the $500 to $1,000 to waste.
you do not represent, nor sent by - my bank, my card companys nor any credit reporting company, i have checked with each new twist in the spiel thats said - i just cant stand people that lie. i do not wish to recieve calls from your group but i will answer my phones to play and fact gather.
sincerely ANGEL GORDON.
angel gordon
 Nov 18th, 2011
It would help if all of yall would file a complaint at the National Do Not Call Registry at the link is also found at the bottom of this page for I finished filing my complaint with them and it is easy to do. They have over 400 numbers that they call from !!! So every body do your part and file those complaints ! Thanks !
 Oct 25th, 2011
Same old same old; no message left, caller ID shows "Operator". Didn't answer this time and won't answer the next time.
 Oct 22nd, 2011
Hey, Me, I'm not a telemarketer or a scammer and have a job that does not involve calling anybody. And you're the moron if you think I do. I'm just betting whoever is bothering Annie about whatever -- she doesn't actually say -- is not going to stop calling because of anything she posts here. And the same with you, incidentally. Continue making your "detailed reports" (hard to do I would think, given the complete lack of details in posts like Annie's) and file them away on your computer. I'm sure it makes you feel much better.
 Oct 21st, 2011
Another robo-call scammer trying to get your CC numbers. Set 'em fire, leave 'em for dead.
 Oct 21st, 2011
Hey KT, people ACTUALLY DO read this site... I sure hope you're no the moron calling people like Annie... Because people like me scan these sites and make detailed reports. Annie, this number is under investigation. Thank you all for your posting.
 Oct 21st, 2011
continuously recieving calls from this num and others with same operator message, pressed 1 to speak to live person to be removed from list, man started verbally abusing me on the phone with very explicit sexual gestures and then said it was my dead grandfather speaking.. this needs to stop asap
 Oct 20th, 2011
Just out of curiosity, Annie, do you think the people who are calling you actually read this site and will stop calling you just because you insult them?
 Oct 20th, 2011
 Oct 20th, 2011
oops part of that got eaten - when I asked to be removed from their list, they hung up on me.
 Oct 19th, 2011
Prerecorded message trying to sound scary about credit cards - operator "Mark" said the name of the company was "Card Services"

just "Card Services?" Yes sir, "Card Services"

Please remove me from your list.
 Oct 19th, 2011
No message.
 Oct 19th, 2011
Comes up as " OPERATOR " - that is real professional having something like that come up on caller i.d. Bunch of crooks is all they are.
 Oct 19th, 2011
These crooks use the message machine thing to call and act like they've sent you notices in the mail. When you hit one, a dude answers and I was going to try to lead him down the rosy path and then chew his ass out, he hung up on me as soon as I told him I had $3500 in credit card debt.
 Oct 18th, 2011
No message. Nothing. Hmmm...
Who is this
 Oct 18th, 2011
No msg left
 Oct 18th, 2011
Left no message on Ans. Mach.
 Oct 17th, 2011
 Oct 17th, 2011
Received a call from this number. Caller ID said "Operator". No message left.
 Oct 17th, 2011
Constantly get recorded calls saying something about "your credit card account.....this is your last reminder......"
 Oct 17th, 2011
I think this fraud is also using 503-457-1819, caller id = operator.
 Oct 17th, 2011
I don't know for sure, but I think this is the same fraud that is using 503-457-1031 - aka "Health Ins Help" as the caller id. If so, this is a clear violation of the do not call law. An outfit that flagrantly violates the law is a fraud in my opinion. I wouldn't give these creeps a cent.
 Oct 17th, 2011