They will not take you off their do not call list, I've tried this several times.
 Oct 31st, 2012
Thought I called a local (Florida) window repair - got something in Louisville, KY! They call monthly just to see if I'd changed my mind about them coming to give me a free estimate! RIGHT!
 Oct 31st, 2012
Please file complaints to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and to your local Attorney Generals office. According to the FCC, you can take the telemarketing firm to small claims court and collect a nice sum per each violation (it can vary by state). But you can't collect if you don't file a complaint!

Unlike most telemarketing companies, this one actually provided real information. Address is 5611 Fern Valley road in Louisville, Ky. According to Google street view, the name on the building matches my Caller ID. Where I respect the fact they appear to be somewhat honest, that will not stop me from filing a complaint.
 Oct 19th, 2012
I installed windows from these people. They charged way to much... After going in debt with the hopes of getting the money back in the long run, they called, called, called and called again trying to get us to buy more stuff from them... One conversation I with them went like this...Salesman: Hello is Mr. or Mrs. XXXXXX there. ME: Ummm yes but I'm at work... Sm:Well, I'm just making a courtesy call to see if you are happy with our product (shuffling of papers) I see you bought windows... Me: yes, I have to teach a class in five minutes... Sm: How many windows did you buy from us? Me (frustrated): 12... Sm:Are you having any issues with the windows? Me: So far so good, but now that you ask, one of the window's lock set is a bit off and hard to get into place and I believe it is pulling away from the window... Sm: OK, well in a few days we will be running a special that we would like to extend to our costumers... Me (interrupting): Are you serious? I have to go!!! hang up...
 May 18th, 2010