I am so glad they called today. My bank missed making the recurring monthly eBill payment to my Sears Card. The caller verified beyound any doubt about who they were, took payment via phone, waived the late fee, and even sent me a transaction confirmation email.

 Jan 19th, 2011
Persistent caller, several times a day, off hours. I mostly let it got to voicemail, but when I pick up I get a "leave a message" recording. Given that others have posted that it's a Sears or Citibank, I'd like to add that I do have an account with them, I'll call them directly and see if that's the case.
 Jan 04th, 2011
won't leave a message. persistent caller, they call several times a day.
 Dec 21st, 2010
They have recently started calling multiple time per day. They never leave a message either. I called the number back and it say that this number has been disconnected. I have no connection with any Sears or Citibank accounts either. Seems suspicious to me.
 Dec 20th, 2010
I'm fairly sure that this is ExxonMobil (aka Citibank). They start calling about 35 seconds after you miss a due date. Seems like desparation, especially when the amount owed was $16. I'm wondering if they are going under.
 Dec 20th, 2010
This is Sears/Citibank collections.
 Dec 15th, 2010
calls start at 7:45 am and call every 1 2 hours until 8:49 7 days a week. What can you do
 Oct 21st, 2010
Got a call from this number today. I have a few accounts that have been taken over by CitiCard, but all are paid. I went through and checked all of my payments and it turns out that my payment to Goodyear through CitiCard that I made online last week didn't actually go through for some reason - a technical glitch. I remade the payment, so we'll see if the calls stop. It is annoying that when you go to call the number back, you get a disconnected notice - makes it seem kind of shady.
 Sep 09th, 2010
AP above says:
I have called the do no not call list 888-382-1222 and re registered my cell number. July 1 i think the goverment allows anyone to call the cell numbers . UNLESS you register your number.DO NOT call 888-382-1222 to give your cell number


do not give your cell phone number out.
 Jun 24th, 2010
Calling regarding my Citibank credit card account. They had my name, and what is the balance on my account and wanted to "help" me in paying the balance by 0 interest for six months if pay $170.00 per month to them. I said NO! and was told they will be calling me every month!
 Jun 22nd, 2010
 Jun 11th, 2010
I have called the do no not call list 888 382 1222 and re registered my cell number. July 1 i think the goverment allows anyone to call the cell numbers . UNLESS you register your number. So i sugest you call right away. YOU have to call from the phone you want to register. GOOD luck all. I already reported the numbers 502-522-9998 and 502 357 7999 I also put them on my cell phone reject list so i do not see the calls when they do call. Have a good day
 May 28th, 2010
Nonstop collection calls from Citibank Sears card. They are knowingly calling a number that is outdated, incorrect, and obviously does not belong to their debtor. I will send them a certified letter ordering them to cease all contact, after which I will sue them in my county for $2,500 per phone call. And I'll win. If you're in California, learn about the Rosenthal Act. In California and the rest of the state, you may sue them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
 May 20th, 2010
They have been calling from 502-357-7999 & 502-522-9998. I do not have a Sears card at all, or any card that is behind on payment. This is the first time I was home when they have called. The man, Brandon (who has no last name) was unpleasant. He would not tell me who he was calling for or what he was calling about. Then he told me that this was him being nice and that he could become really unpleasant, if that was what I wanted. This is super annoying. I hate this company.
Angry in AZ
 Apr 30th, 2010
Called several times today. i told them I had made a payment plan with the REAL Citigroup and they said I was talking to the real Citigroup and then asked if the kids he heard in the background were mine. He then said if I didn't pay the full balance amount plus several collections fees to them he would have the kids taken away. Yeah, the cops are definately following upon this.
 Apr 27th, 2010
This number calls a least once every hour or more sometimes.
 Apr 26th, 2010
getting calls severaltimes a day and night....every day and message and return call states this is nt a working number......also calling under 502-522-9998...same info from that number....very irritating!!!
 Apr 15th, 2010
I've had a Sears card for about 40 years. I charge something and pay the bill as soon as I get it. Now, I'm getting calls from 502-357-7999 even though I have no balance due. Sears better get wise to this. No wonder they don't have any business in their stores. No message on the answering machine and when I call back, I get the recording that this number is not in service. Another "Boiler Room" operation to obtain your personal information probably. How many people have been scammed by these folks???
 Apr 06th, 2010
Has called 8 times in 24 hours! It has to be a scam as we have no debt.
 Mar 31st, 2010
Got a call today. Asked for my husband, I said he was on deployment with the NAVY and that I was his wife and the woman hung up on me. Got a call 5 min later, same woman asking for my husband, this went on for a good hour until I threatened a call lookup and got the police involved for harrassment. Only then I was told our sears card payment was 7 days late and of course, like everyother phone operater in America...she hardly spoke a word of English. {By the way, Sears and Kmart merged a few years ago as well as bought out a few other companies, so if you get a call about your Sears Card, don't freak out, just ask what companies Sears is also a part of, you might have a card there.} If you want to call the REAL Citibank call 1-800-917-7700 or write them to PO Box 6283 Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6283.
 Mar 26th, 2010
They called me at 8:00 A.M. They need not call me back. I am going to block their calls!!!!
 Mar 26th, 2010
when i caled the 502-357-7999 it comes up disconnectd. i tried 1-888-285-9696 and though they were nice, they tell me they can't back into a phone number, which is BULL ... any moron can search a phone number in a database. they did give me an address to write to ... like that's gonna do anything.
p.o. box 6500 sioux falls SD 57117
 Mar 05th, 2010
They are calling from several different numbers to get around the fair calling act-
502-522-9998 and 502-357-7999 if they would leave a message at least we
could address this!
 Mar 03rd, 2010
Let the call to my cell go to voice mail. Caller left message asking to speak with someone who wasn't me.
Wrong Number
 Feb 18th, 2010
I have recieved many calls from this number I try calling the number back but it is saying wrong number.
maggie eddy
 Jan 23rd, 2010
have received many calls from this number I try
maggie eddy
 Jan 23rd, 2010
Call 1-888-285-9696 and tell them the number is wrong
the answer
 Jan 21st, 2010
I just called another number that appears to be connected to this whole nightmare - 502-522-9998. A very nice ENGLISH-SPEAKING woman told me that my fax number would be taken out of the system and they would cease. Good luck to all of you.
 Jan 11th, 2010
I've gotten literally dozens of calls to my FAX machine from Citibank Univers. I tried to call and fax them, but to no avail. Says it is not a working number. I've never had a person on the other end, just dozens of fax call/rings (double) coming in at all hours of the day to my home office! I have no accunt with Citibank or Sears, never have and NEVER will after this! I owe no one anything!
 Jan 11th, 2010
I got a call today - I missed it - they left no message - I am not behind is my sears
 Dec 29th, 2009
These people called my 83 yr. old mother about an account she had canceled and paid off two months ago! They were rude, aggressive, insulting and left her in tears! When she gave them the information they wanted--they hung up on her! She still has not recovered from Hurricane Katrina, and now this!
 Dec 09th, 2009
My caller I.D said Citibank Universal, could be my Citicard bill, forgot to pay it was due 2 days ago but paid now!.. It must cost them more in telephone calls
 Nov 27th, 2009
DOn'r even have a Sears card and owe CIti nothing but am getting calls. Never any messages
 Nov 14th, 2009
i called this number back and it said it was verizon wireless but that this no had been disconnected
 Oct 29th, 2009
They call repeatedly day and night. When I answer, no one is there, dead silence. I am on the do not call registry and, additionally, if it is Citibank for Sears, I pay my bill off in full every month. So, no need for a "collection" call.
 Sep 22nd, 2009
I am also being hounded by these dirt bags. I also lost my job in January. They have been told many many times. I even asked them what hood it does to harrass and intimidate me. Even IF I got a job today it would probably be 30 days til I could even consider a payment.
The important thing is do not allow them to coerce you into any payments..... period. Until of course you are back on your feet and able to discuss a settlement. Even a payment of $1.00 re-ages the account and hurts your position. They know this and this is why they try to get even a token payment from you. Your priority is food, rent, utilities and transportation. The rest can wait. They are unsecured credit cards and they know they are in an extremely weak position. Their only hope is intimidation. Don't fall for it. You can't pay what you can't pay.
Laid off
 Sep 03rd, 2009
Date 8-16-09 Unknown caller ID Number Only
Pat Ricchiuto
 Aug 16th, 2009
Sears credit card company (Citigroup, Citicards, Citicorp, all one and the same) collection department. Call from 7am-9pm manyyyyy times daily. I have all the CC companies and the different #'s they call from saved to my phone and save the ringtone as silent. That way I can actually look for work as they already know my situation and my layoff and not be disturbed!!!
 Aug 11th, 2009
Collection call for Sears Account--after already paid.
Wild Foxx
 Aug 08th, 2009
Citibank Collection Calls for Sears Credit Card. Don't they know many of us have unfortunately been laid off and collectiong unemployment until we find another job. The unemployment does not even pay enough to cover absolute necessities, yet alone a payment to them! I have asked for some kind of "grace period" until I find employment but none of the credit card companies want this. So I pay important bills....roof over head and inexpensive groceries for the belly!!!!!!!
 Aug 05th, 2009
Citibank Collection Calls for Sears Credit Card. Don't they know many of us have unfortunately been laid off and collectiong unemployment until we find another job. The unemployment does not even pay enough to cover absolute necessities, yet alone a payment to them! I have asked for some kind of "grace period" until I find employment but none of the credit card companies want this. So I pay important bills....roof over head and inexpensive groceries for the belly!!!!!!!
 Aug 05th, 2009
multiple calls per day
 Jun 10th, 2009
 Jun 08th, 2009
Sounds like a collections call from Citisomething for a SEARS account
 May 10th, 2009
they leave no message and just hang up when you answer
 May 01st, 2009
This number 5023577999 continuously calls me at all hours of the day and night!!!!
 Apr 03rd, 2009
This number and 502-357-7999 call our phone several times a day and evening, they leave no message. This has been going on for weeks. We have caller ID and don't answer calls from someone we don't know. Used call lookup and found out it is Citibank. No one has a Citibank card or ever had one, so we don't know why they are calling. We know now that we will never get one either.
 Mar 26th, 2009
This number 5023577999 is repeatedly calling my cell for the last 3 days non-stop every 2hrs!!!. I am so sick of these MFO
 Mar 11th, 2009
we all need to find out who we owe money to so we can find out what company is calling :0) lol sears?
 Mar 10th, 2009
I didn't answer it, left no messege.
 Feb 03rd, 2009
They keep calling my Fax number so therefore I don't answer, but they will call three or four times a day starting at 8:15 am every day
 Jan 17th, 2009
Numerous calls in violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act - daily, throughout the day, beginning before 8 a.m. and ending after 11 p.m. Every time I answer the call (ID "Kentucky" at 502.357.7999), the caller hangs up. Each time they hang up, I return the call and hear the same automated message each time, first in English, then in Spanish: "The number or code you have dialed is incorrect, please check the number or code and try again." This is followed by the following automated message: "Message 7. Switch 613." Does anybody know what "Message 7 Switch 613" means?
 Jan 15th, 2009
no message left
 Jan 08th, 2009
At a time when it would be best to hold on to what customers they have calling those who may be paying within the time allowed after the due date and are not pass due doesn't seem good business. Calling my wife when I have told them to call me and gave them my number multiple times seems like harassment. She is in poor health and these calls don't do her any good. Telling me a lie and then charging me for what they told me to is stealing. I personally hope Sears and or Citibank go belly up and the theives running them thrown in jail.
Vern Larson
 Dec 20th, 2008
I do NOT owe this company a penny but I still get phone calls and nobody says a word to me. I don't owe Sears a penny either !
 Dec 12th, 2008
When I called the number Verizon says that the # has been disconnected or no longer in service...
 Dec 04th, 2008
they need to quit calling so much, i will pay when i have it, and i have already made a payment plan with them what more do they want???????????
 Nov 18th, 2008
leaves no message
ann williams
 Nov 08th, 2008
This number and 502-357-7999 each call my phone twice in the morning and twice in the evening every day. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act??? Leaving no message but calling continuously from Louisville, KY... Are they going to pay my long distance?
 Oct 31st, 2008
They call several times a day never leave a message. If it really is Sears, what the hell are the calling me for. My account is paid off and I have not used my SEARS card in years.
 Oct 02nd, 2008
they call my cell phone several times a day from this # and do not leave a message. If you call the # back, # is not in service
 Sep 07th, 2008
This number along with two other very very similar numbers have been calling me since 8am today! SATURDAY! I kept missing them and there was no voicemail and when I call back it's a busy tone or "call cannot be completed". This last time it called I picked up and I said Hello, then another woman said Hello and HUNG UP! Creepy
 Aug 09th, 2008
Just start talking to them like the guy in boiler room..see link-it's funny.

 Jun 11th, 2008
its from Sears and they are relentless if you are ever late on a bill they call me at 8am exactly and up to 8:59pm about 15 times a day. Hopefully bankrupty filing will stop the harrasment.
 Jun 05th, 2008
They have now called me everyday for the last week going on 8 or more times a day. When I answer there is no one there. When I call back they tell me that the number is not a working number. I don't have a Sears account, if it is Sears, so why are they constantly calling me?
 May 14th, 2008
I receive 5-10 calls per day and I do not have anything to do with Citibank. They have my cell number which is a "Do Not Call" number.
Guess this is a joke too.
 May 09th, 2008
When I answer no one is there.....this is getting real old
C Boyd
 May 02nd, 2008
I do not even know why they are calling I pay my bills on time, so what's the problem?
 Apr 29th, 2008
Very very annoying. They call all day long. There is no answer when i answer my phone, just dead silence. I have tried to call the number back and it says it can not be completed as dialed. If they want to talk to me then i wish they would talk to me. If they dont want to talk to me then STOP calling and interrupting my work and personal life.
 Apr 24th, 2008
If they can collect from the Secretary Treasure, and the rest of the thieves in our government. Stop the fractional bull shit going on in banking and the other deceitful practices with money. Stop the printing of currency taking our dollar down the shitter causing inflation to go out the roof. How can any one domorethen exist these days with these bastards pinning us with their reckless spending and pushing more debt on us. W@e want the Wanta Monies back and the the Fed abolished , Paulson arrested along with the president and the Queen of England.for theft of American bankers... Citi sold out to China so go to hell and the rest of you greedy Wall Street bastards can go with them.
United States Inc ... Screwing people and loving it
 Apr 23rd, 2008
I receive 4 to 5 calls per day. I have caller I.D. They do not leave a message on machine. If I answer and ask them info. such as who do they want, and why do they want to talk to that person, they hang up. They are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. What can be done about them?????????????????
 Apr 22nd, 2008
10 calls in 2 days. Does not leave a message.
 Apr 21st, 2008
Also there is an inbound number for them that does work and thats 1-800-733-1116.
 Mar 29th, 2008
You are all receiving calls from Citicards Collections. About a card that you have with them. Be it sears,macys, home depot, lowes, K-mart. When they call I suggest you answer the phone and if its the wrong number tell them so and dont hang up the phone in anger as that will just put the number back into the dialer. They have to verify you are not the person they are calling for.
 Mar 29th, 2008
I get alot of calls from this number, but never leaves a message or call back #.
Charles Hamm
 Mar 19th, 2008
Called if 1 day late! & AFTER payment received!Every day 5a-11p!Not answer bc: hang up/static /strong accent or talk fast & I can't understand/try to explain why late & get treated condescendingly/ Call& upset in-laws who have health issues-never gave that phn number! Threatened legal action bc in-laws given confidential info w/o consent! I closed account & called more NOW! I won't open account with Citibank again!
 Mar 04th, 2008
That is what they said to me!
Deana Pastor
 Feb 23rd, 2008
"Everyone's run out of time, it's time to pay the piper."
Deana Pastor
 Feb 23rd, 2008
Calls 3+ times a day, beginning at 9am, ending 9pm. Never leaves message. Uses different phone #s and Caller ID usually says Citibank, Citibank Universal, citigroup
 Jan 28th, 2008
Dead air. One call thus far, I will track how many times a day they are calling.
 Jan 24th, 2008
This group started calling in December. Never leaves a message and calls normally once a day, sometimes twice a day. Never have answered the phone. Sometimes under a different number and Caller ID shows up as just Citibank under that number.
 Jan 09th, 2008
these people call me 15 times a day. I have spoke to one of them and informed I do not have a late payment. They say it is a computer error, but they won't stop calling.
 Jan 03rd, 2008
They call at least three times a day...I've tried calling back and the number is not a working number. I am very frustrated!!!
 Dec 18th, 2007
I have received 6 calls in one day!! Merry F----- Xmas to you Sears!!
 Dec 08th, 2007
I wish this number would stop calling me! It is really annoying. Please make it stop!!!
 Dec 03rd, 2007
they keep calling so I answered, when I asked them to identify where they were calling from they hung up.
 Nov 30th, 2007
Call constantly; does not leave message.
 Nov 26th, 2007
Called them from two phones, the call would no go through from either phone. They call every day it seems and I don't even have a credit card. Caller ID says "Citibank Univer" Apparently has something to do with a Sears Mastercard that was stolen from my mother and the rude people at Sears say it is probably a debt collection call.
 Nov 23rd, 2007
502-357-7999-Called numerous times without leave a message?
 Nov 21st, 2007
voice mail was left with just noise in the background
 Nov 21st, 2007
started trying to block id. useless to talk to but doesn't leave mesg.
 Oct 22nd, 2007
Don't know why they would call me as my payments with SEARS are up to date. In fact, they have been calling for 3 or 4 days and my payment wasn't due until today
P. Mulcahy
 Oct 02nd, 2007
collectors are ruthless they have one goal to harras the Hell out of you till you pay them
I say screw them all !!!!
companies take advantage of consumers who take a credit card loan out at 20-30 percent This should be a crime . You can request that they contact you in writing and not by phone just send them a letter to their address
Citibank South Dakota, 701 E 60th St N,
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0493
 Sep 21st, 2007
sears in insane. they can't be serious. i know bookies more flexible with payments.
 Sep 17th, 2007
they keep calling almost every hour on the hour if I don't know who they are I will not pick up. Then
 Sep 14th, 2007
This number calls relentessly. I do not have a sears or citibank card. they are calling my cell phone. never leave a message, never anyone there when i answer. I have reported it repeatedly to the ftc and to the do not call list. also uses 502-357-7999. if I call the number back I get dead air, so must be an auto dialer.
 Sep 13th, 2007
oh this number also called me at 6:48 AM! on a tuesday morning
 Sep 11th, 2007
this number, along with 502-522-998, calls my cell phone 5 to 10 times a day. I have reported it to both and filed a complaint with the FTC on their website. I called Verizon and asked to have the numbers blocked, but they say they cannot. However, the verizon rep told me that 502-357-7999 belongs to Adelphia Business Solutions.
 Sep 11th, 2007
I keep getting calls from this number and I don't know who it is so I don't answer and when they let the machine pick up they don't leave a message, I am tired of this how can I make them stopp calling?
 Sep 09th, 2007
WOW how annoying, they have called twice in the last HOUR and then I tried to call them back and the call wont go thru...this is harrassment, the card is in my husbands name and they DO tell me that when I do get a semi english speaking person and then tell me I have no legal obligation for this account, ok if thats the case, WHY CALL ME??? Ugh is there a way to report this?
 Sep 07th, 2007