i think this is related to all the other calls i have been getting... it started with calls from 487-488-3003. think this is chase, but whoever this is, after the first voicemail about "a subject that will be of great interest to you" or some such, i blocked this number. since then, they have called 15-20 times a day, at all hours. my phone does not ring, but it records the incoming calls. i have no outstanding balance with this company.
they are still calling my number all day long. then two days ago, i got a call from
585-381-9203 asking for "linda williams" who is not me. i told them i have had this number for over 2 years and to stop calling me. i then got a call from
177-011-1580 for "linda williams" again. then from
171-364-0550. same thing. then from
214-242-1778. and
817-701-1580. then, get this:
100-000-0000! how the hexx do they get a number like that? and how do i make it stop???
R Everett
 May 28th, 2010