Advanced Recovery Services, LLC
James A. Seibel – Managing Partner
PO Box 51054
Phoenix, Arizona 85076-1054
Telephone: 480-706-8759
Facsimile: 480-706-0937

Est. 2000, Advanced Recovery Services is a commercial debt collection and ARM company. "Staff has over 40 years of experience working as Credit & Collection Managers for Fortune 500 Co. [?] We know 'what buttons to push', and what internet links to research, when trying to extract money from your debtors."

ARS claims to be a licensed and bonded collection agency that allegedly “operates within the laws applicable to each state.” Though unverified, they claim to be member of the following organizations:

International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc (IACCA): (Would not verify membership)
C/O Mt. Olivet Conference Center
Jimmy Huffman, IACCA President
7984 - 257th Street, West
Farmington, MN 55024-9243
Phone: 952-469-2177
Fax: 952-469-5564

Westlaw: (Did not find any member Advanced Recovery Services, LLC, nor do they contract with them.)
West Headquarters
A Thompson Reuters Company
610 Opperman Drive
Eagan, MN 55123-1340
Telephone: 800-328-4880; 800-344-5008

Tracers Information Specialists, Inc.: (Would not verify membership)
4538 Commercial Way
Spring Hill, Florida 34606-1957
Main: Primary Fax Numbers:
877-723-2689 877-723-2691 (Main)
877-820-8126 (Accounting)
Sales: 877-820-8125 (Compliance)
877-592-8511 877-597-7274 (Sales)

Experian Information Solutions, Inc.: (Would not verify membership)
475 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-7037
Telephone: 714-830-7000

They claim to have major clients "in the aerospace industry, computer technology, office products and supplies, equipment financing, and computer software." Note: No details provided to verify.

Their (his) Mission Statement: “[T]o provide outstanding quality service and to produce the highest collection and recovery rates in the industry for our clients.”

Here’s a quote from their web site:“Collection Process
We expect all debtors to engage with us in a timely manner. Either they own up to the debt and make payment arrangements, Or we Sue them. We don’t waste time with numerous letters and phone calls. It is in our best interest, and also for our clients, to work a case until it is collected or we are convinced they are out-of-business, or bankrupt.”

Notice their PROFESSIONAL tactics: “Either they own up to the debt and make payment arrangements, Or we Sue them.” A good attorney will shut them up real fast! Also, if they are harassing you (i.e. multiple calls in the same day, calling outside the LEGAL time window [yes they will!] contacting you at your place of employment, leaving threatening messages or giving information to someone other than you. . . find useful information here: Don’t be a VICTIM, know your RIGHTS!

Note: They cannot spell, lots of spelling and grammatical errors on their so called PROFESSIONAL site
 Mar 10th, 2010