check their website:

To get in touch with their staff:
James T. Retnolds 2nd, CEO
Kristina Hixson DuPois, Fundaising Specialist,

The Breast Cancer Society, Inc.
6859 E. Rembrandt ave., Ste. 128
Mesa, AZ 85212



They use Associated Community Services in Michigan to do their dirty work, er phone soliciting.
 Nov 09th, 2010
I am following up because located and sent an email to the Breast Cancer Society to find out what this was really about. I don't answer Call-ID blocked or anonymous calls, and these people weren't leaving messages. This is their response to my email:

Thank you for contacting us. The phone number listed in your email is for Associated Community Services – a telemarketing company contracted with The Breast Cancer Society to help execute a tele-fundraising campaign.

I apologize if the phone calls have been an inconvenience. If you would like your phone number removed from the call list, please provide the number, with area code, and I will see that the number is removed from our call list immediately.

Kindest regards,

James T. Reynolds, II

James T. Reynolds, II

Executive Director

Ph: 480-284-4014

Fax: 480-659-9807


- Efficio sanctimonia est habeo gaudium
 Apr 27th, 2010
It comes up as Toll Free Call on the Caller ID. The caller says they are taking donations for the Breast Cancer Society. I didn't give (I NEVER give my personal info over the phone). I then e-mailed the Breast Cancer Society & this is the e-mail I received back......We do have a service that raises funds for us via telephone campaigns, Associated Community Services. I can have you put on their ‘do not call list‘, but will need your phone number in order to do so. If you’d like to email me your phone number I‘ll make sure that it’s taken care of. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or need further assistance. Sincerely, Laura Wallace Program Services Director The Breast Cancer Society phone: 480-284-4014 fax: 480-659-9807
 Jun 27th, 2009
This number belongs to the Breast Cancer Socitety also known as TBCS
We were getting several calls a week from 800-760-1364. They left no message. When we did answer they would hang up on us rudely in mid sentence, they would hang up on us if we asked them a question, when we asked the caller to remove our telephone number caller said they couldn't, they called too late in evening when it was dark, and worse of all, when we called the number back you weren't allowed to talk to a person, so there is no way to get removed form The Breast Cancer Society's caller data base. The Breast Cancer Society telemarketers have the call recipients over a cruel barrel.

I emailed the website asking for our telephone number to be removed. When I emailed them, I emailed the top executive as they had all the execs telephone numbers listed on their website. The exec I wrote forwarded the email to another who took removed our telephone number out of their data base.

Since then, all the execs' emails addresses have been taken down from their website, of course, they want to be able to control their incoming emails just the way we want to be able to control our incoming telephone calls, so they know they are doing us very, very, wrong and even deterring people from giving to this organization.

I emailed and snail mailed all the emails I wrote to the Breast Cancer Society and all the emails they wrote back to me tellimg me our telephone number would be removed, to the "FCC", "National No Call", and to my State's No Call enforcers, just to make record of our being removed. They were very responsive and pleasant when they answered my email, so I have no reason to believe they wont remove our number.
The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. (also known as TBCS)
6859 E. Rembrandt Ste. 128
Mesa AZ 85212
Phone: 480-284-4014
Fax: 480-659-9807
Derrick in reno
 Mar 27th, 2009