How do I file a bar charge against a lawyer?
"Discipline proceedings begin when you write to the State Bar and complain about a lawyer’s conduct or send information to the State Bar that indicates a lawyer may have engaged in misconduct or may be incapacitated. You may call the Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program to discuss your problem prior to writing to the State Bar. Otherwise, you can write to us at: State Bar of Arizona, Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program, 4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85016."

Joseph James Pezzuto, II (AZ Bar No. 23403)
Law Office of Joe Pezzuto LLC
4013 East Broadway Rd Suite A-2
Phoenix, AZ 85040-0001
T: 602-438-9797
F: 602-274-8811

Go ahead, have fun! The following is a telephone extension directory for your enjoyment:

Extensions can be reached by dialing 1-602-274-9911 then your desired extension.

x201 Old Pezzizzo himself
x202 Elizabeth Vasquez (the only rep who doesn't talk like they have a mouth full of Cheetoz!)
x203 nothing here
x204 Robin (the one woman administration office)
x205 Guy Murphy (actually put his info in the website WHOIS listing)
*CELL: 1-480-213-2775
x206 Victor Perez (office manager... whatever.)
x207 Javier (he can't articulate "lo antes posible" in his voice message. pobrecito!)
x208 James Vernard (asks for your social security number! CAUTION!)
x209 Monique Beltran (her voice is all breath... yuck!)
x210 Ed Gana (GANA ask you for money!)
x211 Corinne Medrano (big legal assistant)
x212 LeBron McTurd ??
x213 Robert Killingsworth... don't tell him where you live!!!
x214 Sarah Suarez (calls herself the "legal department")
x215 Ivonne Calvin (can't spit out the words to her voicemail greeting to save her life)
x216 Anthony Parola
x217 Melissa Heatherington (office manager... basically one step above "peon" with three times the workload)
x218 Mr. No Name (tries way too hard to sound serious)
x219 Ryan Rangel
x220 Bridget Erickson
x221 Junior Butler
x222 Rocky Robinson (you'll never get through because he's mackin on Adrienne or x226)
x223 Miss Warren (BORING!)
x224 Al Cohen (BORING!)
x225 ***Ashley Carlton (SEXY voice worth every minute)
x226 Miss Robinson (asks for your social security number up front -she's just keepin' it real)
x227 other word.
x228 Miss Tia YaWn (yet another office manager)
x229 Tasha Hollister
x230 Eric Swindell... you right out of your hard earned $$$!
x231 Christy Furman
x232 (some chick's voice says you've reached Mr. Swindell's desk - who knows...)
x233 Bonnie
x234 Cal Cohen? (sounds like Al Cohen over at x224)
x235 Chris Vandermolen (genious actually lists collector as his occupation on his Myspace!!) HTTP://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/CMVM
x236 nothing here
x237 ***Amber (SEXY voice and x225's twin!)
x238 Christy Furman (same as x231 only this time she's unavailable because she's "in a meeting" HAHA! niiiice. Go ahead and make one for a perpetual lunch break or vacation!)
x239 nothing
x240 Bonnie Haley (same as x233, but she finally tells us her last name :)
x241 Demetrius Michael (would you like to buy a magazine subscription?)
 Feb 09th, 2010