Caller ID showed the name: Windsor Ronald But, I wouldn't believe it! I've blocked this number twice before. This No Good, Rat Bastard hides his real telephone number & more than likely, his real name too! He changes it using an app. A made-up, fake ass name & number that pops-up on your telephone's caller ID, usually a number that will seem local to your area, hoping you'll answer

* Don't give this Lowlife Scumbag, Wannabe Scam artist, the time of day!
And in the End... Sooner or later, he'll get his...They always do!
 Feb 23rd, 2017
Caller ID: Maryland
 Jan 11th, 2017
** WARNING! **
Beware, just got a call from this number... I said hello once and with no answer, I hung up! They called right back and I didn't even take the call. I then activated my caller ID blocking per call and then called them back to see who they were and what they wanted. When I did this, a message said that number was not in service!
If they have to hide their real number and use a fake one... You know they're up to no good!
Steve from Maryland
 Mar 03rd, 2016