this caller is telemarketing crock calling on business and private party
to funnel the credit card for them to process.
the local na federal goverement has to deal with this phone spammer
 Jun 28th, 2008
432-897-0948 6/24 454pm not in service
432-897-0948 6/27 409pm This call is for the busines owner only.... not in service

If you are tired of receiving calls from any of these numbers that are continually harassing people,

please document the calls as follows:

Phone# calling, Date, Time, experience, you calling back results

and forward it to me with your contact information.

I have been tracking all of these calls coming to me over the past 2-3 months and would like to put

something together to file in US DISTRICT COURT in the next 30-90 days.

Please send your information to:

My intention is to identify a sufficient number of victims and offenders to initiate a federal class

action lawsuit against (a) individual harassing companies and (b) the telephone companies that facilitate

their customers harassment of other customers. Action against the LECs and CLECs would be based on their

permitting fraudulent caller ID information (i.e. phone numbers that when called back are "not in

service"), their failure to assist customers being harassed, their REFUSAL to block incoming calls from

specific numbers that are long distance, and their refusal to provide specific assistance from their

"security department" to victims of such harassment without charge.

Privacy: Your information will be kept strictly private and will not be disclosed without your permission,

which would be necessary to proceed as a member of the class of any action filed.
 Jun 28th, 2008
I first received many calls from this number(432) 897-0948, then pressed 2. The very next day, received a call from 201-254-2044 with the exact same automated phone junk.
 Jun 26th, 2008
Autodialer calling "For the owner of the business"... Its the same voice and message as the dialer that calls from 432-897-0948 trying to sell business loans. If you get to the part of "Press 2 to be removed" DON'T fall for it, our call frequency from these guys increased greatly after I did...
 Jun 26th, 2008
How do you file on them if they spoof their number and hang up before you can get their name? It is believed that they are at: Phone 727-209-3100 Fax 727-209-3101 Toll Free 800-262-3406 Phone Number Report: More info to be removed from their call list- their website also says they have "... related and affiliated entities are located in Phoenix, Arizona." which sounds totally fishy too. Specialized Funding 11100
 Jun 26th, 2008
twice in a row the same recorded message for a million dollars to a business owner
when i picked up- one was from this number another from 432-897-0948
 Jun 26th, 2008
This person has called at least twice. I have a Phonezap which asks the caller to press 2 if they are not a telemarketer and the caller never presses 2 so don't know if it is an autodialer or what.
Billy Greene
 Jun 25th, 2008
Call landed on my cell phone, which is also on the do not call list. Odd how they feel "It's also a business line" seems to equate to "safe to abuse". I dislike having my time wasted.
 Jun 24th, 2008
Now changed to a 432-897-0948 number. Same loan scam. If you try to talk to them to complain, they hang up instantly. My guess is that the phone numbers are spoofed. Do NOT give them any personal details.
 Jun 24th, 2008
Call my business and offer a million bucks in credit, automated message
 Jun 24th, 2008
This company is using several different numbers, and they are all caller ID spoofed.
That's why it is disconnected when you try to call the number back.

The most common one is 413-200-0125. If you search for that you will find lots more complaints.
They have also used 410-705-6007, and numerous others.

This is a total SCAM folks. They hang up on you if you ask any questions, and pressing 2 to be removed does nothing.
Please, if you are on the Do Not Call list and continue to receive calls from this company, file a complaint here:
 Jun 24th, 2008
Offers $1,000,000 to the owner of the business. I just don't know what business. I don't own a business. My wife doesn't either. And yes the recording does say to press 2 to be taken off the list. I've pressed 2...everyday for the last week. Whatever happened to the do not call list?
 Jun 24th, 2008
Unknown who called. Did not leave message. I tried to call it back, but is "out of service."
 Jun 24th, 2008
An automated telephone call saying that this is a call for the business. Wife simply hung up since it was on our home phone line.
 Jun 24th, 2008
Calls from Midland TX. Unknown lending agency. Even after going thru the "press 2 to be removed", I've received further calls. I pressed 1 to see who would respond, asked who they were and was disconnected.
 Jun 23rd, 2008
Called multiple times while I wasn't at home.
 Jun 23rd, 2008
Received offer of unsecured BUSINESS loan for $1,000,000 on my Do Not Call home phone line. Obviously bogus. At least said to "press 2" to be taken off call list.
 Jun 23rd, 2008