The BBB has issued warnings with calculations showing that 85 cents of every dollar donated is used to pay the charities fundraising costs.
 Dec 28th, 2013
They called at 8:45 pm on Friday night and hung up shortly after I answered. I've been contacted previously and have asked at least twice to have my number removed.

The WA Sec of State has a web page you can perform a Charity and Commercial Fundraiser Search. It is:

 Dec 28th, 2013
They called at 8:45 pm on Friday night and hung up shortly after I answered. I've been contacted previously and have asked at least twice to have my number removed.

The WA Sec of State has a web page you can perform a Charity and Commercial Fundraiser Search. It is:

 Dec 28th, 2013
This number called me and asked for my father in law, i said he's not here and the response was that's ok we were looking for either one of you.
The reason for the pauses in the call is that it is being done through a computer. Some calls are pre-recorded with pauses and some have bots working as you speak to them. Do not give any personal information to them. If you wish to donate to a cause, find a known and reputable one.
 Dec 23rd, 2013
This is a scam, rated "F" by groups that determine a charity's effectiveness. HANG UP. Do NOT donate. They use questionable tactics with equally questionable intent. Look online for the investigative report done by the Arizona TV station (where this organization is headquartered).
 Dec 23rd, 2013
We have been getting calls from this number at least twice a week for the past several months. Same info as everyone stated where is the caller ID say's Breast Cancer S. One Saturday several months ago answered and told the company that we were not going to donate. However, the phone calls keep coming. I'll take the advice of one individual on this site and block the number. Maybe then we will have some peace.
 Sep 12th, 2013
My caller ID said it was Breast Cancer S. but the lady who was on the phone said that they were a telemarketing group who were fund raising for Breast Cancer patients who needed financial aid for their treatments, and she wanted to mail us a pledge card. I politely told her that we already supported charities and that their cause was not one of them. There was silence and I thought they had hung up, so I asked if anyone was still there. She apologized and then thanked me for being willing to send in a pledge. I interrupted and said "You did not listen as I said we will not be supporting your cause." and hung up. Her reaction makes me doubt the legitimacy of this organization. I have blocked the number.
 Sep 05th, 2013
My phone is registered on the do nto call list and they still called my phone. They asked for me when someone else answered my phone. They would not say who they were, they would only say they were from "AC".
Ms. Irritated
 Jul 20th, 2013
I called this number back and it answers back as the Breast Cancer Society - however, when doing a google search for this in Everett WA, I could not find anything, which I find weird. Anyhow they called me last night at 9 p.m., and I could hardly get a word in edgewise, when I did, I explained I was in bed as I had to be up early in the morning and no, I am not prepared to commit to a donation right now as basically I was falling asleep as they phoned. They proceeded to go on with their plea ignoring my attempts to stop them to ask them to call me back the next day. I got frustrated and did hang up on them. I know breast cancer is an important topic, I have donated before, but I do not like when people will not let you get a word in or they will not listen to your request and continue on as though they don't care so last night they did lose on a possible donation.
 Jun 25th, 2013
I received a call from this number last night. Some woman using a charity name was trying to get me to make a donation. Even though the Charity is a legitimate one, I'm not sure the call/caller was legitimate. Normally, I don't answer these calls, but I know people in the town that was named on the Caller ID: Bellevue.
 May 10th, 2013
Lady was a very pushy breast cancer telemarkters.
 Apr 30th, 2013
This caller identified themselves as the Breast Cancer Society. She asked to speak with my husband. She was looking for a donation and stressing to my husband about the women who are fighting for their lives with breast cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer one month ago. Both my husband and I found this to be offensive. When my husband told the caller about my cancer, she hung up on him. I have called the number back to receive a voicemail. I left a message but no has returned my call. Who are these people, why are they calling us, how did they get our phone number?????
Mary M
 Mar 29th, 2013
Since the calls come out of the state of Washington, my best guess is that Pacific Telecommunications is at the bottom of it all.
Cherryl Walker
 Mar 18th, 2013
My parents have received 2 calls from this number. The first call was at about 7:00am, and the other was at approximately 7pm. The first call was a man with what sounded to my mom like a Spanish accent, and he told her that a big box was delivered to him by mistake. My mom asked him what the address was on the box, and he just said the name of the city she lives in. Then he asked her if she was going to be home so he could deliver it, and said he would deliver it at 1:00pm that day. She told him that her husband would be there. No one ever came. She did not tell him her address.

The second time the same man called and said hi it's me again, did you know that you won a prize? She told him to not call her again, and she hung up the phone.
 Mar 17th, 2013