This is a company that buys old debt and tries to collect from you. They can't sue you because they are in Washington and you are in another state. Don't worry, they can only collect if you believe their garbage. My debt is 15 years old and it does not even show up on my credit report anymore. I have excellent credit now and I can get a loan if I want from anyone. I even have credit cards now. Do your research, you don't have to pay them a penny! Company name is New Leaf Solutions is their website.
 Oct 04th, 2013
Tried to say it was a courtesy call before they sue for collection on Monday for collection of a credit card $5,000 bucks in Ohio that my wife garanteed this guys credit card with her SS# of xxxxxx almost 15 years ago and we needed to pay up they were not going to let the statue of limitation run out unless they were paid. I informed him we don't owe money on credit cards and just get on with sueing us. Scam BECAREFULL

 Jun 07th, 2013