David Rockefeller
1247 Empire Avenue Suite B
Camden, NJ 08103

David Rockefeller
Harmony Trailer Sales and Services
Phone: 424)261-3068 | Fax : 866-223-4232
E-mail :
New Jersey
 Jul 24th, 2019
Robert D. Miller with Harmony Trailer Sales and Services is the name I got. Total scam trying for $11,000 worth of CAT injectors.
 Jul 15th, 2019
This number(person addressed himself as Robert D. Miller) called our dealership and emailed a parts list. Worded in broken English from bogus dealership as unable to find anything online about this so called company. BEWARE!
 Jun 13th, 2019
Going by Tyler Comes with Heavy Haulage now. Tried to order 5 different John Deere fuel Inj Pumps. He hung up as soon as I called him out. Beware.....
 Jul 10th, 2018
This scam also has an email-flavored version, evidently:

From: ohio state university []
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2018 12:23 PM
Subject: parts

Kindly quote pricing and availability on caterpillar Injectors below

Injector GP-Fuel 10R-7231 with core charges

Injector GP-Fuel 10R-2772 with core charges

Injector GP-Fuel 10R-7230 with core charges

Payment Terms-Net10

Best Regards,

Cris Penn
 May 24th, 2018
I work at a company in Texas. This 424-261-2068 has called since 5/11/2018. He is asking for cat parts as well. PUMPS and INJECTORS almost 10K. He states He will NOT return any CORES, then wants to place the order. I told him we don't not except Credit cards he would have to wire the money. Then the gentlemen (Michael Ellis of ELLIS EQUIPMENT INC) SAYS HE WILL COME PICK UP THE PARTS!!! HES IN CALIFORNIA.....Scam right off the bat. I still have him in limbo thinking hes going to get something out of me. I'm glad I found this website, thank you to all the people that commented! Take this guy down, He faxed me a parts list with a nice company logo, from a company that isn't even on the internet! SCAMMER FROM THIS NUMBER DONT REPLY TO HIM HE HAS A MIDDLE EASTERN ACCENT!
 May 14th, 2018
Just got a call today and gave this guy the fax number to my parts department. Sounds like he's trying to be a cool customer but being the number came from California, and I'm sure there are other dealers out that way, I know to trust my gut and say this is a complete scam. I will gather more info on this crook and I do my best to find him.
 Apr 05th, 2018
His Name is John Gale on my call and hit us for 30K in cat parts (injectors), run if the call.
North Carolina
 Jun 28th, 2017
This guy (David Decker) called from this phone number looking for Cat Fuel Injectors ($10K worth). Sent a fake PO from Tripple D Inc. Phone number is 877-241-1008 but it is a fax machine. I Googled his business address... they never heard of this guy. He then sent credit card information with his billing address as 440 Price Road, Moravian Falls, NC 28654 - this looks to be a grove of trees according to Google. The Master Card information given is genuine, except that he asked us to only run $3K at a time until the total was charged. I asked for a copy of his Drivers License and a copy of the Credit Card and I haven't heard back from him since. I'm sure he's a scam artist. Beware!!!
 Apr 11th, 2017
Tried to order Cummins parts from me. Shipping to empty lot in ames. Going by the name of Donald Decker
 Feb 28th, 2017
Guy with bad English accent trying to buy Cat injectors.
 Aug 30th, 2016
Tried to buy CAT parts with a credit card and did not want to give some required information/company information. Probably a scam trying to pay with stolen/bad credit cards. Did not want to pay any other way.
 Apr 07th, 2016
Perna Inc. Parts Co.
Trying to buy CAT parts.
Claims to be David Harrel, definetly bad acccent.
Faxed from # 1-877-241-1008
David Harrel
 Feb 04th, 2016
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Crappy Muslim lawyer
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Crappy Muslim lawyer
by wedding singer » Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:52 pm

This woman did some legal work 4 me. This is her.
She f**cked up my case about 4 years ago.Thought she was a mental case.Complaints were ignored so I checked her on the internet and looky what I found. She internet famous

Inderjit Ahitan, DOB Dec 12, 1973: Solicitor with Law Firm Hewitsons, cautioned for having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old male pupil from a Northampton school on three separate occasions dating back to 2003, at the office after working hours but also in a car near a local golf course and the flat of a friend. A discipline committee panel, comprised of senior partners held a private internal hearing into these incidents relating to failure to observe appropriate professional boundaries. Subsequently at the pupil’s parents and the accused’s request that the incident not be made public it was agreed that professional psychological counseling for a period of one year be required. Additionally it was agreed that Inderjit Ahitan would seek a position with a different firm.


Google says she is now with Vanderpumps and Sykes in Edmonton

Here is another one from a different site

MS INDERJIT AHITAN is a company officer from ENFIELD MIDDLESEX. This person was born on 1973-12-04 and is 41 years old. MS INDERJIT AHITAN is ...
wedding singer

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Re: Crappy Muslim lawyer
by manfred » Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:53 pm

It seems not only churches move "problem" people from one post to another. It seems to be a common response in many professions.

However, I would have to say from the information you gave that her religion is entirely incidental, and I am not even convinced she is a Muslim. But if she were, how does that relate to anything else you said?

I also want to point out if you WRITE (as oppose to say) something in which you make damaging allegations you MUST be 100% sure you have your facts right, to avoid the possibility of a law suit for slander. In law, you may express an OPINION about someone which may be seen as damaging, and that is NOT against the law. However if you allege that certain things actually happened, (as opposed to saying you believe that they may have happened) and they did not or you cannot prove they did, you may leave yourself open to trouble, specially from a lawyer.

As complaints about a lawyer, in the UK the best approach is contact the law society: ... solicitor/

They will help you to get heard.

best wishes
Jesus: "Ask and you will receive." Mohammed: "Take and give me 20%"


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Ontario Canada
 Oct 28th, 2015
He called our company looking for parts also at least a couple of times a day for the last week. And yes the accent is so fake! He even tried sending a couple of faxes saying what parts he wanted but yet the way it was worded didn't sound quite right. I'm thinking its a scam also.
 Oct 27th, 2015
Called me 5 times today looking for caterpillar and cummins parts...big time not let him buy anything
 Sep 22nd, 2015
FAKE. Guy with bad English accent trying to purchase items.
 Apr 15th, 2014
scam for engine parts. either Somalia or Nigeria.
 Apr 15th, 2014