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Montevideo Uruguay
 Oct 01st, 2019
scam call me with 1 423-467-6460 left a 1 800 950 511. call me back with the same 423-467-6460 and I answer for fun with co worker in car. I said hello he asks if I'm so and so I said wrong number he says oh sorry hangs up. I get home call the 800# robot asks me for last 4 digits of credit card i give fake 4 numbers then asks for full credit card numbers give fake ones again then ask for SS# give them fake ones puts me on hold. guy comes on. I say my name is so and so *fake* ask him why are they calling me. he says its in regards to your credit card rewards program. I tell him I don't have a Credit Card lol and that I'm on welfare. he says Oh then I don't know why they call you. said bye
New York
 Apr 06th, 2019