I have received a call from this number today three times but they never leave a message so i never answer after reading all your comments now i know why thanks
 Jun 06th, 2014
I get call from this number starting at 8 am till 7 pm. The people want me to enroll in school. I told them once that I didn't want to. And today Sunday and they are still calling
 May 04th, 2014
Comments already provided confirms what I thought.....I had just signed up on a site that monitors jobs I'm interested in and here it is the very next day and I'm getting similar calls : early and with no voicemail. Fortunately I can simply block it.
 Feb 28th, 2014
While away from mobile phone (BTW we have a Central Valley, CA area code - and it is a very new number for us) we received two calls so far from this number 415-376-0327 this morning. Yesterday was a holiday, so even though it is Tuesday it's sort of a Monday for us. Get the first call at 7:35 am. No message left. 8:27 a.m. they call again. No message left. Over the weekend a family member applied to some jobs through Career Builder and he had to update his resume WHICH IS ON PRIVATE SETTINGS on Career Builder with this new number. Hope this helps readers figure out why they received calls from that number as well. Please post your experience on this site. If this is a serious issue with privacy breach on CB and/or criminal fraud/fake job posts we want to know.
Private on CB
 Feb 18th, 2014
I received two calls from this number. We use this number for job search only. A man who will not identify himself says that a court summons is going to be served at my home. He will not identify to whom this call is directed either. He just keeps repeating himself until he is hung up on. It is a waist of minutes and harassing.
 Jan 29th, 2014
Called on a Sunday two times - one hour apart don't want any education or assistance. I cancelled two sites for job opportunities, is this why they are calling me - mow have employment, nothing they sent helped me at all - do not want them to call
 Jan 27th, 2014
I received a call from this number, when I answered a recording said that the number is busy and for me to try my call again. Thing is they were the one's calling me! Wonder if it related to the NSA. I hear that some of the spyware must be loaded on your number by a phone call. Your phone must answer by you or your voicemail for it to load on your phone.
 Jan 03rd, 2014
Please stop calling, not interested.
 Dec 31st, 2013
applied to what I thought was a temp agency(should have researched first) and now the calls don't stop. Not interested in education info and I unchecked the box for that
 Dec 11th, 2013
I am not interested in telemarketers calling me at all hours...Please STOP calling.
 Nov 19th, 2013
indentified as some sort of college and was going to ask some question so they could help me with my eduction. Strictly a scam - never heard of them and hung up on them.
 Nov 19th, 2013
Ofreced to finish college education. I do have a college degree. She insisted in the offer even after telling her that I am going through chemotherapy treatment!
 Jul 08th, 2013