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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

Pittsburgh, PA
374 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
wildlifedon't have it2007-04-13
Unknown NamePittsburgh, PA2006-11-17
unknownpub int com2012-08-18
unknownPublic INT COMM2010-03-25
unknownPUB INTEREST CM2009-10-13
unknownPUB INTEREST CM0000-00-00
unknownPUB INTEREST CM2009-10-07
UnknownPUB INTEREST CM2009-09-11
UnknownPUB INTEREST CM2009-08-21
UnknownPub Interest CM2009-07-20
UnknownName Unknown2009-07-11
unknownPub Interest CM2009-05-18
unknownphone number2009-04-14
UnknownPub Interest cm2009-04-06
unknownpub interest cm2009-03-17
unknownPublic Int Comm2009-02-22
unknownPUB INTEREST PU2009-02-16
unknownPub Interest CM2009-01-23
UnknownPub Int Comm2009-01-16
unknownPittsburg, PA2008-08-05
unknownUnknown Name2008-07-03
unknownpub interest cm2008-06-25
Unknown(412) 622-73872008-03-26
UnknownPub Interest CM2008-03-12
unknownPUB INTEREST CM2008-03-03
UnknownPhone number2008-02-12
UnknownPub Interest Cm2007-12-27
unknownPub Interest Cm2007-07-16
unknownjust the number2006-12-14
spammerpub int cm2013-02-04
Save the Wolf FoundationOut of Area2008-04-09
Public Interest Communications Inc.PUB INTEREST CM2009-03-31
Public Interest Communications IncPUB INTEREST2013-03-22
Public Interest Communications2007-07-10
Public Interest CommunicationsPUB INTEREST CM2007-05-06
Public Interest CommunicationsPub Interest CM2007-03-02
Public Interest CommunicationsPub Interest CM2007-03-02
Public Interest CommunicationsPub Interest CM2007-02-20
Public Interest CommunicationsPUB INTEREST CM2007-01-16
Public Interest CommunicationsUnknown Name2006-12-07
Public Interest CommunicationsPUB INTEREST CM2006-12-02
Public interest communications2006-11-02
Public Interest CommunicationPub Int Com2007-06-03
Public Interest CommunPub Interest2007-05-25
Public Interest Comminications, Inc.Unkown Name2006-08-30
Public Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-12-03
Public Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-07-07
Public Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-04-11
Public Interest CMunknown2006-09-14
Public Interest CMUnavailable2006-08-05
public interest1-412-622-73872010-02-12
public interestpub interest cm2006-12-20
Public Int CommPublic Int Comm2009-10-29
publc int comm2009-03-30
Pub. Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-05-23
Pub. Interest CMPub. Interest2007-05-17
Pub Intrest CMPub Intrest CM2007-09-21
pub interst cm2008-10-02
pub interest communications2006-11-17
pub interest com109412008-03-20
Pub Interest cmPub Interest cm2009-07-17
pub interest cmPub interest Cm2009-04-16
pub interest cmpub interest cm2009-03-24
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2009-02-04
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2008-08-14
Pub Interest CM2008-08-12
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2008-06-21
Pub Interest CM801262008-06-05
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2008-05-21
pub interest cmpub inerest cm2008-05-05
Pub Interest CmPub Interest Cm2008-04-10
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2008-03-29
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2008-03-22
Pub Interest CM480762008-03-18
pub interest cmpub interest cm2007-12-29
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-10-22
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-10-22
Pub Interest CmPub Interest Cm2007-09-19
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-09-08
pub interest cmpub interst cm2007-07-17
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2007-07-03
PUB INTEREST CM412-622-73872007-03-09
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2006-12-05
Pub Interest CmPub Interest Cm2006-11-05
Pub INterest CMPub Interest CM2006-08-22
Pub Interest CMPittsburgh, PA2006-08-22
Pub Interest CmPub Interest Cm2006-08-13
Pub Interest CMPub Interest CM2006-08-04
pub interestpub interest2009-11-06
pub interest0000-00-00
pub interestpub interest2009-06-15
PUB InterestPub Interest2006-08-23
pub int commpublic int comm2009-07-31
Pub Int CommPub Int Comm2008-11-01
pub int compub int com2009-01-15
PUB INTPUB INT2007-07-26
Pub IngerestOun Interest2012-05-08
pittsburgh papittsburgh pa2007-08-15
PIC (don't have2007-10-24
PICPub Interest CM2007-04-16
on behalf of ACLU :(Pittsburgh, PA2009-11-05
number only2008-07-09
not displayedout of area2009-01-15
nonephone number2007-05-25
nonephone number2007-05-26
non-profitPub Interest CM2007-12-29
No name claimed to be a major charity412-622-73872007-04-27
no nameout of area2009-05-29
no nameunknown name2008-02-14
no namePittsburgh PA2007-04-21
No Info ListedNo Info Listed2008-02-04
Immediately hung upphone number2008-02-06
Idiot of the YearPub Interest CM2010-04-16
I don't knowPub Interest CM2007-11-13
Homosexuals for ObamaPUB INTEREST CM2009-03-28
Gays and lesbian democratsPUB INTEREST CM2009-03-25
food for the poor2009-11-06
ElliePub Interest2010-05-06
dont know412-622-73872008-07-17
don't know412-622-73872007-10-01
don't knowPUB INTEREST CM2007-08-16
don't knowUnknown Name2007-05-31
don't know*692007-04-12
disconnected at answerNCASO2008-04-25
Directory Delivery2009-07-10
Didn't leave a message412 622 73872008-08-07
Didn't leave a messageNo ID2007-11-26
didn't answer412 622-73872007-04-18
did not respond412 622-73872008-01-24
Did not leave message2008-02-07
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)PUB INTEREST CM2009-08-12
Defenders of Wildlife2010-03-01
DCAM USAPub Interest CM2010-07-09
BigBrother BigSister2009-07-10
Amnesty InternationalPUB INTEREST CM2009-03-25
Amnesty InternationalPub Interest CM2007-10-24
????????pub interest cm2010-06-09
???phone number2007-08-16
?PUB INTEREST CM2011-06-24
?Pub Interest CM2010-04-23
?Public Int. Cm2017-07-09
4126227387Pub Interest CM2007-01-19
412-622-7387Pub Interest CM2007-12-04
412 622 7387nothing2009-10-23
"Metropolitan Opera donation"none2008-05-22
pub intrest cm2012-10-19
Public Interest2012-01-25
pub interest2012-01-23
Pub interest cm2011-06-29
Pub Interest CM2011-04-15
Pub Interest CM2011-03-05
Pub Int CM2010-10-19
Public Interest2010-07-16
Pub Interest CM2010-06-29
pub interest cm2010-06-25
pub interest cm2010-06-22
pub interest cm2010-06-08
pub interest cm2010-06-03
Pub. Int. CM2010-06-02
pub interest cm2010-05-17
Pittsburg, PA2010-04-25
Pub Interest CM2010-04-23
Public Int com2010-02-12
Pub Interest CM2010-04-06
PUBLC INT COMM2010-03-30
Public INT Co2010-03-29
Bublc Int Comm2010-03-02
Pittsburgh, PA2010-02-03
pub interest cm2009-11-26
Pittsburgh PA2009-11-19
PUBLC INT COMM0000-00-00
pub interest2009-11-04
Public Int Comm2009-10-26
Pub Interest cm2009-10-13
Pittsburgh PA2009-10-06
PUBLI INT COM2009-08-20
Pittsburgh PA2009-07-24
unknown number2009-05-22
Pub Interest Cm2009-04-29
Pittsburgh, PA2009-04-11
Pub Interest CM2009-04-02
Unknown name2009-02-21
Public Interest2009-02-19
Pub Interest CM2009-02-19
Pub Interest CM2009-02-13
Pub Interest CM2009-02-11
Pub Interest CM2009-02-10
Pub Interest CM2009-01-30
Pub Interest CM2009-01-29
Pub Interest CM2009-01-28
publc int comm2009-01-02
publc int comm2008-12-18
public int comm2008-12-17
pub int comm2008-12-05
pub interst cm2008-10-07
Out of Area2008-09-08
out of area2008-07-29
Pub Interest CM2008-05-16
Out of area2008-05-16
412 622 73872008-04-28
Pub Interest Cm2008-04-09
out of area2008-04-09
Pub Interest CM2008-04-05
pub interest cm2008-03-14
PUB Interest CM2008-03-13
PITTSBURGH, PA2008-03-13
Pittsburgh, PA2008-03-07
Pub Interest CM2008-02-21
pub interest cm2008-02-17
pub interest ch2008-02-04
pub interest cm2008-01-15
pub interest cm2008-01-08
Pittsburgh, PA2007-11-10
Out of Area2007-09-28
unknown name2007-10-16
(No Name)2007-10-11
Pub Interest CM2007-10-07
Pub Interest CM2007-10-05
Out of Area2007-09-07
"Pittsburgh PA"2007-07-29
Pub Interest Cm2007-07-21
Pub Interest Cm2007-07-19
Pub Interest Pu2007-07-18
412 622 73872007-07-10
pub interest cm2007-06-06
the same number2007-05-18
UNKNOWN NAME2007-05-06
Pub Interest CM2007-04-19
PUB INT2007-03-13
Name unknown2007-03-06
Pub Interest CM2007-02-13
Pittsburg, PA2007-02-07
pub interest cm2007-01-30
PiTTSBBIRGH, PA2007-01-28
Pub Interest CM2007-01-24
no words2007-01-22
Pub. Int. Comm.2007-01-17
No words2007-01-16
Don't have2006-12-15
PITTSBURGH, PA2006-12-08
Pub Interest CM2006-12-06
Pub Interest CM2006-10-26
Pub Interest CM2006-10-19
just the number2006-10-17
public int com2006-10-16
phone #2006-08-24
Pub Interest CM2006-08-20
name unknown2006-08-18
Pub Int2006-08-11
Unknown Name2006-08-11
Pub Interest CM2006-08-10
Name unknown2006-08-07
No name2006-08-02
Out Of Area2006-08-05
Pub Interest CM2006-06-29
Pub Interest CM2006-06-20

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March 23rd, 2013 merry23 NY

Public Interest Communications Inc is hired by non-profits/charities to call you. They have a list of the non-profits on their website Go to the right hand column of their website and click onto Clients/Markets We Serve. A partial list of the non-profits will come up. If you support or have ever supported any of those non-profits then email the non-profit telling them you are dropping monetary support due to the harassment by Public Interest Communications caused by that non-profit giving Public Interest Communications your personal information. Tell them that the tactics Pub.Int.Comm. uses is a reflection of the non-profit and request to be removed from all their mailist and email lists and to not give, lease or rent your personal information to any more third party companies. Public Interest Comm also has a section in their website, click onto

August 18th, 2012 Boba IL

I have received multiple daily calls. Finally answered and told the person not to call anymore. She then tried to tell me that she had something to tell me, I hung up suspecting that she just wanted to start her telemarketing script.

Other posts here suggest calling back and they were offered a chance to get off the call list. When I just tried calling all I got was that the number is no longer in service, or at least not accepting calls somehow. Went to their site and found It presents itself as a way to stop them calling you, but then requires: name, address, and email. Does that mean that they won't call just deluge your inbox and mailbox in the same harassing way? I don't know but I don't want to find out either.

August 6th, 2012 m NY

I have received calls daily from Pub Interest. If, I answer the call no one talks and they hang up..If call is not picked up, no message is left.

January 23rd, 2012 johnson CA

They call every single day once or twzice a day. How can it be stopped?

July 30th, 2010 Dragon Lady

SUCCESS - I have not recieved another phone call from this number after faxing cease and desist demand!!!!! Was just written on plain paper in magic marker - do not call this number (listed my number) again - on the national do not call list - will file with State Attoney General's office if I received one more call. That was on July 20 - normally 3-4 calls a day - not a single call since 7/20/2010.

Here's the fax number I used:Fax: 412.622.7374

May 27th, 2010 Honey GA

Left no message

May 14th, 2010 e s field CA

Devious caller leaving the callback number (800) 355-5262 but calling from (412) 622-7387.

May 6th, 2010 Ellie AK

They call at least twice a day at various times of the day. I don't answer and they won't leave a message!

April 24th, 2010 Dave Kolars IL

Receive at least 2 calls a day from them!!

April 16th, 2010 Bill Pope NY

A fraud looking for wildlife funds. Absolute BS!

March 27th, 2010 NA CO

They Called tonight. It was a protection agency thanking us for our signature to prevent Arial wolf hunting. This is the first time they have called (3/26/10)

March 26th, 2010 Anon VA

They leave a message saying that they will call back later. What a waste.

March 19th, 2010 will

This Number Has Been Calling My house For the past week doesn't leave a message on the machine.

February 18th, 2010 Dum Dum NY

they call me all the time and when I pick up nobody is there

February 4th, 2010 Steve KS

This is the company:

5001 Baum Blvd
2nd Floor, Suite #600
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412.622.7387
Fax: 412.622.7374
You can be removed here:

December 4th, 2009 Doug MI

I don't answer this phone but an answering machine is hooked up to the number. These people call 3 times a day for weeks and leave a short message that is nothing but dead air, but the machine records it. In one week I got 18 new messages from these people, which weren't messages at all. If anyone knows how to stop this annoying robo-call short of contacting the authorities I'd love to hear it.

November 18th, 2009 c brown VA

they keep calling and nobody is ever on the line. sometimes i can hear breathing, but that is all

November 17th, 2009 Amanda

hung up!

October 8th, 2009 G

Drops call if you let it go to voice mail

October 7th, 2009 John6491202 AZ


October 3rd, 2009 Dave CA

Daily calls up to 3 times per day. If I use my phone's blocking feature, they change the number they use to call.

August 12th, 2009 anonymous NJ

This outfit represents many clients. I just got a call from this number for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), whom I've supported in the past.

To those who report "hangup" - This is a "robo caller." When you first answer the other end is on hold; when they see you've picked up, then they pick up (if they aren't busy talking to someone else.) Annoying, ain't it!

July 30th, 2009 Kathy WI

I get calls at least twice a day from this number, with the name Pub Interest Com above the number on my caller ID. I never answer. About once a week a recorded message is left: "This is a courtesy call from PIC"

July 23rd, 2009 Bev

This number calls at least 2-3 times every day (along with Pub Interest CO). I never answer, except this evening I picked up and just said into the receiver "not interested", and didn't hang up. Don't know if it helped, but it felt good.

July 20th, 2009 Casey RI

This number called my house (I live with my parents) and asked for me by name. I am no longer a minor, but I would really like to know how they got my name and what they want. They told my sister they would 'call back later', but they usually only call when I am at work.

July 17th, 2009 ges PA

Unable to use block procedure given by Verizon.GS

July 7th, 2009 Ellen NH

I've been getting calls 2 or 3 times a day for weeks. If I don't pick up they don't leave a message. If I do pick up there is no one there - there's no way of telling them to stop calling. I don't what the point of their calling is though since they don't talk when you pick up. how can I stop these calls??????????? I am on the do not call list.

May 29th, 2009 allie CA

this number comes up out of area but, they are calling once or twice a day for weeks now.

May 28th, 2009 allie

out of area

May 18th, 2009 Linda ME

Why can't we find a way to stop these people? They call for weeks on end at all times of the day and night and never leave a message.

May 7th, 2009 Fed up IL

Same situation as everyone else! This is just one of several unsolicited marketing calls that I get daily or at least weekly from the same number. I am really pissed that the do-not-call list doesn't protect us. From now on, if a business or website tries to pry personal info from me, I will stop patronizing them. Online, I will look for another website that respects my privacy and doesn't require me to enter my personal data. What I especially hate is when you are enjoying some peace and quiet when the phone rings and you run to see who is calling because it might be a family member but it turns out to be a telemarketer. Those are unnecessary disruptions and it is a burden to screen my calls like this.

April 14th, 2009 Hk PA

Call every day, morning 8:30 am and 8:30 pm evening. Never leave a message. It's getting ridiculous! I would answer if I had a clue on what this was about but never a message left. This number should be disconnected!

April 6th, 2009 Ed Gould IL

Hang up

March 23rd, 2009 SK IL

Received many calls - no messages left. I called the number suggested below (by Nancy) and after 4 or 5 rings, you can leave a message asking them to remove your telephone number from their calling list. Sure hope it works!
That number is: (412)622-7387

February 21st, 2009 soddy GA

called our phone every day for a week. we answered, and they asked for our son by name. told them he was not here (he really wasn't). they replied "oh my. i'll check later", and hung up. went to the website for these folks, reviewed the list of clients, and see the metropolitan opera is one of their clients. our son bought tickets to the met about a month ago, so that must be the connection. if they call back, we'll ask that they no longer call this number. more importantly, we'll tell our son to stop giving out the home number to organizations.

February 5th, 2009 paula keller FL

I receive calls from this # at least one time per day. No message is left and when I pick up no on is ther

January 23rd, 2009 AC CA

Called me 5 times, left no message. Losers.

January 16th, 2009 sarss

Frequent calls from this number.I don't answer.They are relentless. They have been calling for months. Why?
Why won't they stop since no one answers and apparently doesn't want to talk to them.

January 13th, 2009 Sandy FL

First call...let the machine p/u...didn't leave a message.

January 3rd, 2009 nogard0 VA

1/2/2009 6:43pm called again after getting a couple of sit codes, do not call requests, and anouncement that futher calls are harrassment and will be reported to authorities for futher action.

December 18th, 2008 nogard0 VA

12/18/2008 12:50pm couldnt leave a message if they wanted to, because 646-367-3289 played music untill the machine was full (preventing a message about a household memeber having car problems - a 83 year old lady had to take taxi home rather than get picked up and car fixed).

notice no 'I' in publc

December 17th, 2008 nogard0 VA

12/17/2008 6:39pm no message

December 12th, 2008 M D NY

I didn't answer the phone when I saw the number and the Caller ID : Public Interest CM

December 4th, 2008 bantriath MA

Call 3-4 times a week looking for my dead cousin-they do not give up-I just pick up and hang up now-I have told them he is dead for 6 months-they just keep calling

November 5th, 2008 Paul

I too, receive several calls from this number as well. I am not one to just sit here and complain about something that really bothers me without taking action. I logged onto their website to find out a little more about them as well as a little more about their SOURCE of INCOME:

Sure enough, WETA is one of their clients. My wife and I used to be big doners to WETA until they changed their format. I called WETA about everything that was happening, i.e., PIC's annoying autodialing machines that call without leaving messages several times a week aas well as their abusive practices. WETA did not deny that they hire PIC for fundraising, etc. I further explained that PIC is hurting WETA financially with their abusive telemarketing practices.

WETA apologized for the endless calls and assured me that my number would be removed from their telemarketing list. They also appeared very concerned about PIC's telemarketing practices as well. If there is a company on the client list of the aforementioned website that you used to support or currently support, then I beseech you to contact that non-profit organization an do the same as I. Complaining without taking action will only expend energy without results...

Good luck!


November 3rd, 2008 JODY NY


July 14th, 2008 Anonymous PA

What amazes me is that you people will go through the time and effort of posting these comments but won't take two seconds to speak to a representative . I spoke to some one a few days ago who helped me a lot. This is a company that raises money for non profit organizations that all of you must have supported at some time in your life. Here's what you do A. Listen to where the person is calling from (Like I stated it's an organization you've given money to) B. Take the call or ask to be removed from the call list (trust me when you're nicer it's quicker) C. Hang up. Also, I was told that new equipment is on the way so that should help with the hanging up problem. And I was also told that IF YOU DON'T PICK UP YOU'LL CONTINUE TO GET CALLED! Believe it or not. Who knew?

July 9th, 2008 Nancy WY

Public Interest Communications phone number is 703-847-8300. This is the number to call to speak to someone in person. Also if you call back the 412-622-7387 number you will be able to leave a message that you want to be put on their do-not-call list. Hope this helps.

May 5th, 2008 pmquade MD

wish they would'nt call me anymore, if the can't respond when I answer why do they bother calling what a bunch of jerk's.

April 25th, 2008 KK CA

Just got a call from 412-622-7387. Didn't answer, no message.

April 25th, 2008 Joelle MA

Keep in mind just because you are on a state or nation wide Do Not Call List, groups like charity and political groups are exempt from this list because they are not considered telemarketers. However, with a charity that outsources their donation solicitation calls to this company (and others), I would recommend you make a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry and contact the charities you have donated to in the past and ask them to be put on their Do Not Call list and tell them why (because of this company they chose to do business with to solicit donations).

April 10th, 2008 Ildiko PA

No message left. Just on my caller ID

April 4th, 2008 Kelly GA

I just called back the number and the recording says that you can request for your number to be removed from their calling list. Let's see if this helps any.

April 4th, 2008 Kelly GA

They have called me at least once a day for the last few weeks. It is very annoying. The caller ID says Pub Interest CM at 412-622-7387.

March 29th, 2008 ceblakeney MD

This company has called dozens if not hundreds of times over the past year. I have never answered, so can't speak to the reasons for any call and/or the professionalism of the caller. This is the message I will leave at their website:

I do not want to receive any more calls on behalf of the following charities:

March 27th, 2008 Laura MO

There have been several phone calls a day from this number for the past serveral weeks. It is getting rather annoying, the calls come at all times during the night and day. I do not answer since I do not recognize the number and they do not leave a message. I am on the State and National No-Call List, how can I keep companies/people like this from calling?

March 26th, 2008 RAY GONZALEZ IL


March 25th, 2008 Sam CO

message left on voice mail said "gonna rob you". I'm going to check the website as recommended by "fight back" - this is very disturbing.

March 20th, 2008 A.S.

It's Public Interest Communications - They are a telemarketing firm which represents nonprofit organizations and other political organizations, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA, Falls Church, VA, Salt Lake City, UT. Nonprofit/political/survey organizations are not subject to the "Do Not Call" registry, so it's likely they are not breaking any laws by calling you. However, if you don't want them to call you on behalf of whatever organization they're calling for, you'll have to answer the phone and tell them that. Here is the info from the FCC Do Not Call site: "Political solicitations are not covered by the TSR at all, since they are not included in its definition of

March 14th, 2008 Tina

They have called here and did not leave a message. I am on the Federal do not call list--how can this number come through?

February 14th, 2008 D Chang

been receiveing calls from this number every evening, when answered no one on line..... never leaves a message....

January 24th, 2008 chris d NC

Charlotte, NC - They have called my phone several times in the past week. At first on my home phone, leaving a message that was interrupted with signals of some sort and impossible to understand. Then I received two calls on my cell phone. No message on that phone. Both numbers are registered on do not call list, so they are ignoring that. What a nuisance!

January 18th, 2008 Mike DE

This phone number has called us over 40 times! How do I make them stop? They bother us at the worst possible times and it is really, really frustrating!

December 29th, 2007 Judi

have called three times asking to speak with my 15 year old son. Tonight when they called I told them that he's too young to be speaking with telemarkers and they ARGUED with me that he wasn't. I hung up. I'm going to take the advice from "Fight Back" posted below and contact them directly to stop calling my son!

December 4th, 2007 Kathryn GA

This group has called 4 times today! I answered once and got a voice recording that said a representative wanted to talk with me but due to call volume . . .and I hung up the phone. I will be reporting them to the no call list next.

November 10th, 2007 nootkabear

After pulling up the website and looking at the "clients" listed, I see that an organization was most probably trying to raise funds. In the past, I have given to WWF, Defenders of Wildlife, etc. I suppose that is how my number was acquired. They did not leave a message. If people wanting to raise funds legitimately want to contact someone, they can do it by mail or email.

November 7th, 2007 neural ned MD

calls just started from these creeps. would love to figure out how to fight back. a**holes.

October 24th, 2007 Quincy MA

3 calls in 2 days I don't answer, they don't leave a message.

October 1st, 2007 Ramu Rao MD

This number makes call on my cell phone almost 20 times and leaves message to call back. When called, the phone is busy 24 hours a day. They seem to be a bunch of criminals.

September 26th, 2007 Scrivello NH

15 calls since the end of April, 2007. On 9/26/07, requested at their site ( to be put on their Do-Not-Call list. Meanwhile, blocking their calls (and all other robo-calls) via home computer.

September 25th, 2007 P Doss GA

Have rec'd calls everyday from this number for months.

September 21st, 2007 jim g DC

Rec'd one to two calls per day... for the last +/- two weeks. Never answered. No message left.

September 20th, 2007 Jennifer AZ

Here is their website!
I have emailed them begging them to stop calling me to no avail. I understand they are trying to get money on behalf of various charities, but damn these people are relentless and annoying!!! In this day and age of scams and identity theft, I am surprised these telemarketers flourish..

September 19th, 2007 Fire eater NY

Calls from this and the number in Utah. Boneheads, when will they learn

September 7th, 2007 willy MD

The call snd said that they was from our local public TV station. I told them to send men the donation information.

September 1st, 2007 Michael KS

Multiple calls, multiple times a day for the past week- have called bacxk leaving message asking them not to call again, to no avail.

August 31st, 2007 Tom MD

They have made repeated calls which we do not answer

August 20th, 2007 nico

I've received at least 5 phone calls from them past 3 weeks. Not everyday, but I've never answered.
Zip code is 11215

August 12th, 2007 Linn Carpenter NJ

They have called my house every night for the past two months. Every time I see them on my caller ID, I would pick up the phone and hang it up. That didn't stop them. Last night they called, and I picked up the phone and screamed into the phone "Don't call my house again!" Then I decided to call their number which was on my caller ID. I got a voice mail message saying who they were and if I wanted to be taken off their calling list, leave my phone number and let them know. I really let them have it. I said I am on the "Do Not Call" registry, and I gave them my phone number telling them that I was sick of them calling my house every night for over two months, and if I got another call from them, I would report them to the phone company, the Better Business Bureau and the police department (of course I know the police can't do anything but I wanted to scare them a bit). Tonight was the first night I did not receive a call from them. You might want to call their number and try the same thing. Make sure you sound angry because I literally screamed into the phone. Let them know you will take action against them.

July 31st, 2007 Cathy DE

I get called just about every day by this number. I don't pick up but it is annoying just the same. The caller ID identifies it as "Pub Interest CM". I am on the DO NOT CALL list.

July 27th, 2007 Lisa

Just got a call from 412-622-7387 - recording said hello and we're sorry that one of our representatives just missed you, if you have questions please call 800-441-4089. I'm in the PA area code. Call came in at 12:10pm EST this morning.

July 24th, 2007 Anonymous CA

Mine was a particularly creepy phone call... All I heard was a low and stiffled chuckle and then they hung up...

July 16th, 2007 maxim CT

That number just called but thanks to the call didn't go through as the number is listed.

July 13th, 2007 s carter WY

Answered a call from this number yesterday, told the person to stop calling. Got another call this evening, told them again to stop calling. I now get more calls from that number than any other nuisance calls.

July 12th, 2007 Chloe NY

I've been getting calls from this number every other day for the past 2 weeks and at odd hours. The person I spoke to said she was calling on behalf of Met Opera (of which I've been a patron in the past and is one of the clients on the list) in their efforts to raise funds. I told her I wasn't interested, she was understanding, and we hung up. Hopefully I won't be getting any more calls after this.

July 11th, 2007 Debbie Dugan CA

My voicemail recorded a call. It started with a pre-recorded message and part way through a live lady started talking and asked for me specifically. When she realized she got voicemail/answering machine she said "great" and hung up. I don't think she knew she was being recorded.

July 10th, 2007 CP NY

Go to their client list page:

Figure out whose list you're on then email the org that outsourced them. Soon they'll have no clients = no money = no business.

July 8th, 2007 Kate UT

They've called me twice in the last several days. They called last week as well---I didn't pick up but did try to return the call a few minutes later, in hopes of identifying the caller. I heard a machine recording but wasn't able to decipher it.

July 7th, 2007 Ignatzh WI

We're on the No call list in Wisconsin. Who are these people?

July 5th, 2007 Scott CO

Recieved a call a day from this number. Finally put them on my 'reject call' list.

July 3rd, 2007 Pamela NY

I received two calls from this number today - when I answered the phone nobody picked up. Bizarre.

June 14th, 2007 Martin Fox

Public Interest Communications is a (very persistent) telefundraising group working for major charities, including the ACLU, MADD, OXFAM, and WWF (World Wildlife Fund). This number is their Pittsburgh office. But I don't know how to make them stop.

June 4th, 2007 LOIS REIDER


May 31st, 2007 Cheryl

When I answered a female voice said, "I'm calling for Mrs. Cheryl [my last name]. When I said, "Speaking" we were disconnected.

May 23rd, 2007 Gary P. CA

Got several unsolicited calls from this number. When I answer with a company name they hang up. This is clearly a spam caller. Lately I'm answering junk calls to tell them to remove me from their call list. Works with some.

May 20th, 2007 Larry NY

Pub Interest called on 5/17/07 5/18/07. Both times they hung up and left no message.

May 6th, 2007 Bill Samuel

A further note. Go to their Web site at They have a list of their clients. See which ones you support, and write each one to say you will not support them any more, and explain why.

Non-profits have to be held accountable for the methods they use.

May 6th, 2007 Bill Samuel

This outfit has been harassing us with calls every day, sometimes several times a day. They never leave a message, and our voice mail says specifically it if is a solicitor not to call back.

I have filed multiple complaints with the Do Not Call Registry. I encourage everyone to do this. They may at least claim to be calling for nonprofits, but if they themselves are a for-profit firm, I believe they are covered.

I also have emailed Ken.

People like this should be behind bars.

April 30th, 2007 richard


Whitaker, Kenneth
Public Interest Communications Inc.
7700 Leesburg Pike,
Ste 301 N
Falls Church, VA 22043
(703) 847-8300
fax: (703) 734-9620

April 27th, 2007 Becca IN

They've called me about eight times a day for the past month. I haven't answered. Leave me alone!

April 27th, 2007 Jean NJ

Claimed to be a charity I support.What can be done about this menace to all of us???

April 26th, 2007 ChuckZ

There are many companies that use a random phone number (that's how they get your unlisted number) and automatic dialer to make these calls. They mask themselves as a survey company to try and get around the Government rules, but will more than likely try to sell you something in the end. When you pick up the phone, it may go to a recorded message asking questions where you hit a key on your phone for the answers. When you're done with the survey, it rolls over to a telemarketer, if one is available. The calling company may dial 100 numbers and have about 10 folks to answer the calls. That's why you may get a hang-up because no one is available to take your call. They play the odds that 1 in 10 folks will get through the survey and want to go on with the call.

The following is taken from the "Do-not-call" information page: "If the call is really for the sole purpose of conducting a survey, it is not covered. Only telemarketing calls are covered — that is, calls that solicit sales of goods or services. Callers purporting to take a survey, but also offering to sell goods or services, must comply with the National Do Not Call Registry."

So if you receive a call from this type of company, file a report with the FCC at the following web site in hopes of putting these crooks out of business:

April 21st, 2007 3210 NY

I got phone calls from this number almost everyday this week. They did not leave any message, nor said anything when I pickd up the phone. SHould I call police?

April 20th, 2007 Alan

I've been called about once a day for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I've called them twice leaving a message to be removed from their lists. There must be something that can be done about this...

April 19th, 2007 Martin NY

They called me four times today during business hours on my cell phone. I did not answer. If this keeps up, I am going to have to leave my phone in my desk so it doesn't piss off my coworkers.

April 18th, 2007 Stanley NY

When I answered I just heard a woman groaning. I looked up their website and found they are a telemarketing firm. I thought they were illegal.

April 18th, 2007 Isabel

This number has been calling for a number of months, at least a few times a week. I answered for the first time the other day, and they asked for someone I had never heard of so I told them they had the wrong number. Still the calls continue though.

April 12th, 2007 patty PA

They called yesterday ask for my daughter said she's not home said they are calling about a wildlife donation. Got another call today with no message left. wasted *69....

April 11th, 2007 Edward Goldrick

I've been getting 2 to 4 times per day for the last three weeks. Never leave a message.

March 2nd, 2007 Phil

What a bunch of morons these people are. Call me constantly when I am not here and will not talk to my wife. Keep calling at least twice a day.

March 2nd, 2007 Cheryl K. Canada

This number 412-622-7387 has called several times in the last few weeks. Most of the time we don't answer. They hang up on the machine. We answered a couple times and they just hung up on us too. What is this Public Interest Communications anyway? They must not want anything important if they just hang up on everyone or don't even know what to say when they don't.

March 2nd, 2007 Lori CT

I get 2-3 calls a day at the exact same times from this number. I always pick up and hang up. very annoying.

February 19th, 2007 Dennis PA

I have been receiving calls from this number for at least 2 months and my wife has answered twice and said they asked for me. We have caller id and nenver answered the other 20+ times.I also had previously registered with teh do not call registry.

February 13th, 2007 Ada

They have called here every night for the past 3 weeks. Have not answered and they left no message. Tonight I answered cause I felt like yelling at them...heard a man breathing and then they hung up. CREEP!!!

February 12th, 2007 Brente LA

My family lives in the 412 area code but this is not from them. I have only received this once for now.

February 6th, 2007 cbh MD

Didn't answer.
No message left.

February 6th, 2007 MEF TX

I get calls from this number several times a weel..caller ID says unknown name..I never answer

February 1st, 2007 MEC MD

Received call form this number today at 3PM did not answer.

January 24th, 2007 J VA

Just got "the call". And no, I didn't answer. Clearly, if they're still doing this, some of the herd are answering the call and following through with the programming.

January 20th, 2007 Sally MI

This is the 3rd call in 2 weeks. I do not answer and no message is left. Last call received at 2:00pm on 1/20/2007. Caller ID said Pub Interest CM Our zip code - 49770

January 6th, 2007 kat FL

I answered the call on a Friday night and the man said he was calling from the World Wildlife Fund asking me to give $100. He also knew my name and was annoyed that I said no!

December 28th, 2006 Shawn

This number has been calling my home twice a day for the last few weeks. I have never picked up the phone, they have never left a message...this is ridiculous! Someone needs to get these people away from the phone!

December 28th, 2006 Ed Matulevicius

Calls about two or three times per day sporadically over past three or four months. Pub Interest CM is the note on caller ID. Also says it is from Pittsburgh. Answering machine picks up -- no message ever left.

December 20th, 2006 TOOCOOL NY

hard to understand msg about sorry to miss you !

December 19th, 2006 Kent NC

Number has called on the same days the last two weeks. Called on past two Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursday. Answered it today and asked for mr and also used my last name. Has telemarketer writen all over it.

December 15th, 2006 Steve AZ

Received a call on my cell at 8:23 PM. First time I'd seen this number, but I have family in PA, so I answered. A man said "Hello. You have just missed one of our representatives," then said something about calling on behalf of Kicks? Interesting to see all these other posts.

December 8th, 2006 A Real Pain NY

They call 2-3 times a day, almost every day and night, and leave no message. They are a real pain especially when you want to go to bed early for work.

December 8th, 2006 Tanya

I've gotten calls for the past two months (like several a week) from 412-622-7387. I've picked up twice and just hear a click, so I can't even say anything to anyone. I called back and got a recording and told them to stop calling my number, but it hasn't stopped. I'm on the Do Not Call list of the National Registry...

December 7th, 2006 TrailOfDead NJ

Never answered, but they call me all the time

December 7th, 2006 Anita

I received a call from this number this morning. My mother answered and asked if she could take a message. The guy stumbled over his words and just said, uh no we'll call back.

December 6th, 2006 twitch MO

got a call at 8:10pm (12/5) with the hello, hello message. we all must have done something in common

December 6th, 2006 DCC MD

Received a call from them today 12/5/06 at 7:15PM, got a recording that I could barely hear telling me to call another number b/c I missed their rep. Yesterday 12/4 I received a similar call but didn't answer and the machine hung up before leaving a message. I have emailed their site asking them to stop contacting me.

December 4th, 2006 Lucia CA

I have been receiving calls from this number for about 2 months. They never leave a message. Today I answered to tell them to stop but they hung up.

December 2nd, 2006 Kirsten NY

I received calls with no answers from them on 12/2/06 and 11/30/06. I registered complaints with the National Do Not Call Registry. I see from their web site they are a telemarketing group for non-profits though, so I doubt it's the last time I'll hear from them on behalf of their clients.

November 28th, 2006 Fight Back MA

Here is the website for 412-622-7387 Public Interest Group. Go here and fill in the form with "QUIT CALLING ME!!!", submit it, then click your browser's reload button. A pop-up will say it will resend the info, just click your keyboard's enter button. Keep doing it by placing your mouse arrow on the reload button then just click LEFT-MOUSE-BUTTON/ENTER-BUTTON over and over. They want to spam us with their telemarketing, so spam them right back. FIGHT BACK!
Here is the jerk's info:
Whitaker, Kenneth ken@PIC1.COM
Public Interest Communications Inc.
7700 Leesburg Pike, Ste 301 N
Falls Church, VA 22043
(703) 847-8300 fax: (703) 734-9620

November 27th, 2006 kate PA

they have called sporatically since august, 2006. they seem to call about once a month. i've never picked up, and they never leave a message. they call my cell phone, so it doesn't display any information about who the person is.

kate, northern new jersey

November 17th, 2006 Shelley Graffia SC

They have called every for the past month, sometimes a few times a day. They are telemarketers.

November 12th, 2006 David NH

I have been getting calls from this number for at least the last two weeks. I have not answered the phone. They call many times per day. One of the days, a recording came on and then a person spoke and said hello and then they hung up. This was all recorded in my voice mail.

November 5th, 2006 Jameson WA

These guys tortured me, interesting given the fact that they were calling on behalf of Amnesty International. After they called me 15 times and I had first asked them to stop, then ignored them, and finally asked them to "stop the f*** calling me" it continues. Arrrrgh.

November 2nd, 2006 Matt DC

Twice a day for the last week. I called and left a message asking them to remove me. Still getting calls.

October 31st, 2006 Alex NM

Called 2-3 times a week for
about 2 weeks. They hang up when the answering machine answers. I haven't answered any of the calls.

October 20th, 2006 Amy TX

Called again this morning. I answered and a lady butchered my name and told me she was with the Virginia Commonwealth Coalition. I told her to remove my name from her list and hung up.

October 19th, 2006 Amy TX

Called at 10:22AM on 10/19/06. Didn't answe...said the call was from PA. Didn't leave a voicemail. Hope this doesn't because a repeating pattern like it seems to have with others who have posted here.

October 18th, 2006 JR MO

I just got a call from this number and did not answer it.

September 11th, 2006 Sally

I get almost daily calls from this number, most recently 9/10 in the later afternoon. Read out on my caller ID is PUB INTEREST CM. I have answered a couple of times, intending to tell them to stop calling, but there is never anyone on the other end. They never leave a message either.

August 31st, 2006 Joe B. CA

I received a call from this number today as well. As mentioned elsewhere, lame auto message followed by a telemarketer saying hello, hello.

The company name is Public Interest Communications, Inc. They are a telemarketing firm, working with non-profits (and probably others). A quick Google search turned up the company's web site:

August 30th, 2006 David Addison DC

Began calling 18 August; finally answered 30 August. Company under fund raising contract w/World Wildlife Federation.

August 25th, 2006 Yan Mei CA

I got this call twice this morning arround 7:00am! I didn't answer.

August 25th, 2006 Sarah CA

Called today, didn't leave a message.

August 25th, 2006 Max P WA

I've gotten two calls from them today. I didn't answer. They didn't leave a message.

August 24th, 2006 Val VA

Have never seen this number before, but today (8/24/06) I've received 4 "missed calls" from this number.

August 23rd, 2006 Katie

The person calling asked for my aunt. I said she was not home and offered to take a message. The woman calling said, "I'm from an organization she used to support, and I'll call at another time," then hung up.

August 22nd, 2006 Hilda Lea NC

Quit calling my number. Am not interested in whatever you are pushing. You bother me at night in the morning wake me up, don't leave message, drivintg me crazy. I reported you to my no call membership that doesn't seem to be working letting your annoying calls come thru.

August 22nd, 2006 Kathy S. LA

baton rouge, la
2006, 8/22
number only was listed. i received calls starting yesterday afternoon. just registered on do not call list.

August 21st, 2006 Melissa

I've received several calls from this phone number in the last three weeks. I picked up and hung up on them once early last week but that didn't deter them. They've called at least 4 times since then. Just yesterday, they called twice. Caller ID says Public Interest.

August 20th, 2006 Chris WA

They've called at least once a day for the past 2 weeks...I've never answered, but I seem to always get a voicemail message from the clueless telemarketer on the other end saying "hello...hello..."

August 11th, 2006 Michelle CA

I've never picked up the phone but they've called numerous times and left no message.

August 10th, 2006 Steve Mikesell

They have been calling every day for a couple of weeks. I never answered, but my wife answered once to a recording telling her what to do. I told her to hang up.

August 9th, 2006 Alice

I have been getting one call per day from this # since 08/02/2006.

August 9th, 2006 Dave NJ

This number called me on Tuesday August 8, 2006 at 8:43pm.

August 7th, 2006 L Torda MA

I seem to be getting a large number of calls from this number. No message ever. I've never picked up. Just today I recieved two calls from this number (7 August 2006), one at 4:07 PM and one at 11:12 AM. On 4 August 2006 I recieved a call at 6:04 PM. on 3 August at 11:32 AM, on 2 August at 10:15 AM

August 5th, 2006 Christine

They've called me about 20 times in the last 2 weeks or so. I've never answered. The number was from 412-622-7387.

August 5th, 2006 Carla Webbles TX

They've called 4 times a week for the last two weeks, at least. Have never answered.

August 4th, 2006 William Beck

When I answered the phone it was a very low recording.
Telling me what to do. They gave me a phone number to call. I couldn't hear what they were talking about.I received the call at 10:49 am on 8/4/06 Caller Id said 412-622-7387. Postal Code is 28394-9738.