The 3 calls came in as follows. The first showed "Interrnational" on caller id at 11:47 and left nu message on the machine. Immediately after another call from the same number came in at 11:48. When I did not answer the call from this number (caller id said Public Assistance) they hung up and called again immediately (11:48). I answered the third time and it was a recorded message that said if I am not currently receiving government assistance to help pay for my heating bills (they named programs like cash assistance and LIHEAP) I "absolutely qualify" for this reduction. It then said I was to press one to accept this reduction or press two to decline the reduction. I just hung up without pressing anything.

I thought if I called the number back I might be able to find out what company is behind it. When I called the number I got an automated message that said if I wanted to be placed on their do not call list I should press 1 now. I am already on the governments do not call list but that certainly hasn't stopped them....
 Dec 20th, 2012