If you take a few minutes to search on the Net about this topic, you can quickly realize that the Credit Card scam related to gifts and/or low interest rate offers has been going on since at least, 2003. I've read enough on this subject to come to the conclusion that these call centers (wherever they are located in the world) operate without any fear of being caught. They cause hundred of thousand dollars losses daily to the credit card companies and guess what? The credit card companies pass their losses to the users who are…you and me. As of today, these pirate call centers are still operating in full force across North America. They have found the loophole for escaping from FBI and RCMP. The typical “model citizen” usually reports the fraud to the attorney or local police. I have news for you. You can file as many complains as you want to the authorities, they just can’t catch them! You can threaten of reporting their annoying calls to the phone companies, you can swear, being rude, vulgar with them – They are the ones controlling the game. They just hang up (laughing) until they receive a call from the next gullible person (and the wheel keeps turning). Whatever you do or say, you won’t be taken off their automated calling list. The heads of these scam acts like a computer virus. They are very much up to date with the changing law enforcement techniques and like a moving target, they disappear in the field. You can find numerous blogs and discussion forums related to this scam (this one is one of them). For every thread on the Net that exposes their illegal activities, they have members posting a message denying complains of people who got ripped off. They introduce contradicting information in blogs in order to confuse people who are unsure about the legitimacy of their offers. They have fake web sites, fake names, fake addresses, etc. Based on these facts, I think the only thing that can be done is to interfere with their practices. How can this be done? By “putting a stick in their wheel", hitting the weakest spot – their need to grab personal information from you. I’ve been practicing for quite a few times now and you’d be impressed by how patient they become when they feel that they have you as a fish on their hook. Again, the only power you have over them is to spend as much time as you can to waste THEIR time. This time you spend with them is time that they can’t use for screwing other people. I've learned a lot from reading in threads on the Net. Here is what I started doing: the principle is to play the game of being interested by their offer, providing fake information, pretending, acting, and creating delays. I hear you say that you don’t know how to reach them because whenever they call you because your call I.D. shows: 123-456-7890 (or any other spoofed phone i.d.). Didn’t I tell you they were smart? Here are a few numbers that still work as of today: 1 800-501-0100 (to reach the vacation trip scam) | 1 888-786-6201 or 1 800-943-3250 or 1 800-961-9830 (to reach the MCS credit card interest rate scam). If you need more numbers you can with a little effort “google” the name of the organization along with in the search field and it should pull more numbers to call to. Finally, here is my recipe for a great "obstruction" session upon these scammers: 1) take a hands free phone (portable is even better as you can still conduct you home activities) 2) get them to go through their entire sales pitch by encouraging and acknowledging every once in a while 3) make it last as long as your time permits (they are the one assuming the charges of the “1-800” communication). 4) When you feel that they suspect your “game” (or when you’re bored whichever comes first), find a nice and polite way to tell them that they've just wasted 15-20 minutes (sometimes more) of their precious time stealing other gullible people. I guarantee you that you will get some reaction at the other end of the line. Give them a ride and flood their phone lines! Make their life as miserable as they do to us. HEARING THEIR FRUSTRATION IS A GREAT REWARD AND PURE PLEASURE. Don’t be intimidated if they threaten you of anything, they are totally harmless.
Fight back
 Feb 21st, 2009
my grand vacations, mr steven rice is a scam artist, contact the stste of florida agriculture and travel department to file a complaint, website you can download and file right on line.
 Jan 11th, 2008
vacation scam, say somthing like I won....hope some one can catch this guy
 Nov 14th, 2007
This number calls here at least four times a week. I usually pick it up, and hang up right away. If I let it go to the machine... there is just a message saying"... operators standing by". I don't know what the beginning is as my machine talks over most of their recording.
I know now... its a scam. Thanks to this site!
 Aug 25th, 2007
I had a very nice time talking to these people....hahaha. I managed to hold them a nice long time (I live in Europe!)and playing extremely dumb untill they really started pressing for my credit card number. When it got heated to the part where I told them I wasn't comfortable giving out my number they said that they were on a "secure line" and didn't even have "pencil and paper" to take down my number- which is interesting cause they sure took down my name earlier... Anyway, when they kinda felt it wasn't going anywhere, they hung up on me! Great, because I won't get any more calls, I'm guessing. They must pick up telephone numbers from abroad somehow though, because I remember a similar call from last year when I traveled to America.
 Aug 06th, 2007
no message left
 Jul 24th, 2007
I was called at the office (in The Netherlands ! ) by a recorded voice telling me that we won something.
Yeah, right !
 Jul 23rd, 2007
I get calls from these people all the time...usually just hang up but I might try holding the # button down next time.
 Jul 19th, 2007
Here we go again. The vacation scam.
 Jul 13th, 2007
Holiday / Vacation scam.
 Jul 10th, 2007
Canada. They called, I said "hello" and no response. My policy with that is to hit mute, leave them on the line til they hang up. 45 minutes later and still connected.
Joe Blow
 Jul 02nd, 2007
Someone at another website ( this number is associated with a scam travel agency called Special-T-Travel ( 1-800-861-0854) operated by someone named Fields, in Florida.
 Jun 27th, 2007
Some of these folks use a machine to call.There is silence when you answer, then a click before the recorded message comes on (which seems to be activated by your voice).
Sometimes, when I hear this characteristic silence, I put the call on hold. A lot of their machines aren't smart enough to hang up -- builds up their long distance phone bill.
 Jun 27th, 2007
I hit 9 for this call, and asked to be removed from their call list. I then asked for the registration number (which legit telemarketers can provide, by CRTC rules) to prove I'm on the do not call list.
I don't know what the rules are for cross border calls like this.
For Canada rules:
 Jun 27th, 2007
I never got the oportunity to talk to them. I would love to speak to them as a battle of wits... I Look foreward to them calling back to have a chat:) If they don't take us off the list they will keep calling so i figure i'll keep talking to them:) till they hang up.
 Jun 26th, 2007
This is not the first time these scumbags have called. Wish there was a way to get back at these $%#@!...
 Jun 19th, 2007
only a two second message, but not the first time they have called.
 Jun 17th, 2007
some one called me and didnt leave me a message
 Jun 17th, 2007
I just got this call saying that I won a trip. I figured that it was a scam and hung up. I punched in *69 and got the number 407-965-0600. I guess I did the right thing.
 Jun 16th, 2007
Same thing, a no message call on my voicemail as I wasn't home when the call came. after trying reverse lookup and getting nothing, I googled and came here. Had the same thing about 6 mos ago, offering me a trip to Cancun. I never entered any such prize draw. Grr argh this sucker needs to be charged.
Such a Nuisance
 Jun 13th, 2007
Spoke with many people after pressing "9" to talk to a human. Demanded to be placed on their "do not call register". Each time I asked that I was passed to a different person. They eventually said they were "Silver Lake Travel". They are most likely Sunstar travel which I have had problems with in the past. I am tracing the call and pressing charges of fraud. They demanded $100 to have me placed on the DNC register. That is illegal in North America.

Called @ 6:36 P.M. lasted for 13 minutes 48 seconds before they were able to hang up on me.
 Jun 12th, 2007
Ontario, Canada - Scam @#$%^&
 Jun 10th, 2007
vacation promotion scam.Don't bother calling them to have your number deleted cause you wont get to talk to anybody.
 Jun 09th, 2007
Record message told me that I won a vacation in Florida. If I want to know more infos press 9. I did and I spoke with a Fuckin Imigrant who can hardly spoke english. I told him to loose my Fuckin number. I replyed buy sayin to go anf "get lost fucker" in a very bad English LOL.
 Jun 07th, 2007
Got the hang up on the remove me from your list, which sent me back to the message. Waited, hit 9, when he came back on I slammed the phone on the table a bunch of times. He didn't sound happy, I sure was!
 Jun 05th, 2007
saw this missed call on my phone. I'm in Ireland so I checked this site before I caled back. Glad I did so.
 Jun 05th, 2007
Had a call tonight, told I had 'won' a holiday to Florida and a cruise to the Caribbean, sounded quite convincing until I was told (after about 10 minutes of speel) I could have the $4000 holiday for a bargain price of $698. Put the phone down and found this site. Seems they are trying further a field, I live in Ireland.
 Jun 05th, 2007
They got rid of the answering machine. Some guy in India answered, gave me a spiel then transfered me to the "specialist". After spinning some more shit he asked for my credit card #. When I called him on it, he hung up.
 Jun 02nd, 2007
Caller was arrogant and very unprofessional when my wife asked him to take him off the "don't call list". He said " Don't have time for this" and hung up. Actually Our time spent on this bull was pretty short..Will have to use the same line next time. bruce
 Jun 02nd, 2007
Called me to say i won a trip to Florida, knew my ID from some registration sites ? Tried to get my credit card number.I told him that he watched the movie "Matchstick Men" to many times !
 Jun 01st, 2007
Company gave its name as Specialty Travel. Claimed they got my info because I had stayed in a hotel affiliated with their organization: "You're telling me you've never stayed in a hotel before?" Not since gettng this unlistend number, no. PhoneBusters are aware of this one ("There is no need to speak to an operator... pressing 9 does not open your line to charges..." I reported misuse of ADAD to Bell Canada.
 May 30th, 2007
When I answered the phone they called was disconnected.
 May 26th, 2007
Received this call via voice mail saying I had won a trip to Cancun and to press 0 now. Figured it was a scam first off because obviously I couldn't press 0 through voice mail. Thanks for the site.
Chereal Deal
 May 17th, 2007
was on my caller id when i got home from work and i googled it and found this web site thank you for the warning
 May 17th, 2007
Scam, keeps calling on a daily basis.
 May 16th, 2007
Called today did search of # found this site.Good stuff
 May 16th, 2007
I called the police because I was asked for my CC info otherwise I would have the calls build up more and more. They told me they are already aware of this company and they are getting a lot of complaints. Pressing 9 does not give you a charge.
 May 15th, 2007
wasn't home for call but figured it was scam AGAIN
 May 12th, 2007
They said I'd won a trip to Florida for free, but for some reason I still had to give them my credit card number...I then told them I wasn't interested in the trip
 May 12th, 2007
Same scam saying I had won a trip. Very annoying!
 May 12th, 2007
I just had an incredibly rude conversation with a man from this number. He called me and then swore at me for wasting his time. Unbelievable!
 May 09th, 2007
(407) 965-0600 is a cell phone based in Orlando, FL
The registered service provider is Omnipoint Communications**.
Detailed listing information is not available.
 May 08th, 2007
Vacation scam, Canadians can
report across border scams
Nova Scotia1
 May 05th, 2007
Got a call from this # as well, pressed 9 to speak with rep, named Tonja SPENCER, said she was with Special T Travel. Gave me a number to call back: 1-800-861-0854. I began questioning her for contact information and other information and she put me on hold to speak to her "supervisor" so I hung up. Researched it on internet, major phone scam.
 May 02nd, 2007
I got the very same call this morning offering a trip to Cancun and Florida for a total of 11 nights stay for only $99 ... press 965. I hung up!
 May 01st, 2007
I got the call on a business line, pressed "9" so that I could speak to a rep to get the line added to the company's DNC list. Spoke to a rep named "Kenny" who interupted me, tried very hard to get me to give up a credit card number. Ignored my request to be placed on their "Do Not Call" threatened to have my number redailed every 5 minutes; faked being a supervisor, tried to speak with my supervisor, and was generally evasive.

I've open a complaint with the Orlando PD (the city in which the call originated from) as from what I can gather this is nothing more than a credit card fraud ring. I strongly recommend anyone else who deals with this person follow the same steps.
Angry Canuck
 May 01st, 2007
Got a recorded message saying I won a 9. So I did. A man answered and I asked for a number that I could call back to contact them. His reply "1 800 F*** Off and he hung up! I used call traced to get the number.

I then called the operator and find out this number is in Flordia. I called it and got a message that the mail box was full.
 May 01st, 2007
Im here in the middle of no place and i got this number on my phone. yes its a scam.
 Apr 25th, 2007
Recorded message said I had won a vacation. Sure I did! I was born at night but it wasn't last night.
 Apr 24th, 2007
Vacation Scam.
 Apr 23rd, 2007
I asked them to remove me from their list, they said "the only way to be removed is to buy a cruise". Jerks.
 Apr 21st, 2007
keeps calling win a free trip ----- i want his fucking nuts in a bag
 Apr 17th, 2007
I answered the call from this number with nobody saying a word on the other end. I set the phone down and it is still connected. 37 miniutes and counting. I wonder if this will affect their phone bill?
 Apr 14th, 2007
Same as the rest of you, got this call, but didn't answer it, glad I didn't, Never understand HOW they get my number as it's unlisted and only Bell Canada has the number :(
 Apr 13th, 2007
don,t be SILLY!
this gays in city where your police see them in min! this is only spy agent
 Apr 13th, 2007
Saw number on the phone.Was not home to answer.Googled to see who it was ans got to this site..
 Apr 12th, 2007
Message said we won an all inclusive trip to Florida. My wife hung up after the first 5 seconds.
 Apr 11th, 2007
This number is a Telephone Solitation Scam according to Canadian Money Advisor
 Apr 09th, 2007
screen calls , they hung up when voice- mail came on
 Apr 07th, 2007
Just another scam saying I had won a trip to Florida!
 Apr 06th, 2007
Went to my answering machine and heard "Congratulations."
 Mar 31st, 2007
recorded message I had been randomly selected and to press 9 to receive a vacation
When I pressed 9 it just rang and rang until I hung up
 Mar 23rd, 2007
Caller hung up when I started asking him questions
 Mar 23rd, 2007
Caller ung up when I started asking questions
 Mar 23rd, 2007
Would someone find this prick and put him away. Recorded messages from dialing machines are illegal in Canada. Sasktel customers, hang up and then punch in *57 to activate call trace. Rumor around town is when you hit 9, you get a big bill like the old 1-900 scams.
pissed off
 Mar 22nd, 2007
Phone rang. I answered and a man started to say "Congratulations you have won..." and I hung up. I looked the # up and it led me here.This has happened several times in the last month or so. I'm getting tired of it
 Mar 20th, 2007
Glad there is something like this - I saw the # and didn't answer it but then went on-line and it led me here!
 Mar 19th, 2007
This is a scam trying to say you win a trip, but what they are really looking for is baout 250.00 in order to claim this great prize!
 Mar 19th, 2007
Woke me up on my cell phone at 03:00 am... 3 nights in a row....after several dozen daytime calls to each of my office, home and cell phones. This is some vacation scam offer from the Caribbean. When ever I answer, there is a recorded message asking me to call some 1-866 number...
 Mar 16th, 2007
Some Douche trying to scam me for a vacation
 Mar 16th, 2007
Saw the number.I figured it was another phone scam ,but I picked it up and hung up on them.
From all these other comments I guess i was right.
 Mar 16th, 2007
Same Scam.....
 Mar 15th, 2007
Vacation scam.
 Mar 14th, 2007
Phone rang and i saw this strange area code in call display. Googled the number and it led me to this site. I screen my calls and won't answer unless i know who's calling, so that's why i didn't answer when the phone rang.
LJ Leflore
 Mar 14th, 2007
Called # back, said I won promotional holiday offer for Caribbean, Gold Crown luxury. Another vacation scam.
 Mar 13th, 2007
Recorded scam saying i won something...
 Mar 13th, 2007
Recorded message saying I'd won something. I've received this call numerous times in the past.
 Mar 12th, 2007