this guy has been calling me on & off for months! sometimes up to 10 times a day!!!I think he is "spoofing" this # but I have found a way to cut him off & I want to share with all of you out there. *77-that's right-*77. *77 blocks unidentified #s and gives a message that your # no longer accepts unidentified #s. dial *77 and all will be explained to you and you will also be informed how to reverse *77. my service provider gave me this tip when I complained to them about "Gabriel" or whatever name he is using this month. I highly recomend *77
 Feb 16th, 2009
calling to provide lower rates on credit cards. Has been told on 10-15 different occasions not to call anymore. very very anoying. I'm reporting this to the
 Jan 30th, 2009
Got a call on my cell, which is a Tracfone and I don't give ANYONE but family the number. Did not answer as I didn't want to waste my minutes, just pushed ignore. No voicemail. Curious how they got my cell #, too.
 Jan 16th, 2009
this is the 2nd time I received a call from this # today guy claimed to be Rickey Johnson calling from 561-314-3144 but *69 gave 407-957-5956 as last # neither # valid
 Dec 05th, 2008
I have received several phone calls from this number and they never leave a message just hung up and when I try to call back all I get to is this number is no longer in service. Is it any way to make these phone calls stop completely, how do they get your number and or credit report.
 Nov 12th, 2008
File a complaint with the If thety get enough maybe they will shut them down.
 Nov 11th, 2008
They refused to pull my number off there list
 Nov 11th, 2008
when I call this number it say it is no longer in service. who is this person
 Oct 31st, 2008
I am on the Do Not Call list. I answer the phone and say hello, and all I get is silence, even after repeating "hello". I would like to be able to pursue harassment charges against this company. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it! All I get when calling this number is that the number has been discontinued, or no longer in service".
sky wilde-wood
 Oct 30th, 2008
"Dave" called from this number asking how much credit card debt I had and then mentioned afigure which was incorrect.

I told him I wasn't interested. He became annoyed and I hung up on him. I too wondered how he got my cell number.

I also checked the number and was surprised to see ROGER JUBINVILLE and wife RITA pop up.
 Oct 29th, 2008
the same thing that happened to 'annoyed' happened to me earlier today...
 Oct 02nd, 2008
According to Google, the number belongs to Roger Jubinville (407) 957-5956 5859 Leon Tyson Rd, Saint Cloud, FL 34771 but when you call, you get the disconnected/no longer in service message..This is a debt relief service that pulls your credit report and then tells you how much $$ you are in debt and how they can help you. When I asked how they got this CELL number, they hung up.
 Sep 26th, 2008