They call at odd times of the day and even on the weekend. I'm usually not near my phone when they call so it's a missed call always. They never leave a message. If it's for UCF Alumni they could also send a mailer out OR leave info in voicemail.
New York
 Oct 08th, 2017
It's just people asking for donations from alumns. Every school does this. Not a scam, but they do want money- your call.
 Apr 25th, 2017
This is not a scam. They are students working for the UCF Foundation on campus. The students talk to both alumni and parents. Please dont be rude. They are just doing there job.
 Apr 07th, 2017
Got a call at 6:52PM on a Sunday night asking for $150 donation to UCF Alumni service. Do NOT give out any personal/financial information!
North Carolina
 Jan 30th, 2017
I graduated 7 years ago from UCF, don't know if I've had this number call since. However, tonight at 8:30,
 Sep 23rd, 2016
Ok, my daughter is currently attending UCF and I received a called from this # last night. Like many of you here I was skeptical so, I called UCF and it is an active # on campus. However, I'm still not giving my credit card or checking information over the phone. I requested the literature be sent by mail to my home address.
 Oct 23rd, 2014
They called me tonight asking for a donation to UCF. They called at 8:50PM on a Sunday night, it seemed like a scam to me. If you are an Alumni, UCF should have your home address and email account, I don't understand why they have someone calling me so late on a Sunday night !
 Oct 20th, 2014
They call everyday and when i do answer no one is on the line. They must be using a computer dialing system. It is definitely a UCF number. Cannot get them to stop calling!
New Jersey
 Apr 15th, 2014
It was a young female and she hummed about 10 notes and hung up... Didn't recognize the song!
 Mar 26th, 2014
I'm an alumni as well, and I probably would be more likely to donate had they not changed my curriculum 18 times in the late 90s! I've paid my share for that beautiful new football stadium, I'm done.
 Sep 01st, 2013
It's UCF asking you to donate money. They're very hard to get off the phone once you start talking to them. So if you don't want to donate money, don't answer.
 Dec 02nd, 2012
They called my girlfriends phone number, she is a UCF student, but they were asking for me by my first name only. The strangest part is that even though we live in Florida, our phone numbers have an Indiana area code. It's also puzzling that they were calling her number and asking for me who is not associated with UCF at all? Where did they get that her number was associated with me?!?
 Oct 11th, 2012
I have been receiving a call from them every night. They do not leave a voicemail. It is from UCF Alumni Association asking for money. It's not a scam, althought it is super annoying. I have donated to them before.
 Jun 21st, 2012
They have called me and I have never been a student at UCF. I think this is a scam.
 Apr 10th, 2012
Caller ID shows they called three times in one hour- but didn't leave a message at any time.
 Nov 02nd, 2011
I answered. It was the UCF Alumni Assocation asking for money because of rising tuition and to help their intern program. But, they are slick about it. First, they verify where you live and email and that they just want to ask you questions about what you been up to in the past year. Then, once you are in good and comfortable, they asked for $100 then $50 and lastly $20.13 in a future deferred payment. You will get the guilt treatment.
 Jun 10th, 2011
They've called me every day for about a week now and no message and I'm not even an alumni I'm a current student.
 Oct 22nd, 2010
"makes since, I graduated there!!" Does make SENSE!!! Another example of a great UCF Education.

I have received a lot of calls this week...UCF Alumni Association...probably means they are looking for money. Maybe I will pick up if I really feel like it.
UCF Grad
 Oct 04th, 2010
Called me every day last week, hang up immediately when I answered, no message ever!!
 Mar 25th, 2010
They call me as well... almost picked up tonight but just missed it and decided to come on here.

Anyone know what they are calling for?

 Dec 10th, 2009
Called several times now, evenings also, but leave NO MESSAGE! My son attends there. Scares you thinking something happened or is wrong! AT LEAST LEAVE A MESSAGE!!!
 Oct 10th, 2009
1st call Sunday 13Sep09 @ 17:45. Left no message.
 Sep 13th, 2009
they've been calling me EVERYDAY at 8pm for a week now!!
KT from UCF
 Apr 18th, 2009
makes since, I graduated there!!
a student
 Feb 06th, 2009
They call me about once a month with no message!
 Jan 24th, 2009
They call all the time!
 Oct 09th, 2008