Pitch: Credit Card Reduction
Company: Credit Card Services (many names are used)

Below are details of the companies used by the registered owner Kimberly Marie Coarse. Kimberly has a long history going back to at least 2009 in this behavior of deception. The details below is the paper trail left behind.

Offender: Kimberly Marie Coarse (Website/Business Owner)
Email: businesswoman8884@gmail.com
Social Sites: myspace.com/kimmarie2326 -- www.facebook.com/kimmarie0126

Current Address: 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828 (House is blurred out in google maps)
Parcel #: 08-23-32-1037-02-010
Rental Unit: Owner Castro Steven : 63 Fountainhead Dr Apt 205 Westmont, IL 60559-2419

[Companies - Validated sunbiz.org]
The Green Power Group, LLC - Florida State ID: L300-005-3783
Address: 728 W. ave #188 Cocoa FL 32927 USA / 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828
Phone: 888-580-7979 (busy signal)
Email: sales@greenpowersales.com

Premier Marketing International, LLC - Florida State ID: L200-005-1527
2472 LAKE UNDERHILL ROAD SUITE 127 ORLANDO (PO BOX) / 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828

Auto Guardian USA, LLC. - Florida State ID: L200-002-7885
14508 Michener Trl Orlando, Florida 32828-6460

First Priority Solutions LLC - Florida State ID: L090-000-47914

First Class Resorts International LLC Florida State ID: L090-000-67566
151 Crown Colony Way, Sanford, FL 32771 (Kimberly's Prior Home Address)

Premier Services Plus LLC - Florida State ID: L000-012-9326
12472 Lake Underhill Road Suite 127 Orlando, FL 32828 (Kimberly's Prior Home Address)

[Websites Owned]

Known Associates:
William (Bill) A. Meagher - www.facebook.com/bill.meagher2
Rafeal Fernandez - 631 Brookhaven Drive Orlando Fl 32803 - 407-276-5155 (Owned Premier Services Plus LLC)

Prior Home Addresses
1044 Chatham Pines, Winter Springs, FL 32708 407-699-2128
1108 Castle Wood Apt 208, Casselberry, FL 32707 407-695-2682
14421 Paradise Tree, Orlando, FL 32828 407-440-8534 (Shared with Bill Meagher)

Mailing Locations
1969 S. Alafaya Trail Orlando FL 32828
5703 Red Bud Lake Roadb Suite 367 Winter Springs, FL 32708

[Phone Numbers Used/Spoofed] - Known Thus Far


[Technical Webhosting Data] - FOR ALL SITES ABOVE
Hosting Company: Endurance International Group
DNS Provider: Netfirms.com
IP address:
Site Owner: Kimberly Coarse
Address: 14508 Michener Trl Orlando FL 32828

A little about the information posted above. This has taken quite a bit of time to collect. All the information is publicly available, such as WHOIS, Florida State Department, and Zilliow to name a few,

This person has a long history of creating new businesses and using them for credit type scams. This has been going on since at least 2009. In addition person also move around quite a bit but has stayed within the Orlando area. There is a high use of UPS stores for a PO BOX. Generally one is used within proximity of the current home address, many have been used.

There has been a solid effort to make connections between all of the sources and types of data. The person behind the companies is certainly the same, yet there remains a question if person Kimberly Marie Coarse on facebook is in fact the same person. On facebook she indicates a friend by the name of Bill Meagher. This is important because one of the addresses listed for several of the companies was 14421 Paradise Tree Dr Orlando, FL 32828 owned previously by a William A Meagher, Bill is often used instead of William. It would seem unlikely that this is not the individual, how many people could be in Orlando Florida with the name of Kimberly M. Coarse associated to a William (Bill) Meagher?

It could be possible that Kimberly's identity has been compromised. Although this seems unlikely as individual would probably need legal documents from Florida State Department, and such documents would be mailed to a valid address. I mention this because a few of the legal documents from 2009 had to be physically signed, there are PDF/TIFF documents singed by her that are available from sunbiz.org. What is interesting is that signatures are different, and sometimes different enough within the same document, this would indicate possible fraud.

Letters to the FCC and other government organizations have not been fruitful. Hopefully at some point a agent of the government will see these posts. There is plenty of information here to begin an investigation. Simple inquiry into Kimberly's IRS tax filings should be enough to confirm the data provided. Subpenas to her banks, 800 providers, and internet service hosting companies should yield enough information to start litigation.
 Jan 15th, 2014