I don't pick up when the caller's number is unknown - they didn't leave a message.
 Jan 27th, 2016
Victory Processing, a political polling firm. If you would like to be removed from their list, please leave a name and phone number. (Better to block them than press any number!)
 Dec 07th, 2015
407-801-1580 is a SPOOFED NUMBER (according to list on Caller Complaints
Website ). Message left asks who you are going to vote for in the next
governor's election in florida. We got the SAME MESSAGE last week from
ANOTHER SPOOFED NUMBER: 407-502-5086. Let it ring...........
 Jul 27th, 2014
thank you for the information. I will continue to ignore these calls
 Jul 26th, 2014
recent articles at better business bureau, scam busters dot org and the fiscal times dot com, say that there are a couple of new scams. The first one is that telemarketers and scammers are now using (spoofing) the numbers of regular people, including small businesses. The idea is that householders will pick up the phone if they see a number that looks like a regular number.....the name of the business or person is in the caller ID. Also, for people who check the compiled lists of spoofed numbers, the numbers of regular people will not be on those lists. That would explain why we and many others have been receiving calls from florists, a family business in tampa, florida, child day care centers and even an 86 year old woman's phone who lives in a mobile home park in haines city, fl and a 77 year old man's phone. The other scam is to use (spoof) the number of the householder who the scammers called. The BBB says that the scammers objective is for the householder to be so shocked or curious, or both, to see their own phone number in the caller ID, that they will pick up the phone. The BBB warns against that. Also, if you miss the call, BBB says do not call "your" number back. And of course, never give out any financial or personal information.
 Jul 25th, 2014
called today. no msg. post on another website says caller asked how he
would be voting in next gubernatorial election in Florida. Don't know how
legitimate that is because according to caller complaints website, this is a SPOOFED NUMBER. That's all I need to know to NOT PICK UP
 Jul 24th, 2014