CARD SERVICES. It's started again ..... Time to use since we KNOW Do Not Call is a joke - although I'll report them there too.
 Nov 01st, 2012
Caller hung up without leaving message. I have dealt with these people before. I followed the instructions on their recording to be taken off their call list. As usual they failed to do so.
Jerry W
 Oct 22nd, 2012
This is the same "Card holder services" that has been literally calling me every week for the past month. The recording is the same as always: "Press 1 to speak to an operator or press 3 to remove your number..."
Every other time, I've pressed 1 to try to get the company's name and address, but the customer service rep never gives it.
This time, I pressed 3 and the line went dead. I don't know if they'll remove my number or if they just hung up.

I've reported them (again) to the FTC Do Not Call List and the State of Florida Do Not Call List, but I doubt these agencies will do anything since there's no company information or other identifying data.

My caller ID said "V022-161-8110059", so is there any way to trace this back to a phone line or website that specializes in spoofing phone numbers?
 Oct 22nd, 2012
called the number back and connected to a recording that stated the call was for telemarketing purposes. i was given instuctions to press 1 to be put on their "do not call list" or 2, to "talk to a live operator". i pressed 2. was told that the "voice mailbox" of the operator was full and could not take any more messages. then i was dissconnected.
 Oct 16th, 2012
Seek action against phone scams like Card Services. Sign Resa's petition.

The FTC is having Robocall Summit on October 18th. For more info go to:

What To Do When You Get an Illegal Robocall;
1. Hang Up. Do not press 1 or any other numbers to get off the list.
2. Consider blocking the number
3. Report it at
4. Report it at
Register your phone numbers online at or call 888-382-1222 (must call from # you want removed).
 Oct 15th, 2012
pretends to be your credit card and wants you to press a number to get your percentage lower. I think, since they are not simply offering a lower rate and identifying themselves, they are worse than a telemarketer and are trying to obtain ID or more.
 Oct 09th, 2012
Just got yet another call. Pressed 1 this time to be connected to an operator. (3 is supposed to remove you from the list but hasn't worked so for.) When someone answered, I very nicely asked for a call back number in case I was is BANK OF AMERICA 800-421-2110 . When I said I have been getting calls from this number daily, the guy hung up on me...not the first time...good luck folks. What B of A is doing is ILLEGAL!!!
 Oct 04th, 2012


Talk to your land line phone company, About how to trace a call to you. I am with CenturyLink. When I get this call I lead them on for a bit then ask where they are located or what bank are they with. When I told her give me a second I am looking up card services on the internet she hung up.

*57 STAR 57 is what I enter and call after and it TRACES the number and charges me a $1 if and only if it is able to be traced.
After 3 times I can then contact CenturyLink and they will report and investigate.
 Oct 04th, 2012
this number calls 3 times per week and when you ask for supervisor they hang up. have pressed # for no more calls and they still call. how can they be stopped.
 Oct 03rd, 2012
Does anyone have any idea of how to get these calls to stop?
 Oct 02nd, 2012
"Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services.."

Guess who called me yesterday. And the day before that. And again today?

"Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services.."

She has called hundreds of times over the years. I am speaking of course of Rachel-From-Card-Services. Rachel-From-Card-Services is almost mythical in her ability to call from numbers all over the country, anonymous numbers, numbers that the phone company say cannot be blocked.

"Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services.."

I know she's a scammer. I know she's a sociopath. I've pressed the button to be taken off her list. I've waited to talk to the real person on the line, it's never really Rachel-From-Card-Services and whoever it is they just hang up on me. It's a scam, scam, scam. There is no way to call-block all the numbers Rachel-From-Card-Services calls from. She is everywhere. She is mythical. She is freaking me out, man.

"Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services.."
 Sep 28th, 2012
Today's call from Card Services (there is one every day. And they hang up if you ask for any information. They call back if you ask to be taken off hte list. This has been going on for months). Today, the woman told me I was a "stupid bitch". Why is this company able to keep harassing people---at work, at home, everywhere. And there is nothing we can do to stop it?
 Sep 25th, 2012
Caller ID said "Card Services", I pressed answer and immediately hung up without listening to them. I've heard them before, it's a scam. THEY ARE NOT FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY!! Just hang up! Another glaring example that the DNC does not work.
 Sep 25th, 2012
This is a credit card debt reduction scam. They call claiming that they are your credit card company and that you need to reduce the interest rate on your card. However, they have no information about your cards or what your balances are - or if you even qualify for their scam. They hang up if you ask for any identifying information, like phone number or address - even though federal law requires them to provide this information if asked. They also call and play a recorded message without a human on the line when the phone is answered. This is also a violation of federal law.
 Sep 25th, 2012
rcd call from 4074765689 9212012 on my cell phone no. as a missed call with no name or state , just the phone number. This past week I have been getting many calls just like this excpt from different nos. What the H is going on with all these phony phone calls? duh?
Sunny Landsman
 Sep 21st, 2012
John, find my August 2010 comment here for some background on the credit reprice scam:

A prior comment here links to a blog discussing the problem. This is another:

We've seen these scam shops flourish with their own variations since 2009, but the general scheme has been to find desperate and gullible people with debt problems and sell them a solution which no one has any intention of providing. The cheapest way to operate is to blast a couple million phone numbers a day from a VOIP service without bothering to pay for any No-Call registry access. Scammers don't care who gets hurt in the process, so they sure as hell don't care about your complaints.
 Sep 21st, 2012
I don't understand the outcome that the callers want. I've been getting calls from card services for nearly two years. I requested that they not call. I've reported them to the do not call list. And they have told me that they would not stop calling me. What is their mission?

Frankly, I think that they should have to die because they serve no purpose. I will never purchase a product from them. They have contempt for the general public and choose to offend people. They must die!

They would produce more if they sat around and masturbated all day. Rachel has to die!
 Sep 20th, 2012
Said Card Services, no message left
 Sep 19th, 2012
People are now faking the name & numbers they put on the Caller Id and Calling people from Outside the country. Best thing you can do when you see Card services on your Caller ID is to NOT Pick up or answer the phone !!!

People calling are from Outside the USA using Internet dialing so they feel US laws can not reach them.

These crimes will continue even if we complain to the DNC they can;t do anything about calls from OUTSIDE the USA.

Don't be a fool or be baited , just don't answer!
 Sep 12th, 2012
ASSHOLES hang up when you ask what Co. they are from. WHAT GOOD IS THE NO-CALL LIST? 9/11/2012
I think I'll find their address in Florida and get some scooter trash to make their day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Sep 11th, 2012
Card Services...illegal and unethical phone call on 9/11/12.
Gina Moffett
 Sep 11th, 2012
Funny, they are offering to "lower my credit card rate" when I don't have a credit card!
 Sep 05th, 2012
I have repeatedly pressed the number to be removed from the call list and they still call and call.month after month.. I have even waited for the live person and as soon as they know I am not interested they hang up. It really ticks me off as I don't even have a credit card.
 Aug 31st, 2012
Over the past month or so, we have received 5 calls. The recording states "3 to discontinue calls". It's all fake. I am going to make this a personal crusade to find them and make life miserable for them! They have earned an enemy.
 Aug 29th, 2012
It's a recorded message offering to lower your credit card rate. We don't usecredit cards. It's just a scam to get your personal information.
 Aug 21st, 2012
Card Services strikes again.
 Aug 20th, 2012
Card Services. "Your eligibility expires shortly so please ???????garbled???. Press the number 3 to discontinue further notices. Or press the number 1 on your phone to speak to a live operator and lower your interest rate. Thank you and have a great day." Very fast speaking female voice recorded message. Has to be a scam. Atlanta, GA area. OH, BTW Anonymous, I already DID complain to my Representative. I got a form letter back that, of course, did not address anything I had written. We all know only some aide (if that) looks at the mail, but at least they could try to make the form letter sound as if they care a smidgen. Elections in November....
 Aug 12th, 2012
How it works: ...

We need CRIMINAL penalties against the companies that are profiting from these calls. Follow the money, slap them in jail, no one left to outsource to overseas boiler rooms, problem solved.
Since they are operating across borders it should become a federal felony and should be handled by the FBI under the RICO Act.

These calls are coming from call centers in Costa Rica and India and they are using spoofed (false)
numbers, which in itself is illegal. They do cold calling for or sell the leads to numerous companies in this country and they know that what they are doing is illegal. Tomorrow this same number may be selling Cruises, Timeshares or Security Systems but if you follow the money it usually ends up in the hands of an American LLC. Keep complaining to the FTC and FCC, and start bugging our politicians to pass laws to make it punishable in criminal court instead of handing out fines that they don't pay. Another course of action is to contact phone companies to find out why they won't block spoofed numbers. With today's technology that should be an easy thing to do, unless they are somehow profiting from the use of their systems.

Robocalls are illegal unless you have given them prior permission in writing (not worded into some small print contract from a 3rd party) and are absolutely illegal to a cell phone. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act permits individuals who have received certain unlawful telemarketing, such as junk faxes or telemarketing calls, to sue the violator in state courts where they may be awarded up to $1500 for each violation.

People should continually file complaints with their Attorney Generals office and also file with:
If enough people keep complaining then maybe something will get done.
 Aug 10th, 2012
What's more disturbing is when I answered and got the automated message, I hung up. Within 12 minutes I received another call from 407-476-9999 with a caller id of DO NOT ANSWER... I didn't answer but I am curious what they are up to?
 Aug 02nd, 2012
New number for the old credit card scam.
fed up
 Aug 02nd, 2012
caller id says card services
 Aug 01st, 2012