They must use "burn phones".
They use several numbers in Orlando.
This one & also 407-454-9999.
Bite Me
 Sep 04th, 2012
Rachael from Card Svcs, same recording, different callerID
 Jul 02nd, 2012
Your caller does not maintain this site or this web page. Your caller is not going to dutifully study random forum complaints and cannot magically determine which numbers should not be called based on anonymous comments. These credit reprice scam callers in particular are not going to respond to your demands until you can find their actual location and serve a summons, which they've made quite difficult.
 Jun 30th, 2012
STOP calling
witch hunter
 Jun 30th, 2012
You should also file a complaint with the FCC (not just the FTC) at http://www.fcc.gov . Unsolicited robocalls are against FCC rules as well.
 Jun 30th, 2012
Offers a recorded message about "your credit card." Then claims there is "no problem" with it, but they can "lower your interest rate." Offered a live person by pressing 1, or removal from the list by pressing 3. I was tempted to grill them on which credit card it really was, and making *them* offer proof of identity (as I did when my actual bank called once, leaving no Caller ID "proof" of identity, yet they wanted the last 4 digits of my SSN).
Joe Sewell
 Jun 30th, 2012
Did not answer and no message left.
 Jun 30th, 2012
I guess there is just no way to get rid of these telemarketers. DNC List is just a joke played on the American People!!
 Jun 27th, 2012
Didn't recognize the number, so didn't answer. 3 rings and they disconnected. No message left.
 Jun 21st, 2012
left an automated message on my machine about some lowering interest rate crap
 Jun 21st, 2012
called at noon and I hung it up without answering bc I did not know anyone in 407 area code and my instinct told me it was a scammer. Lately I am getting about 3 to 4 of these pesky idiots each day and one thing I know is no DNC list will stop any of them, call block won't work well as they will use another of their many #s to fly by a blocker.
 Jun 21st, 2012
Hood rats calling on Memorial Day, no respect at all, just disgusting.
 May 28th, 2012
Another credit card scam / phishing scam. Did not answer the call, but the pre-recorded robo message was partially on our voice mail. When I tried to call number back, I just got a busy signal.
Sn in TX
 May 24th, 2012
Mark Burton (possibly a fake name)
PHL International
836 S Military Trail,
Deerfield Beach, FL

Their parent company is
Ran David Barnea, owner
American Debt Negotiators, AKA; Intercorp Services Inc, & Alloy Global Services
21955 Cypress Dr, Apt 48f,
Boca Raton, FL.
SBN Peripherals, Inc., and Repo, B.V.
Owners JohanHendrik Smit Duyzeritkunst, Janneke Bakker-Smit Duyzentkunst
3230 Cornell Road, Agora, California 91301
Go to the FTC and search for any/all of these
Please File a complaint with FTC 1-877-382-4357 http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm

They have and on going investigation
Numbers the call from:
213-289-9006 303-217-1074 402-206-7411 503-563-0989 759-000-1535 909-374-9789 971-217-9515
Also See:http://sciguy.hubpages.com/hub/Cardholder-Services
Call type: Scammers/Fraudsters
Buster Scam
 May 17th, 2012
Contact information from the car warranties &
Buster Scam
 May 17th, 2012
Read THE TRUTH! http://phonewiki.angelfire.com/reversereport.html#cardholder about
407-454-9999 *Unlisted or Unregistered number* RoboCall Scammers.
Caller ID reported ''Orlando FL'' Location: Orlando, FL
Switch Office: ORLEFLIQDS0 or LKMRFL16G03

SCAM artists spoofed CallID to
FRAUD DataMine Phishing for ANY personal information!
Protect yourself! SAY NOTHING! 2 second silence is recorded to gather intel on you, then all data is saved in their database and used to pry more from you the next time they call. And they WILL call again. Answer no questions. Don't even verify your name! Tell them NOTHING except:
''Do not call. We are registered on the national do not call list. Each violation will be prosecuted at $500 penalty. DO NOT CALL!'' then disconnect and
dial *57 to send a call trace to law enforcement.
Remember to follow-up and file a formal police report.

Callers claim to be Rachael from Cardholder Services or other lies. If you contact them in any way, such as ''Take us off your list'' opt-out online or by dialing 1, 2 or 9 then you are instead validating that a human ear is responding to the Turing Test and placed permanently ON their SUCKERS LIST.
Scammers: Rachael & Cardholder Services Buster PhishingScam received this Robo-call: ''Hello, this is Rachel from Cardholder Services. We're calling to inform you about an issue with your credit card. There is no problems with your card, but we wanted to notify you that you now qualify for a lower interest rate. Please press 1 to speak with a live representative to lower your credit card interest rate now!'' and ''Hello, this is Michelle with cardholder services, calling in reference to your current credit card accounts. As a preferred customer, you are now eligible for interest rates as low as 6.9 percent on all of your credit card accounts. It is urgent that you contact us today, since your eligibility expires shortly. Please consider this your final notice. Please press 9 on your phone now to speak to a live operator and lower your interest rate, or press 8 to discontinue further notices.''
Contact information from the car warranties &
Buster Scam
 May 17th, 2012
Keep calling. Did not answer.
 May 10th, 2012
did not answer...had previous calls from this number
 May 09th, 2012
Got a call from this number in same week as 704-200-9912, 989-726-4693 and 624-000-0004. Coincidence? Especially since am on the Do Not Call list - as if that makes any difference with scamsters.
 May 04th, 2012
all that I have promised, I have done....FCC FBI MCI ect ect...
Mr Nightmare
 May 01st, 2012
Good 'ol "rachael" has called me for the LAST time! I'm On it like a bulldog on a bone! I have called MCI...their useless...(The number doesn't belong to us.") I called My local provider and furnished him with all the info.....My Next call is to Their annoyance hotline....Then My local Police...then the FBI....by the time these MORONS figure out what hit them....they'll be serving time....They Have F'd with the WRONG person...I make a hobby out of tracking people down, and watching them burn...It's about to turn VERY hot in orlando....I'll find you scum....Have a Nice day!
Mr nightmare
 May 01st, 2012
another robo cop call..claiming to lower your interest rates..I must have blocked and reported at least 30 different numbers from these morons..can't anyone do anything to stop them?
 Apr 30th, 2012
Robocall 26 Apr 12/1130 NO mssge for return, just press 3 if you want out and menu items. Call shows from Orlando Fl. They want to lower my interest rate? On what? Because I have a telephone I have good credit to do this?
 Apr 26th, 2012