Health insurance scam, Received unsolicited call. Criminals looking for gullible victims. Old scam to get personal information and Credit Card info.
New Jersey
 Jun 22nd, 2018
Got call from this # with Oviedo, FL as origin; did not answer but no msg left, then blocked #
District of Columbia
 Jun 13th, 2018
Repeated calls; Robocalls; State that they are from: Dr. Jerry Macioli, Chief Quality Officer, of Sheridan Healthcare, calling for me to complete short questionnaire/survey re: the quality of an
office based medical professional I saw recently; they want my feedback. I didn't respond. I live in NJ. They've called quite a few times, and today they just called with only one single ring! I used STAR #69 to find out who had called me! They once referenced an 8/2/17 Dr's. appointment, which would be a pain Management Center that I had gone to on that date, in NJ.
New Jersey
 Aug 24th, 2017
Called and didn't leave a message nor did I call it back. After reading the few responses regarding this number, I do recall a while back ago after seeing a specific doctor I did receive a follow up automatic call about them (like a survey type). So will assume this is the same thing again.
 Jan 12th, 2017
I answered and got a pitch that this was a survey for my Health Care Provider. The robot asked "Is this [my name] if so press 1." I pressed 1. Robot stated, "Application error." Not making this up. I wanted to give my doctor a good mark but have since bit bucketed this number. What a devious telemarketing prank and I am stupid.
 Jan 12th, 2016
Called and left no message. When I called back an auto answer stated something close to, "You received this call from your Health Care Provider looking for feedback about a recent visit. If you need to contact your Health Care Provider, please use their main number."
 Jan 07th, 2016