Hello, this is Becky from Travel Hot List calling about your time share in _________. We're looking to add to our _________. We can help you if you want to rent or sell your time share...........Call me back at 866-418-0607 extension 435 she'll be there until 8 PM eastern time.
 Jan 16th, 2013
Call was for someone who never lived here. Then caller rattled off some phone number of who he was trying to reach, then sent on about his sales / rental of time shares.
 Oct 25th, 2012
This is a "Spoofed Number" which has not been allocated to any phone company. The spoofer is claiming to do business by many names: Interval International; Timeshare Hotlist, and Voice Nation, but is actually is a business listed as CENTURY 22 MARKETING at 7680 Universal Blvd #565, Orlando FL 32819-8970 and their actual call back number is: 407-218-7297.

What they do is try to list you as a TimeShare Account Holder desiring to sell your account for an upfront fee, regardless if the sale goes through or not. They will also pose as a Collection Agency to entice you to release further information on yourself to them as you try to convince them to validate the purported debt.

THINK! If you really had a bad debt, they would already have all the information they need to secure a judgement in a court of law. They are just phishing. They have only one purpose and that is to separate you from your personal property (including money).

When they call again, have this information handy by your phone AND list the phone number within your cordless/cellphone phone directory with the name : CENTURY 22 MARKETING so that you have a chance to respond professionally to that phony caller.

By being professional yourself, you act as if you are in control of the phone call. When they ask for you by your actual name, DO NOT SAY YES or NO - you should respond by saying: "I know who YOU are and where you are actually calling from. I have you on my computer and I have already activated YOUR Monitor Display to see right back at you. That means I have your IP Address, now please sit up straight so I can get a good look at you. Just for your own information, hanging up the phone on your end doesn't cut you off from me. I will see everything on your computer monitor that you see along with every keystroke you make. I will terminate the connection whenever I chose to do so and right now, I have plenty of time to track your movements to get into your personal life. Please try not to be surprised when I finally approach you on the street or in your vehicle to introduce myself."

After that, just put your phone down without hanging up. This way, you can concentrate on what you are doing on YOUR computer and you can care less what the caller is doing.
Mr. Read
 Aug 23rd, 2012
 Oct 05th, 2010