Got the same kind of calls here, so I called back. She answered and seems to be legit. Her name is Sharon and she's looking for donations of clothing, household goods, etc. for Children's Hospital (she may have said Children's Hospital Foundation).In fact, picking up from me today.
 Jul 11th, 2018
This is an Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Land Line. They keep calling, and do not leave a message. I have no idea who this is.
Called I.D. says S. Sellers. Reverse Look-up just states it is a Land Line. White Pages have several S. Sellers, with three that have Phone Unpublished. Of these three. two are a Shannon Sellers. and one is a Sharon Sellers. Hmmm? Wish they would leave me a message and state why they keep calling me, and then hang-up. when the Voice Mail kicks in. They always call around 8:34 P.M. Hmmm??
 Mar 15th, 2009