They called my house phone, I answered, a man wanted a Christopher Jeck, I told him, that he does not live here. Then he wanted to know if this was a family member, and I told him no, this is the ### residence. He double check the address, and again, I told him, he does not live here. He said that Christopher Jeck had left this phone number and address, and again I told him I am the house owner, and he does not live here!! The man then politely said he was sorry to of bothered me, and hung up.

Jana Ferrell & Assoc Collection Agencies
1432 W Britton Rd Ste 2.
Oklahoma City, OK, 73114-1304.
Phone: 405-842-6074.
Fax: 405-842-6251.

Jana Ferrell & Associates, L.L.C. is a third-party collection agency specializing in commercial and consumer collections. Jana Ferrell is a member of ACA International and the Oklahoma Collectors Association, Inc. The collector analyzes and investigates the assets of the debtor through some of the best software in the industry if the debtor refuses to pay. If no payment is made, a suit may be recommended. When a collection agency has determined that the debtor is employed and his/her salary can be garnished and/or that the debtor owns assets with equity upon which execution can be issued to satisfy a judgment. A client should always control whether a lawsuit is instigated against a debtor.

• Skip tracing is important in the rapid recovery of your assets and some consider professional skip tracing to be an art.

• This is the process of efficiently locating your customer who cannot be readily located by the usual telephone or mail procedures. A person who is avoiding lawsuits and bill collectors, or who has simply moved around, will leave a trail to follow. We use high-powered technology in conjunction with good, old-fashioned investigative skills to track down debtors. In compliance with the FDCPA, no information is given to outside parties.

• Fully automated search services from an industry leader deliver mission-critical information. This high volume search and delivery service is designed to provide the information necessary to manage your business. Pinpoint search logic provides cost effective, high-speed results on the most massive search to support our unique application.

• With almost two billion documents compiled from more than 27,000 independent sources, the search is uniquely qualified to meet the information demands. Searching online public records content, compiling information from thousands of sources such as: business, financial, legal, demographic, and statistical data, that makes every search accurate and complete.

• The compilation of reliable bankruptcy, judgments, liens, or any other information, is a valuable tool. This screening and locating technology assists the collector in efficient professional collection programs.
 Nov 03rd, 2009