The jerk who works for Gallop told us everything we need to know "We couldn't care less about you at all."
 Jul 30th, 2014
If it is not important enough to leave a message, then it is not important enough to dial my number in the first place. Stop calling me!
 Apr 24th, 2014
On do not call list. I don't give out my cell number to anyone except family, close friends and work. These people are violating the Do Not Call registry. Why aren't these laws being enforced? Time to call our congressmen, oh yea, that's right, they are busy taking vacations!
 Apr 24th, 2014
BEWARE! Caller ID will be "Gallup Organization" and may be lower-wage hired personnel. They may ask for you by name; before identifying yourself ask them to identify themselves. They’ll probably tell you they are from your bank (or according to comments found elsewhere, that they’re from your hospital/doctor’s office etc). If you want, you can tell them that the person they’re asking for "isn’t there". They will then attempt to obtain personal information. An example might be, "Is there another name on the account?" Do NOT answer ANY questions! Call your bank (or medical provider, etc.) and if you’re told "We hire them for surveys" complain strenuously; add that your next call would have been to the Federal Trade Commission (and that you had been seriously considering terminating your relationship with your bank). Insist that your institution remove your name and phone # from all usage of this type. You have this right under the laws governing Privacy of Information.
New Mexico
 Apr 17th, 2014
 Feb 17th, 2014
Gallup poll called claiming they were calling on behalf of Wells Fargo asking questions/// Scamming con white american male calling to get info and not giving out any
grandpa jones
 Feb 17th, 2014
Stop calling. I'm not going to answer . It's Sunday ! I don't do biz with them,
 Feb 16th, 2014
Jeebus! I work for one of the 5 Gallup call centers. The DNC list does not apply to anyone you do business with. Read it. If you are going to be angry with anyone, be angry at the business that gave us your number. We are NOT ALLOWED to leave messages. We couldn't care less about you at all.We are just doing our job.
 Feb 15th, 2014
They call usually at 8:30 PM and never leave a message.
 Feb 08th, 2014
Called my at 7:38pm asked for me by my legal name. Would not say who they were.
 Jan 30th, 2014
Got a missed call on my cell phone! No one left a message!
 Jan 16th, 2014
This number called me claiming to be "Gallup poll calling on behalf of Regions" and wanted to do a brief survey about my experience at my Regions bank yesterday. (Yes I do bank at Regions and I was at my bank yesterday; seemed legit.) I agreed to the survey but when I advised that I had only gone through the ATM and didn't see a teller, I was promptly hung up on. Sheesh.
 Jan 09th, 2014
This is a polling company called Gallup.
 Dec 14th, 2013
Wells Fargo Survey
Carol Hedges
 Nov 26th, 2013
This number wanted to tango me.!!! Did not answer
 Nov 22nd, 2013
Got call from 402-952-4444 today at 4:20 pm
and yesterday i mistakrnly answered a call from 458-201-1273. Both to my cell.
Now i have them labeled as Scam2 and Scam3 and previously Scam1 605-889-0527.
 Nov 08th, 2013
Another one added to my blocked calls. Why don't these bums just get real jobs?
 Oct 23rd, 2013
Calls and doesn't leave massage and calls late at night
 Sep 26th, 2013
called many times a day for a week. coming through as international call from Germany. seems like a person(s) scamming, not a company ... with a fake local US number.
 Aug 30th, 2013
Call several time a day even night times,say nothing
 Aug 19th, 2013
Didn't pickup, this is second call I am getting. No message left
 Aug 17th, 2013
Has called my cell repeatedly - missed call:4 days in a row, each day is one or two hours later than previous day. Only rings twice, never a message.
 Aug 13th, 2013
WhitePages Rev. Lookup now says this number belongs to "Sydney Chasin", but NONE of the other information ('full listing', 'see in map', or anything else*) seems to be working.. except the ads (surprise). When I click 'On' "Sydney Chasin", a pic of an older man & woman are shown, but that's it. "WhoCallsMe" says it's from GallupPoll, Omaha,NE (like noted in these posts*)... but dexKnows Whitepages RevLookup still shows "Sydney Chasin", in FLORIDA.
So much for looking this up on the computer ...
John Hudson
 Aug 11th, 2013
missed call, no msg
 Jul 17th, 2013
I do not know anyone in Nebraska, thanks but, no thanks.
 Jul 10th, 2013
My cell # is on the National DO NOT CALL REGISTRY, however, these obnoxious folks continue to call my #--I don't answer unknown calls..they NEVER leave a message..
j. doe
 Jul 01st, 2013
Called my cellphone twice today. One missed call and the second I was with my phone. It was some kind of survey the woman said and I told her I did not like calls like this on my cell phone and declined to answer questions.
 Jun 13th, 2013
unkown name
 May 29th, 2013
This is a phishing scam. If you get emails from "Wells Fargo" as well and you do not have an acct with Wells Fargo, I'd suggest you stay very clear. They seem to be asking banking questions. Those who answer yes, that they were in one of their banks, used one of their ATM's/Kiosks, or who have checking or any accts, they'll eventually try to get you to give your banking info to "correct" the situation. DO NOT respond to these calls. In fact, I urge you to contact Wells Fargo and complain that you are going to switch banks because of this. The only people who will have enough power to get rid of these fake callers is Wells Fargo themselves. This goes also for FedEx. Same thing. There's a scam going to that too.
 May 23rd, 2013
I have a mortgage with wells fargo, and I see others say it is a wells fargo survey; however a reverse look up shows a residential(?) number registered to sydney chapin. The number has appeared on my caller ID 4 times during the week of 5-14, 3 times at 6:30 pm and one time at 8:45pm. Weird.
l. carter
 May 19th, 2013
Number shown on caller ID was 309 402 952 4444
Manuel again
 Apr 06th, 2013
Asked about banking activity, if I made a transaction on a particular day. Didn't have time to converse at the time. Also called earlier and didn't leave a message.
 Apr 06th, 2013
Call hang up at 530 pm PDT.
 Mar 23rd, 2013
Called me on my cell phone at work. Didn't answer. My number is on the do not call list. I am hoping this isn't because I opened a new account with PNC.
 Mar 08th, 2013
The number is now in my computer program PhoneTray which will answer this number the next time they call, give them a piece of my mind, and hang up. All that's needed is a Fax/Data/Voice/CallerID modem and the program. Check it out at:
 Feb 22nd, 2013
I said I'm not on the "do not call list"...they said "ma'am I'm not selling anything"...REALLY??? Wells Fargo isn't selling anything?? If your not selling anything, then why are YOU calling me?? I don't have an account with them!! How dare these companies think it's okay to use up our dollar on something we don't want. If I want your services...I'll call you!!
Pissed Off
 Feb 16th, 2013
I just start sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Drive them nuts!
 Feb 15th, 2013
Very annoying to say the least. Why aren't things like this stopped or penalize the company that keeps calling.
A Nelson
 Feb 11th, 2013
hung up on me, seems strange if it's wells fargo
 Jan 30th, 2013
comes up as "Gallup Poll" asking for my husband. Said he wasn't here. Then he asked me if I have a wells fargo credit card. Told him no. He asked me if I was on a joint account with my husband... then asked me if I was just at the wells fargo on ""street name"" in the town of ""town name"". Told him no ; he said thank you and just hung up.
 Jan 23rd, 2013
Download Mr number app to block
 Jan 12th, 2013
I have received calls from this number at random times of the day and night. But wasntnsure who was calling and didn't want to answer. thought if it were important enough they would leave a message.
 Dec 28th, 2012
How does one get them to stop calling!
 Dec 20th, 2012
this number keep calling me and it is getting annoying.
 Dec 18th, 2012
Asked about Bank activity at a non existant branch of Wells Fargo
 Dec 11th, 2012
Jerkoff autodialers
 Nov 29th, 2012
said they were from the bank that my dad uses. when he told them to talk to me then they hung up
 Nov 20th, 2012
I was at work when a woman named Lindsey said she was calling doing a quick Gallup poll. I needed a break anyway so I said I didn't mind. She then asked if I had used my local bank account card on a specific date in question. I was very worried and replied that I absolutely had not. She then asked if someone else was joined on my account had made a withdrawal. I told her absolutely not. She seemed flustered and said those were the only questions she had, then thanked me for my time.

I saw someone else had a similar post from 2 months ago to the same effect, so if anyone has advice or suggestions for next steps, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
 Nov 20th, 2012
This phone number is on the national do not call list. Please leave me alone - I don't do surveys
 Nov 17th, 2012
Sure seems sad that even if one registers a number with the "Do Not Call" list, it still gets called by a computer program. What is one to do?
 Nov 16th, 2012
seriously, stop calling me. i don't want anything to do with your stupid survey.
 Nov 16th, 2012
I got call from this phone number, a guy was the other end and he said he works for Gallup Poll.
He wanted to do a survey about "quality of life".
 Nov 13th, 2012
These arrogant people have the audacity of calling every day for the last week with no message... Like we don't have enough to deal with in Sandra aftermath
 Nov 11th, 2012
Message light indicated a missed call on my home phone ... but no message. Caller ID registered this #.
Trying to find it using a "reverse # look-up" at White pages said it couldn't find the number (but of course I could go & buy a report from Intellius...what a joke). After determining the 402 area code was not going to result in an international call, I dialed back, and a recording says it's the Gallup poll organization...and they would have asked for participation in a survey. Don't know whether to believe or not ... if its a legit #, why can't you find it except on sites like this or 800 notes etc ?!?!?
 Nov 09th, 2012
Call once or twice a day for several days. Really annoying especially with its 4444 number! Can the official or the police do something with their spam calls?
 Oct 21st, 2012
Hospital phone and need to stop with surveys. Asking if voting for obama. Personal.
 Oct 16th, 2012
Are you kidding??!!
I did not answer.
Bill D.
 Oct 09th, 2012
Asked if I was _____ (Me). I said no. U have the wrong number. She said thanks, hung-up.
I added # to my block list on my Ph. I now have 6 on my Blocked calls. It does not ring, but they can leave msg. if they wish, which I promptly delete.
 Oct 08th, 2012
Received a call from this number who claimed to be from US Bank. She asked if I was this person and I said yes. She then inquired about a deposit made on a certain date and if I did that deposit (which I didn't). She then asked who did the deposit and I gave the person's first name only. She then asked if I had his number. This was a last and final question I was gonna answer. This was more of an interrogation than anything else. I didn't answer her last question and asked her what this is about. She then said this is a "service call"...what ever that means. She asked me again about the deposit's name and I yet again asked again what is this about. She said it's a service call, they wanted to know how he was treated on that day at that branch. So, I said this is a survey then. She yet again said this is a service call...I said it's a survey. She finally said, yes, it's a survey. I told her I didn't have the depositor's number off-hand. She then said thank you and to have a nice day. Her tone and meaner was one of a collection type agency. Very stern...and I don't take well to interrogations. This sounds like a company who does survey's for other companies (such as banks). I really don't like the fact that she knew my full name and that a deposit was done on a certain date.
 Sep 26th, 2012
did not leave mgs
 Sep 18th, 2012
I did not answer the phone when this number called. Like most fraudulent companies, they did not leave a message. I recieve between 1-10 of these types of calls every month ever since I purchased a refrigerator at BrandSmart USA in Florida. The calls come from all over America: TX, CO, NY, NA, OR, CA, IN, OH and others. They all come from different numbers, but they seem to sound the same when I answer. It's usually an automated service that calls. It's silent at first and then an automated voice speaks asking me to stay on the line. Then there is a long wait before someone comes on the line and starts grasping at threads (figuratively speaking), in a harassing and belligerent mannor, trying to somehow swindle money. They try to get me to give them information on others, or somehow convince me to pay other people's aleged debt. Its a scam, but they do their best to sound legit...even though what they are doing is illegal. So I choose not to ansure the phone if I'm being contacted by an unformilure number. Espesually if it's a out of state number. If they ever do leave a message on my voicemail, than I can use it to press charges.
 Sep 11th, 2012
Picked up phone. No one there. The number is now in my computer program PhoneTray Free which will answer this number the next time they call, give them a piece of my mind, and hang up. All that's needed is a Fax/Data/Voice/CallerID modem and the free program. Check it out at:
 Aug 14th, 2012
Hmm ... I've received 3 different calls, with Caller ID saying 'Gallup Poll.' However, I think this is bogus. Person answering phone said he was from Wells Fargo, not Gallup, and when I asked to be taken off phone list, he said he didn't have to, and wasn't going to. Gee, that's pretty unfriendly - and downright aggravating. I've asked not to be called, because I consider it harassment & an invasion of the privacy of my home, but whoever this is, continues to harass us.

So ... I don't think this is legit number, or company.

And I've been thinking about some of the 'positive' comments posted on other sites - I'm quite skeptical that these are legit as well. Think about it - who would take the time to look up a number, and post a positive review, unless they were an employee or other agent/rep? I certainly wouldn't. Why would I? It takes a number of 'bad' calls to get me to look up a number. So, unlikely that any 'positive' comments are anything but furtherance of harassment/fraud.

And I don't buy the 'gee, I'm just doing my job.' Plenty of telemarketers, sex traders, polluters, scam artists, etc. are 'just doing their job' as well. Just because you are being paid for work doesn't mean you should be doing that job. And just because you are doing a job doesn't give you license to harass people in their homes. If I ask you to put me on your own internal 'do not call' list, please do so. Quit claiming that because you don't 'have' to, you shouldn't.

And for what its worth, I have degrees in political science and math, and these so-called 'polls' are at best suspect, and at worst are 'push' polls, that bias answers from the get-go -- not objective, or scientifically valid in the first place.

Just say no to these calls.
 Aug 09th, 2012
IF this is survey for Wells Fargo, I`ll give you a survey.YOUR HORRIBLE 200 negative stars for you and THANKS for the $5000.00 screw up on your end.Guess I`m such an idiot thinking that computers can`t EVER EVER go wrong,can they. I don`t know about you, but I don`t have $5000.00 stashed somewhere to cover bills,guess all of my utilities will be cut off.We are fighting with the VA to get my wounded soldier equipment and benefits and if that ain`t a pain in the butt already,I don`t know what to tell you and then to get the run around from Wells Fargo`s customer.service accusing me of all of this being my fault.MY FAULT REALLY!?!?
YOUR computer system unchecked boxes for automatic bill pay.I`ve got enough on my plate and needed help from the bank to make sure my bills get paid and you couldn`t even admit it possibly could have been your computer system.GUESS what jerks, one of your own set it all up for me at my local bank. I wanted to make sure that it was done properly,so I went to our bank and sat down with a rep, he did all of it, but your computers are what runs everything, BUT IT`S MY FAULT. Customers are ALWAYS wrong, according to you. Thanks A$$e$, besides I`m going to move my money over to NAVY fed. I will get (cents).36 % more in interest on my money, better than your 0.01 % interest. Hope your CEO`s are fat and happy, for we can`t even break even for one moment.There`s your survey.yYu Suck.Thanks for making our lives so easy.CUSTOMERS ALWAYS WRONG, RIGHT !?!?
 Jul 20th, 2012
Called my cell, left no message.
702 BILL
 Jun 23rd, 2012
The number showed The caller ID as No Name. When i called I received a recorded message and found that the number was the Gallup Poll people. Recorded message mentioned that you are not able to speak to a representative but that they will call you again to ask you to take part in a poll.
Ron Haithcock
 Jun 13th, 2012
Some gal called from this number with "Omaha, NE" and kept saying they were with "(something unintelligible" ). I'm already deaf in one ear and about 70dB loss in my "good " ear, and I kept asking her to repeat it. Even my hearing son couldn't understand her on the speaker phone. It might be "Gallop" as it had that number of syllables. I told her to put my number on her do-not-call list and she said "we do not have a do not call list" and I told her to get one.

She claimed they weren't out to sell anything or were not a telemarketer and I said I didn't care what she claimed she was, when the caller ID information is missing and they are claiming to be some other company, I've no way of verifying the information, so again, please put me on your do not call list. She kept saying they don't have it, and then would say other stuff and speed up so I couldn't understand. I kept telling her I couldn't understand, she was going too fast.

I kept telling her to put us on do not call list and she kept denying they had such a thing, so I basically told her I was going to report their number and hung up on her.
 Jun 13th, 2012
This is not Gallup. This is a scam that keeps trying to ask survey questions to be able to sell you cruises. My advice is to send the info on to the local States' Attorney Generals because it is a scam.
 Jun 05th, 2012
The number actually had a "+" (plus sign) in front of the number and caller ID said Romania. Weird.
 May 15th, 2012
called w Wells Fargo survey/ Scam
 Apr 05th, 2012
Biff, please do tell us how a survey firm is able to violate your FDCPA rights, and how your comment is not yet another misfire from a paper mill law firm known for carelessly spamming these unknown caller forums?
 Mar 20th, 2012
Jerkoffs violating my FDCPA rights! I use LEMBERG & ASSOCIATES to successfully sue collectors who violate the law. Money into your pocket and the creeps disappear.
Biff B
 Mar 17th, 2012
A recorded message from Gallop Poll service.
Ron Haithcock
 Feb 25th, 2012
Recorded message from Gallop Poll.
Ron Haithcock
 Feb 24th, 2012
If I ever find anyone who works for Gallup, I'll skin them with a rusty spoon. Because it hurts more.
 Feb 22nd, 2012
ID SHOWs omaha ne have called my cell twice left no message. I never give my cell to anyone but family.
 Jan 21st, 2012
 Jan 02nd, 2012
Caller ID - Out of Area. Did not answer, no message left.
 Dec 27th, 2011
Some stupid survey group wasting my time and minutes. I am reporting them to the do not call list.
Dick Thompson
 Dec 20th, 2011
I Missed the call and they didn't leave a message so I'll not answer the next time they call.
 Dec 16th, 2011
No message left, unknown name was on caller id with this number.
 Dec 01st, 2011
Hmmm, possibly Wells Fargo, huh? No message, and a caller ID simply of Omaha, NE? Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway are HQed in Omaha, and are substantial shareholders of Wells. Though Buffett does believe in superior customer service, this would seem a little devious, wouldn't you think?
 Oct 28th, 2011
These a--holes keep calling our cell phones, but never leave a message. Good chance they are just phishing for information. No bank (especially Wells Fargo)has our cell phone numbers, so these a--holes are just randomly calling numbers hoping to find a real bank customer. Don't give them any information - they are not legitimate. And do report them to DNC.
robert g
 Sep 29th, 2011
ID showed Gallup and that they called twice
 Sep 26th, 2011
Before spewing venom on another surveyor, why don't you try reading the rules you agreed to when you registered your numbers with the DNC list? See items 28 through 32 in particular.
 Sep 23rd, 2011
Person refused to give name, stated she was calling for "Local Community Banks". I stated I was on the DO Not Call List & this was a private # & to please remove my #. She gave me a raft of S--T, stated she didn't have to honor the DNC List, as it has nothing to do with her. Like WTF, I hung up & proceeded to add this # to be permanent Block List. These people are complete morons. the DNC List is worthless, just like the current administration.
 Sep 23rd, 2011
did not answer
 Sep 14th, 2011
They keep calling my cell, and leave no voice mail. if they were important they could at least leave a message. I do not want them calling back!
 Sep 07th, 2011
People- No one can call your cell phone number without your permission or consent! It is an invasion of privacy.
File a report with the FCC against this number. Document the times, dates and details of the calls with them so they
can investigate and fine the abusers. Cell phone numbers are exempt from public phone listings and are considered private!
This has gotten out of hand since most folks are using cell phones instead of landlines now. It still doesn't mean
businesses can harass a cell phone user. Know your rights!!!
 Aug 31st, 2011
They called our house & asked if I was a "head male of household", "male household" & "anyone over 18", I told them "no" on all counts. I hung up on them after they said that "they will call back." I won't be answering that # again if it ever comes up on my caller ID.
 Aug 21st, 2011
I just got my new cell phone over a month ago. Only a hand full of people know my new number, and none of them are of any business I am doing with any bank or store or monthly bills I pay. I am pretty sure this is phishing. My child, same thing. We just don't answer. :
 Aug 13th, 2011
Called my cell phone. Said they were from Gallup poll.
 Aug 01st, 2011
I keep getting a call approximately daily on my cell phone. Only time I answered person claimed to be Gallup pollster. When I immediately protested that the person was calling a cell phone, they did not respond to to that but instead launched into their spiel. I gave them a piece of my mind and hung up. Alarming to see that they also claim to represent Wells Fargo. This is some kind of fraud that should be shut down by authorities.
carl williams
 Jul 21st, 2011
I told them 2 days ago I didn't want to partipate in their survey
William Sheehan
 Jul 17th, 2011
Not a telemarketer: a pollster. This was a Gallup customer satisfaction poll about the bank I use for my business accounts. That is why they know your name.
 Jun 22nd, 2011
Getting calls from this number 402-952-4444 at 8:30pm. Asked my full name and even spelled it to me like he knew me. Come to find out this is another telemarker call and I have no patience for this. 9 mths pregnant and I am being woke up by this company. You tell them not to call back or they have the wrong number and they will not listen. Almost like you have no choice but to change your phone number because they will continue to call you!
why u asking
 May 13th, 2011
Caller said they were from "the gallup organization". They called once a day the last three days. Each time I've asked them not to call back. Say they are taking a "survey of cel phone users". I sent an email to Gallup from their website asking them cease and desist and to make sure their callers are trained how to respond if people ask not to call back.

Surveyors *should* use the DNC list though, since it's available. They always say "we are not subject to that"... but if it's out there and available, it's not *rocket science* that people on that list don't want these kind of calls. (I mean, if the DNC list had "radio buttons" giving you the option of saying "I'll take survey calls, but not sales calls", I suppose there might be some people (probably mostly people who can't read that well, and maybe a few corner cases) who might check the box... but I would expect it to be less than 5%. So a surveyor calling someone on the "dnc" list is probably a very "bad bet" in terms of getting any useful work done, and likely to just generate bad feelings. The fact that the "do not call list" exists and a surveyor calls you anyway shows how much the survey company does not care about who or how they bother people.

UP 'til now I hadn't put my cel on the DNC, but I just did today (although it won't help with this type of call until the legislature (Hopefully) plugs the loophole.
 May 02nd, 2011
No answer on my cell phone.
 Apr 16th, 2011
Have called my cell 5 times in the past two weeks. I let voice mail screen my calls and no message has been left. My number is also on the DNC.
 Apr 07th, 2011
Pollster asked me a couple of soft-ball political questions, then launched into a group of health-related questions. She didn't like I refused to answer those and hung up. Looks as if they're drumming up info on Obama's Death Panel Healthcare System.
 Mar 29th, 2011