scam being run by foreigners who ask to verify debit card transactions SCAM
 Oct 17th, 2019
4026095398 this is a scam
 Oct 12th, 2019
A man called and left a message stating that they wanted to verify transactions using my MasterCard Debit card. They asked me to call them back at 1-800-827-8622 so my card doesn’t get blocked. Not even 10 minutes later a female called and left the same exact message. I heard the man telling her what to say in the background. I called my bank. My bank did not recognize this phone number and told me that if they had any questions about my debit card, they would call themselves. I see some people claiming this is legit. I honestly think it’s a scam. I trust my bank.
South Carolina
 Aug 16th, 2019
This number is a fraudulent alert on bank cards and credit cards. Call your bank and or credit card company to verify your purchases. This company has the power to block you from purchases.
North Dakota
 Aug 08th, 2019
Just Called and was a foreign lady seen scam reports last month. Still going on
North Dakota
 Aug 08th, 2019
 Jul 05th, 2019
This number called my husband it said it was forwarded. He did not answer it. I called the number. When I called it said "you have reached a none working number at merchant services". It is defiantly a scam.
 Jun 14th, 2019
This is a legitimate call verifying suspicious activity in my checking account. Everything was fine in the end, but they just had a couple of questions, that's all. This is NOT a scam or a spam call!!!
 May 19th, 2019
I received a call from this number today saying they were with my bank (name of bank stated). I hung up at that point because it was a Nebraska number and I have a small town local bank.
 Mar 13th, 2019
I received a call from this number. I didn’t answer since I didn’t know the number. A woman left a voicemail. She said she was calling on behalf of Fidelity Bank about some repeat transactions on my card. Call back number was 1 800-622-1361. I called my bank. It was not them. I turned over the voicemail and a screenshot of the visual voicemail. It is a SCAM.
 Aug 13th, 2018
This is not a scam. They didn't ask me to provide any personal information. They just listed several recent bank transactions and asked me if it was, in fact, me. First Data Corp is a major credit card services company. Caller ID reported First Data Corp with a number of 402-609-5398. 800-622-1361 is the call back number.
 Aug 08th, 2018
I got a call & a man on other end told me he was with Commercial Bank & out of dif. state up north he asked 2 speak 2 my husband & i asked what was it about cause he wasn’t around. He then told me he cud only talk 2 him about it (cause it was on his acc.) so i offered him his cell # @ that time he acted as if i’d poped his balloon & said no don’t worry about it i told him about what time he cud call back & he said it’ll b ok?? Then i researched the # he called from & found out more than likely a attempted scam then after speaking 2 bank i knew it was
 Jul 04th, 2018
it is not a legit company for any banks. The ones responding to "its legit" are apart of the scam. my bank stated it was them calling or do they have a "transition review department". the number 800-622-1361 along with 402-609-5398 has been given to the State Prosecutor's office and they will be calling these numbers and will prosecute. Sadly these scammers are most likely in other countries.
North Carolina
 Oct 17th, 2017