Not in use
 Nov 05th, 2013
Calling and leaving no message?
 Oct 09th, 2013
Process CC DEP on caller ID. No message, just the usual annoying marketing call hang-up.
 Oct 08th, 2013
hang up when answer
 Oct 07th, 2013
Very strange. They called my place of employment, said they were an approval department(but didn't say from where), asked for the owner. I said he wasn't in. Again asked me to put the owner on the phone. I repeated that he wasn't in. They then asked for someone else capable of handling credit cards, I said I'm sorry no one is in right now can I take a message, and they grunted and hung up. Not sure this is a scam, but thought id put it out there.
New York
 Oct 07th, 2013
I don't know who this caller is, and I do not want calls from someone I don't know; that is why I have my telephone on the "Do Not Call List." (Guess that doesn't work!)
 Oct 01st, 2013
For some reason, am unable to complete a phone call to this number.
 Sep 25th, 2013
didn't answer, no message left...they hung up
 Aug 29th, 2013