I don't trust these people the company is located in Texas and the call is from Washington alarm bells are a ringing! or are they using a telemarketer to call and harass thousands of businesses with the bullshit line can I speak to the owner? don't they know telemarketers are proven to be bad for a companies image. as always all scumbags that cold call me get shit... it is all about pimping a business and making them a bill of the month biatch the funny thing is the telemarketers that make these calls could give two shits about the reputation of the companies they are representing they are flat out rude and ignorant telemarketers. no professional business would ever do business with a telemarketer.

Good luck! Prestige lol
Pam S
 Sep 20th, 2013
360-816-6851 ask for owner, i ask who was calling, hung up at once.....
 May 13th, 2013