We continue to get calls from "Im Rachel from card holder services" even tho my cellphone and house phone are on the national DO NOT Call Registry. They both ring at the same time.
Larry Miller
 Nov 10th, 2010
Called on cell message left.
 Nov 09th, 2010
After pressing 9 to take me of their calling list, the (male) operator, used profanities against me and hung up.
 Nov 05th, 2010
BE careful! identity is being HIDDEN BY THE caller!!!Hang up!
 Nov 05th, 2010
This number calls all the time with a message that says "Consider this your final call." I wish it were true. They want to "lower" my credit card interest rates. They want all kinds of information from me. I don't give it to them. When I ask where they are located, they say, "Sorry sir, I can't help you." and hang up.
Carlos Zapeda
 Nov 03rd, 2010
I received this call on Nov 1 at approx 12:20 pm. It was a prerecorded message that is so pervasive "This is Rachel from Cardholder Services....." I pressed 9 to get the rep and find out who this caller is. I've gotten this recording off and on for approx 4 yrs (Rachel and {maybe Michelle?}). Got to be the same caller for all the years because the message is so similar with Rachel's name. The rep was female, and spoke English well. She said their satellite office is Card Member Services. Before that statement she said they were Card Services. I am sure it is all a smokescreen, with none of the names able to reveal the true entity. (Google cardholder services to find out much more about them.) She was offering to lower my interest rates, but while we were talking about the name of the company, which I told her was unclear from the recording, the phone disconnected. I believe this was probably on purpose, the disconnect, although I did not show that I was not interested in lowering my rates, and the rep still seemed interested. The next day, I got a call I missed at 8:21 am from 386-868-3403 and caller ID said Passport Holiday, which really irks me. I am willing to bet it is the same harrasser. About a month ago, I estimate, I received another prerecorded call, and that rep spoke to me for quite a while. He said he got his numbers from other companies, such as Chase Bank, and was affiliated/involved with Mastercard and Visa. He had 4 numbers he said was part of my Discover card, and offered to also lower my interest rate. He said since we'd paid our bills on time, we were eligible for the lower rates, and I needed some amount balance to qualify, but he didn't seem to know whether I had that amount or not. He indicated the credit cards' records indicated my paying on time and that I might have been over whatever amount. Since he spoke with me at length, and I got a company name from him (can't remember now what it was), I am thinking he wasn't the same as this caller, but just offering the same "service". They may be related on a higher level, with one company doling info to several nuisance callers. Both him and the Rachel cardholder services company, however, are based in Florida, which is home to several other email spam generators, privacy violators, and scam/fraud abetting companies as well. In any case, this other caller expected me to give him my credit card numbers over the phone to him to "lower my interest rate". I am sure "Rachels" company would probably be wanting those numbers, too, if you could ever get that far with them. Identity theft and predatory loans hurt all of us. When peoples' real creditors don't get paid, and these "interest lowerers" get involved, we all pay higher prices for goods. When id is stolen, who pays all those creditors that lose thousands to the theif? We all do with higher prices. When the victim of loan sharks declares bankruptcy, thousands and thousands of dollars never get to their rightful owners. Someone must be falling for these phone harrassers and giving out their credit card numbers and names. We've got to stop this, people. We must fight for our economy and commerce.
 Nov 02nd, 2010
If you do press 9 to talk to a representative, just use a foghorn or whistle into the phone. Much more effective than actually trying to get that scam to stop calling...The more normal requests you make, the more they will call.
 Oct 29th, 2010
Illegal (in this state) robocall about lowering credit card interest rates. Called my house over lunch. We are on state and federal do not call lists.
Fed Up
 Oct 28th, 2010
No name on caller id, just the number. I recieved this call at 7:56pm on 10.27. Didn't answer as I don't know the number.
 Oct 28th, 2010