dealers service unwanted extented car ins been told 6 times not to call and number is on do not call list
 May 01st, 2010
didn't answer, no message left
 Sep 05th, 2008
This number called my landline on 24July08 at 14:24CDT. It was (as expressed below by others) an expired warranty call. I asked that my number be removed and "please" do not call here again. I have not been called by this number since. Today is 26Aug08. Good detailed information provided by all-Thanks!!!
 Aug 26th, 2008
National Dealership Services....www.ndsofamerica.com
 Aug 13th, 2008
"Account Services" offering to lower my credit card rates
 Aug 05th, 2008
She said she was from "Account Services" and they had sent me a letter in the past, I was eligible to have the rates reduced on all my Visa and Mastercard credit cards. They said they were in San Fransisco, CA and refused to give me any address or website information until I gave to them some personal information.
 Aug 05th, 2008
Went to tel. rcdr.
Only last part of their cheerful female voice recording was in our machine: "...to stop these messages...." (As in, Press 2 to stop these notices, probably).
 Aug 05th, 2008
Didnt answer.. Thank you for the below comments.I WILL NOT answer ..also WHY are they callng IF we are on the National DO NOT CALL LIST???
 Aug 04th, 2008
Called 8/01/08 @ 1:52PM. Agent services, offering lower creidt card rates. Pressed 2 to be taken off the call list, but system gave no response that it worked.
 Aug 01st, 2008
Alot of people are confusing Dealer Services or National Auto Warranty Services with other companies. They do NOT dial outbound to their customers. The best way to figure out who is calling you is to do something like this:

1. Answer the call nicely and sound interested
2. Play along with the rep, the first person you speak to is probably just screening calls so you may have to agree to speak with specialist or a sales person.
3. Go through the sales pitch and tell them you need to call them back with your credit card
4. Get their callback number and post it here. I'll check back every so often. I can look to see who the phone number belongs to and also verify it with the utility company.
Jim vandiver
 Jul 31st, 2008
no answer on the other line.
 Jul 24th, 2008
has called 3 times picked up 1 better intrest loan rates hung up others
 Jul 24th, 2008
They are annoying the heck out of me! They call and it's a recorded message that says:

This is your final notice to reduce your interest rates. This offer expires today. Please press 1 to speak to your account representative or press 2 to discontinue notifications

I press 2 everytime but they still call!
 Jul 24th, 2008
Caller says they're from Account Services in Georgia, won't tell me an
address or city. Told me that I've got my homework to do
if I want to find out who they are.
 Jul 23rd, 2008
Called and hung up on my answering machine. My phone number is unlisted, unpublished and has been on the DNC list since day one.
 Jul 22nd, 2008
If you just let it ring, after a few tries they drop your number and quit calling you.
 Jul 15th, 2008
I also got a call stating that this was the last time I'd be able to lower my interest rates. It was a recorded message, but I hung up.
 Jul 15th, 2008
I had 8 messages from the last week, all hang ups and when I *69 it came up 352-357-4151. I've registered my number w/the do not call list twice and it seems to not work anyway. These #'s call anyway
 Jul 11th, 2008
i didn't answer it & no message was left.
 Jul 10th, 2008
Automated message that said something like, "Don't be alarmed, but this is your final notice that lower rates are available on your account... " at which point I hung up.
T. M. DeBoni
 Jul 10th, 2008
Heather strikes again! They aren't using Heather's name any longer but they are calling from spoofed caller ID and phishing for your credit card info.
 Jul 09th, 2008
Hi, I'm the President of General Warranty Services, the company that's bothering you. I'm a huge douchebag with a flimsy Product/Service that's been around for less than six months but has still garnered enough bad attention to fill posts and threads throughout the web with venom about my shady company. My business model is to have my poor employees call you constantly with no regard to "No-call lists" and requests to be removed from our sales list to try and trick you into thinking that this is your last chance to extend a warranty on a vehicle that I have no idea of the make/model/year or even if it exists. It's likely that the person calling you has also been duped by my job ads stating they can make $700 - $1200 weekly, though there are many people like the girl who wrote this complaint ( http://www.complaints.com/2008/april/19/General_Warranty_Services__167764.htm ) about making $45 for 54 hours worked. Whenever you receive multiple phone calls from General Warranty Services, and find yourself on the edge of losing your mind I encourage you call me, Bill Ranney at 603-685-6250 ext. 1141 as many times as my unethical company has called you and please let me have it. P.S. I make love to children, animals and things that have died.
Bill Ranney
 May 22nd, 2008
I just saw on the news in st.louis about this warranty company. National Auto Warranty (enaws) Dealer Services. The news did a special how that the attorney general is sue'n them. I suggest you guys talk to your attorney general where ever you live to do the same. Call in and cancel your warranty ASAP.Check it out.Also they DON"T take the numbers off the DO NOT CALL LIST. They aslo claim that there a christian based company. There GOD is money. What a joke!!!!! Beware!!!!
beware of enaws
 Mar 31st, 2008
They called my cell phone telling me that if I didn't pay the extended warranty that they'd repossess my car (which is already paid for, by the way).
 Feb 13th, 2008
General Warranty Services called again. 325-357-4151 with unknown on CID. After numerous calls and requests to be removed from their call list, I tried a different approach. Stayed on line and spoke to a rep. I was nice and polite but 'slow': I have 3 cars which warranty is expiring. How does your service work, do you cover this, that, what about.. blah blah. Enough questions to keep her on for 20 minutes while she is trying to control the call and get financial info. So then I asked who would work on my truck and her pat answer is any service center. I tell her that I live in Chevak Alaska - no garages, no certified mechanics, every possibility for their warranty service to work I claimed did not exist where I lived. No roads to anyway (the truth but I don't live there). For once they were getting frustrated! She starts asking 'but what would you do if your transmission goes out' and I tell her how bad it was when that did happen and I just had to walk or beg rides till I got enough money for another vehicle and that is why I really want their warranty but if I have a service problem how long would it be before your mechanic could fly out here. Anyway, I think you get the idea. She said 'let me transfer you to someone who can help you'. It was a recorded message about the www.donotcall.gov list. LMAO Then I filed another complaint with FCC. Next time they call will be an even better story! Give them a taste of our frustration!!
 Feb 06th, 2008
Automated call for extended car warranty. When tried to call number back, received phone company error message saying "The number you have dialed is not in service at this time."
Apparently, the Federal Do-Not-Call list does not always work - my number has been on that list for two years, and I still keep getting phone calls.
 Feb 05th, 2008
Oh, yeah, how about we all place a complaint with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) about this 352-357-4151?
 Feb 05th, 2008
Reverse phone lookup on 411.com:

Aguilar, Zuleim & Sandra
2488 E Washington Ave
Eustis, FL 32726-5206
(352) 357-4151

I swear I get a call a week.
 Feb 05th, 2008
They called FIVE times today - I hung up the first 4 times...the 5th time my husband was home and answered. He waited to speak to a representative. They had NO idea what vehicle they were calling about. When he asked what company they were from and what their phone # was, they put him thru to the recorded "do not call list" message. When he did *69, he got 352-357-4151. What can be done to make them stop?????
Annoyed in VT
 Feb 01st, 2008
call came up as Mary Sceal. Don't know such person. These people have been calling for months. I don't every pick up.
 Feb 01st, 2008
 Feb 01st, 2008
This number calls my work constantly. Recorded message saying the warranty on my car is about to run out. they tell you to hit 9 if you want to be removed. does not work they keep calling
 Feb 01st, 2008
Called my fax number. Sceal, Mary came up. When I searched Google, I found it to be the top two searches. Nice.
 Jan 31st, 2008
I pushed one to talk to a person, asked for the name of who I was talking to and the company name. I asked for the phone number of the company and they gave me the wrong number (by every digit except 800). I went online and found the correct number and spoke to the Wentzville, MO office to be removed from call list. We'll see how that works. Currently keeping a record of when they call and who I talk to about beinng put on their no call list.
 Jan 31st, 2008
I've been getting calls from this number everyday and just got one about two minutes ago. It comes up as Florida Call on my caller id and when I pick up the person hangs up.
 Jan 31st, 2008
In case no one ha figured it out by now, the "add your number to the list if you don't want to be called again" is a scam in itself. By giving your number to that list, they will now say that YOU made contact with them (eg: see, they called and gave us their number) and this is their "out". These scammers use the DNC list to actually harvest numbers to call.
 Jan 31st, 2008
it is dealer services extended warranty they are extended warranty they call several times per week their 800-725-4899 call them back and bug them
 Jan 31st, 2008
This should be against the Law. But Our Government is owned by Big Businesses.. AT&T, Big Oil, and Big Chemical and Drug Companies they will let these thieves to continue to try and get your personal information and sell you crap.
There is No such thing as "Do Not Call List" They are once again just blowing sunshine up your, you know what to silence the Lambs for a little while. Pretend that it is corrective action....
 Jan 31st, 2008
No name, no one there
Len B
 Jan 29th, 2008
Mary Sceal appeared on Caller ID

I looked up the name in Florida and got..

Sceal, Mary
101 Glover St
Eustis, FL 32726

I caled the Florida # for Mary Sceal and her mailbox is full...
 Jan 29th, 2008
Called on my office line (which I NEVER give out)

Recording saying my warranty was expiring on my car. And to renew it.

Spoke to a person and asked if they had the right number...then a recording came on telling me to add my number to the do not call list if I didn't want to be called again.
 Jan 29th, 2008
No message or anything!
 Jan 29th, 2008
Wow .... that comment directly above really sound funny .... wonder if the FCC will check into a claim on that. I seems that they are using the DoNotCall list as a calling list if they Call your Home then your Cell one after another, unless there is a highly unlikely chance that they are consecutive numbers. I have been getting calls reading 352-357-4151 to my cell .... I don't have CID or an answer machine on my home phone, so can't say if I get calls to both. Anyone else with an experience like the last persons?
 Jan 26th, 2008
THis freaking place keeps calling for an extended warrany on a car I don't own! I have told them to remove me, yet they still call!
 Jan 26th, 2008
The caller ID name was just dashes - I didn't answer. Checked reverse lookup and it said Aguilar, Zuleim & Sandra in Eustis, FL.
Big Daddy TBone
 Jan 25th, 2008
Googled the number...saw this...aint pick-up
 Jan 23rd, 2008
Just got a call from this number...googled it...saw this...ain't pick up
 Jan 23rd, 2008
Didn't answer, name: Mary Sceal (probably scam)it had shown under different name in the past.
 Jan 23rd, 2008
Call about extended warranty. Was asked to remove name from list as had been before. Continued to try to convince us. Wouldn't tell us her name or give us her supervisor. Said she was born without a name. Said she would be sure to call us tomorrow. When I tried to call back, a recorded voice said the message center was full and disconnected.
 Jan 22nd, 2008
1) You have to be registered before filing a complaint - https://www.donotcall.gov/
2) You have to wait 30+ days from registering before filing a complaint - www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt107.shtm

You can take them to small claims court:

But you have to document - http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/donotcall/

This phone number's message was for "warranty specialists await".
Because I had not registered my fax number - I have to wait 30 days to complain - if they try to call again.
Jay Em
 Jan 18th, 2008
Reference to filing in small claims court:

My solicitation was via my fax number - and they left a voicemail - via a .wav file - indicating "warranty specialists await". I can't take any action - because my fax # was not registered with the "do not call" registry: https://www.donotcall.gov/
The sooner you register all phone numbers - the sooner you can file a complaint against them.
Get date, time, company name, company phone number - name of person you spoke with, address, and request to be removed from their list. Once requested - any additional violation is an $11,000 fine to them - and you can take them to small claims court too and win!

I forwarded the .wav file to the spam@uce.gov - for reference - proof - along with this website documenting all of your violations too.
Good luck!
Jay Em
 Jan 18th, 2008
Said my car warrenty was about to expire and should call and pay for an extention.... my cars warrenty expired years ago, being its a 99.
 Jan 18th, 2008
As these callers attempt to bilk $ from those desperate enough to engage with them, they harrass and stalk all other call recipients ad nauseum. These people are secretive, deceitful, persistant, vicious, dishonest and possibly controlling. They have attempted to bypass call block mechanisms by utilizing numerous different phone #s. They have hidden their identity by using false caller ID info, and by refusing to give their co name. This is always a recorded msg, requiring interaction to stop the calls or to speak with (whom?). It mercilessly calls every single day, often multiple times/day for, literally, months or years. There's always a lie, saying it's the last notice. The caller ID is often repeated Tuscan Indus, Gift Center, National One, Upgrade Now, or it is an unfamiliar name such as this one, Gidget Door. The numbers differ, some brand new, others used before, often 352-357-4151 is used, at least once/week with other numbers the rest of the times. As I don't want them to know my presence, whereabouts or that I've picked up the phone, I do not follow their instructions. They must benefit some way if I did, b/c there appears to be a strong incentive for them to receive input for "getting off the files". My action may enable them to sell my #, make calls from it, gain $ from it, steal some sort of info from me; I don't know why they want my input so badly, but they have not let up in coercing me to "get off their list" for many months if not yrs.
 Jan 17th, 2008
Oh yeh call this number 800-753-0870 hit 0 for operator. Good luck!
 Jan 15th, 2008
I got to the bottom of this, after looking up the number on anywho and it just shows Eustis Fl. No name, when i call it says not a working number, so i found this website with the companies phone number. I called them twice, first time got transferred to a recording to be put on donotcall.gov list. I then called back stating I am already on that list and that I want them to take it off, i had to give my name and city and state to get her to send an email to the marketing department but I gave it to her an hopefully this will work. The next time I get a call I will call them again and tell her I am a Lawyer!
 Jan 15th, 2008
1/15/08 9:39a call - Yea, I thought there might be differ co calling from different #s, but I am 99.9% sure it's the same 1, possibly 2, but most likely 1. Here's why: I get this number ea wk for months, so they're calling many times, making me answer for them to explain what I obviously don't want, hopefully losing $ but I doubt it. 2. Other, differ numbers have identical msg on call ID, i.e. Tuscan Indus, National One, Upgrade Now, TV plan, Gift Center, etc. Ea of these and more IDs occur many times over a period of mo, again calling for what I obv don't want. 3. As for them calling 12 min after one call, that's happened repeatedly, too - not a 1 time thing as would be a coincidence if it were 2 cos; others logging to #s on this site report the exact thing happening too; one explained the scheme of them calling, then again 10 to 20 min later once they find out you are home answering the phone. So, this co IS buying muli #s to call, not just me, but many victims. Maybe trying to bypass the phone # block mechanism, so if a person blocks 352, there are 20-30 other #s to get the record thru, so it's hard to block all #s. New #s are being used, too. I got a 281 warranty # last wk I know was new b/c I used to live in 281 and KNOW I hadn't gotten that yet. So, they're buying new # as well as using old. If there were a differ co for all the #s, there'd be, maybe, 70 co selling a car warranty in EXACTLY the same way - the recorded msg, lies of a final notice, req interaction to speak to them? Highly, highly, unlikely if not impossible.
 Jan 15th, 2008
USSearch says the call originates in Mozelle Texas.
 Jan 11th, 2008
800-753-0870 ext 831 her name is Suni - have been hung up on several times while asking to be put on the no call list but finally got the company name after pretending to be interested. Bad business.
Tracy Wicker
 Jan 11th, 2008
Someone called my number from this number and hung up
after I said hello. I refuse to *69 so I just want to
report the nusance.
 Jan 04th, 2008
deleted message
 Jan 04th, 2008
This # calls me at least 2 times a week.
Debbie W.
 Jan 02nd, 2008
Got a call right after I paid my utility bill via phone - scary. I may have to pay in person from now on.
 Jan 02nd, 2008
Hey doe anyone know why the tellemarketer crossed the road. Why ? Probbaly to go sell the chicken some shit he doesent need.
 Jan 01st, 2008
Ok C. J. dont get carried away . They called right back 12 minitutes later using a different number. Like call centers go and buy second numbers just to call you lol. There are different companies that offer the samr thing I am sure. Wouldent it stand to reason that in this whole vast wonderful United States that we live in that more than one company may be offering the same thing. Or is it truely your belief that they purchased additional numbers just to call you and make you answer the phone, just so they could again explain what you are not interested in. It would be the quickest way to run themselves bankrupt to call you over and over again all day . How would they ever make a profit?
Trust me that Idea that they call all day and use different numbers is way off C J .
Mike Roberts
 Jan 01st, 2008
Atleats 5 times a week calling me
 Dec 31st, 2007
I get 2 calls per week from this number. They have ignored my requests to remove my number from their list. I have filed a formal complaint.
 Dec 29th, 2007
 Dec 27th, 2007
I just received a call from these guys again but they are using another calling number that does not pick up:
Their other numbers are 352-357-4151
also 732-807-5611
also 239 580 1905

Let's turn these guys in at DoNotCall.gov They get a $10,000 fine.
Here is the corporate Headquarters for these guys. 800-753-0870
Call them and ask to speak to their legal depatment
 Dec 21st, 2007
ok, they called again 12 minutes later, but using a different phone number.
 Dec 20th, 2007
The car warranty again. I've been logging their calls this week. This is the seventh time they've called since Monday, and it is only 12:20 on Thurs. They called four times on Mon, once on Tues, once on Wed, and are starting their Thurs calls. Not all calls are from this number, but all are prerecorded messages from the car warranty co. The last time I received a call from this exact number was on Monday, three days ago. The rest of the days were numbers with varying area codes. This time, they left yet another message on my machine, taking more time to get to it, listen and delete it. These people need to be put out of business (if you can call it business) soooo bad.
 Dec 20th, 2007
These are very bad people, and liars. They told my kids there were the police. I informed my kids that they were not allowed to ever answer the phone anymore. And that the police knock on your door; they don't call you on the phone.
 Dec 19th, 2007
These are evil people. They told my kids they were the police. My kids are no longer allowed to answer the phone. Who will do something to prosecute these people? They should be in jail.
 Dec 19th, 2007
When I see this number or anyother number that I don't recognize displayed, I pick up the phone and IMMEDIATELY start pressing the # key. This is suppose to mess up the computer generated call. Thy it, it seems to slow down the calls. Maybe if enough people do it, the computer generated calls will stop.
 Dec 16th, 2007
The caller is a prerecorded car warranty services, specialist or some such thing, supposedly. They are not just a nuisance, but have been harrassing me over a period of months. They very well may be a scam. They call from multiple numbers with various area codes, the most common being 352 -357-4151. The caller ID says various phrases (this time is was gift center) or people's names I do not recognize (once was Richard Simmonds). Very rarely says warranty, or may say nothing. There is never a real person. Often, messages are left on my machine. They call from these various numbers approximately three times every day during the week and a few times less during the weekend. So far, I estimate I've received between 1000 to 3000 total calls from them. On another page of this site, with one of the other numbers they used, someone reported that pressing the number to be removed from the list does not take you off of it, but directs instructions to the "Do Not Call List". I do not know if pressing either number will cause charges, or allow them access to your line or do any other unwanted action. I have been seething multiple times at their calls, and cannot believe the negative energy the dredge up in me. Maybe this gives them satisfaction, if they read this.
 Dec 15th, 2007
I have received thousands of harrassing phone calls from a car warranty piece of *@%%. They call from multiple numbers with many different area codes, some of which have peoples names in the caller ID (I never recognize the name, except once was Richard Simmonds). The most common number they use is 352-357-4151. They call me two or three times PER DAY! I strongly suspect that this number is National Auto Warranty and Dealer Services, Warranty Services, Warranty Specialists, Dealer Services or something similar. These people drive me crazy. How I wish they could be fined, and how I wish their victims could receive some compensation for the harrassment, aggrevation, interruptions that occur multiple times every day for months on end.
 Dec 14th, 2007
I have received calls from this number, 916-212-8195, 352-357-4151(many, many, many calls from the 352 number), plus many other numbers and it is always a recording for a car warranty. They are liars. They almost always tell me that this is their final notice, then they call with the same notice another few thousand times. These people (if they are all the same ones) call me two, three, even four times PER DAY! I must have received two to four thousand calls from them over many months time. I abhor these people like you wouldn't believe. How I wish they'd get fined, and how I wish all their victims could receive some sort of compensation for all the thousands of interuptions, aggrevations and turmoil.
 Dec 14th, 2007
I went to the small claims court web site suggested by OKC, put in dealer services and then national auto warranty but no results came up. It would be SOOOO great if these people could be fined for every phone call they've annoyed people with, and incredible if the victims were to gain any kind of compensation.
 Dec 14th, 2007
This number calls me two to three times PER DAY over a period of many months, totaling what must be between 1000 to 3000 phone calls. Each time is a recorded message - no person. Many times this message is left on my answering service for a total of hundreds of messages of the same thing. Each time, the caller lies to me. Each time, it is assured that this is my final notice, but then I receive another few hundred notices just like that one. I hate these people more than anyone or anything else on this planet. (I guess that means I'm lucky, since there is a lot worse things to happen and hate than this).
 Dec 14th, 2007
doesnt let u call the number back,, disconnected,,, ????
 Dec 14th, 2007
Warranty service scam again. Get these everyday, will it ever end.

As usual recorded message telling me my warranty is about to expire. yada yada
 Dec 13th, 2007
This is a sick tellemarketing Please tell these people not to harras me for selling something stupid. I do not know why law protects the harrassers.
 Dec 12th, 2007
this is a scam,they wanted me to pay them $2,595.00 OR i could make a payment of $395.00 amonth for 5 years for auto warranty on a 2004 gmc that has 127,000 miles on it.they would give me 100,000 more miles,,wanted me to pay now.it had to be done right now,.he gave me a web.page enaws.com looks like a scam web. page to me..can't call the phone # back,not working.. they call evey day,i hope that call back soon,i have a few world to tell them,bull-shiters.
 Dec 11th, 2007
They called and wanted to burgle my turds.
 Dec 11th, 2007
get phone call at least weekly on my business phone. When I allowed myself to be patched through to a live person, I told them to stop calling. They hung up on me.
 Dec 10th, 2007
Car Warranty spam. Telephone Consumer Protection Act says these dirt bags are violating FCC rules. Take them to court for $500 each violation, triple damages if they willfully violate the act. They must show a valid company number on caller ID, They must remove your name from call list when you ask. Any consumer can take them to small claims court. I have reported them to the State Attorney General also. Know the law and use it to make money off these scum
 Dec 07th, 2007
I did a reverse directory in Google and discovered the company is Bonjovani Aguilar at 2488 Washington Blvd in Eustis Floridia, 32726. I plan to notify the Florida Public Utilities Commission and the FCC to stop this harassment.
Frances Smith
 Dec 07th, 2007
Sooo tired of the constant calls. Class action suit is possible. Check out this website...the best for the little guy. http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com:80/law_suits_filed.html
 Dec 06th, 2007
We get sometimes four to five calls a week from this business. Only recently have we signed up for the Do Not Call list from the FCC, so I would imagine it takes some time for telemarketers such as Bonjovani Aguilar to get the newly updated lists.
 Dec 06th, 2007
This # is not working and getting calls everyday from this #.
steve h
 Dec 05th, 2007
Google search on this number identifies the caller as Bonjovani Aguilar, 2488 E Washington Ave, Eustis, FL 32726 -- we are on DO NOT CALL list but receive calls from this number continuously. As for warranty service, if they want to warranty a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old car, and do it for free, I'll be happy to receive their calls. Otherwise, this is a total PITA.
 Dec 03rd, 2007
when i tried to call the number back it said that it was out of service! i don't know who this would be cause i just got this phone number! i wish they would stop calling! LOL
 Dec 01st, 2007
blocked call with AT&T callvantage. Now my phone won't ring when these guys call a million times a day.
 Nov 30th, 2007
This is ridiculous! They call at the same time every morning. I answer and usually hang up. Today, I stayed on the line to speak to someone. I stayed on the line for at least 15 minutes listening to elevator music. No one ever answered. Finally, gave up and began researching this online. I'm on the Do Not Call list, but this obviously isn't working!
 Nov 30th, 2007
Wants to get my warranty updated on a car I don't own. Can't call back to take off list.
 Nov 29th, 2007
I get 2-3 calls per day re: auto warranty coverage extension... I own 2 vehicles which are completely out of their warranty! They also call and hang up as well.
 Nov 29th, 2007
What can be done about these people. They are rude, evasive when asked for info on the company,and CONTINUE TO CALL EVEN THOUGH THREATENED WITH NOTIFICATION TO THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL.
 Nov 28th, 2007
Bonjovani Aguilar
is the name that came up when i google the number.
 Nov 28th, 2007
Recorded message for offer of "Extended Warranty" for vehicle. When I asked to have our business phone number removed they switched me to a recording with information about the federal "Do not call registry".
 Nov 27th, 2007
no one was there when i answered. when i pushed redial, the answer was "this number is no longer in service".
 Nov 26th, 2007
called but didn't leave message
 Nov 26th, 2007