officer la-la-la fafa looking for hmphrmmphermumpgh. told them they had wrong number. they were suddenly distraut and english became clearer when the caller then stated "oh my god, oh my god, oh shit". i hung up
this continues....
I get a call from my office stating i have a message. i go into the office and am handed a note.
"Officer Kevin Smith 347-674-0997"
I call the number and it is answered "law enforcement" I ask for said officer and state my name. after a brief hold, i am told i will have to speak with supervisor and am placed on hold again. after a minute, the same person gets back on line, possing at this point, and states my name. i verify my name. he proceeds to let me know my attorney has refused to contact them, i instantly ask what this is about. they ask if i have an attorney, to which i say yes, but not for you, what is this about. they inform me i am in serious legal trouble with them, who are now the U.N. Law Enforcement. i ask again what it is about. i am told to listen and not interupt. i am told, i will loose my job, house, thousands of dollars, and serve jail time. i interrupt to ask what this is about. i am told to stop interruptng. they continue with correct info about myself including address, phone numbers, place of employment, date of birth. i do not confirm, but interrupt again to ask what is this about. i am told again to stop interrupting then they continue with one last partially correct detail... they tell me a company i took out a loan with but list completely inacurate numbers. they quote me a $500 loan (wrong) tell me that with all the legal expensise i have incurred on top of my loan is now $5786, (yeah right), and that i can only start a payment with a $700 (more than twice my true original loan) down now or i will have a warrent for my arrest (add to the stack). they stated my bank has refused the payment of my full loan, (no shit, i extended it the other day and is not set to come out for 3 more days).
 Dec 22nd, 2010