Unfortunately, 347-502-2541, 61, 70-74, 77, 78 & 80 are being spoofed. However, if you're getting calls with different last 2 digits. I saw another blog comment to email: service@callerhelp.org so I did earlier this week and I promptly got a reply and a couple of days later the calls stopped.
 Jan 12th, 2013
Several phone numbers and Caller ID used and all play the same auto-message. In addition the BENEFITS PROG (347-502-2546), other alias Caller ID include WINTER REBATE 347-502-2561), POWER DEPT 347-502-2541), GAS ASSIST 203-907-4717 AND 413-214-7680), ELECTRIC CENTER 347-502-2580)
stop calling
 Jan 10th, 2013