he says I owe a bank and said i need to go to money gram and make a payment of 108
kathy thrasher
 Dec 19th, 2012
On Nov. 27th I recieved numerous calls from a guy who identified himself as Mark, with a very strange accent. He stated to me that there was a lawsuit against me of a company called Cash Advance in the amount of $3,449.00 from First California Bank from 2009. He identified my Social Security number, along with my home and work phone number and address, as well as my driver's license number. All this information was correct and I wondered how he got it. He never said, and, when I told him he had a case of ID fraud, he got beligerant with me and started yelling. I was incarcerated in 2009, didn't have a checking account nor had I ever heard of First California Bank before now. I told him to stop calling and he stated for me to speak with his supervisor, Brian Ross, also think strange african accent. He stated that there was 3 charges against me and if I didn't take care of them and send them payments of $590.00, then the police would be called and I would be arrested. He called my work numerous times every 2 seconds, demanding to talk to me and leaving messages for me to call him back other wise this would be settled in court.
This happened all day for the past 2 days and finally I went to the police department and filed a report. The officer called this phone number and whoever answered the phone just hung up on him. I tried to call the numbers back and got nothing. I did a trace on this number from work and it came back a cell phone, carrier ALEC INC. in Greensboro, NC. These people told me they were from the Legal Dept of the Distribution of Federal Finance in Winston-Salem, NC. (DFF) If anyone gets a call from these people, hang up and go directly to your local Authorities. DO NOT SEND MONEY!! They won't call the police, they are too scared.
 Dec 01st, 2012