this # has texted me twice already. 1st one said "you know why it's cold outside? because all the whites said it would be a cold day in hell befo." and it cut off just like that. [i'm assuming the rest of the sentence was supposed to say something like 'before they elected a black president'.

then today i got a 2nd text, it said "a female police officer pulled over a drunk man and said anything you say will he held against you." and so i'm thinking, so? again, i don't know if this was all they meant to write or where's the rest of the joke or whatever?

a search on the net shows this number to be in alabama. selma or montgomery area.

i didn't like receiving this because i have a private number and don't want whoever this is to keep sending these jokes or threats. i bet they're prisoners with nothing better to do.
 Jan 24th, 2009